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The Top Wellness Travel Trends for 2024

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The Top Wellness Travel Trends for 2024

 With another year upon us and new advancements and discoveries happening constantly in the world of wellbeing, we’ve compiled the latest wellness travel trends to look for throughout the year 2024, and the destinations where each of these trends can be enjoyed to the fullest.

According to Health and Fitness Travel, there’s been a staggering increase in travellers looking to embark on multi-generational trips, athlete-inspired programmes, as well as holidays to connect with nature and be immersed in culture. With clients looking to improve their sleep hygiene, nutrition, and overall health through the use of the latest technology in order to fortify their immunity, vitality and wellbeing.

Without further ado, below are the key wellness trends for 2024…

Sleep Hygiene

In a world accelerating at an unprecedented pace, carving out time to prioritise both the quantity and quality of sleep can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Meanwhile, scientific evidence continues to grow, supporting sleep’s undeniable vitality to a healthy life. More people want to better understand this crucial aspect of wellbeing and unlock the powerful benefits for themselves.

A sleep-focused holiday provides all the tools for a perfect night of deep rest in an expertly designed sleep-inducing environment and equips individuals with the life-changing knowledge to continue achieving refreshing sleep in their day-to-day lives back home. This allows for greater quality of life in every sense, from higher levels of happiness, energy and cognitive function, to reduction in stress and a multitude of life-threatening diseases.

Top 3 Destinations: Sleep at Six Senses Ibiza, Sleep Enhancement at Kamalaya, Sleep Well at Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda

Wellness Enhanced by Technology

Wearable tech and the powerful data it can produce is set to become the most exciting area of wellness technology in 2024. ICAROS is just one of many new technologies growing exponentially in popularity, this revolutionary form of exercise cleverly combines virtual reality with a sophisticated full-body apparatus, creating not only a highly engaging and rewarding way of building your dream body, but an incredibly effective one too.

Apps will also take centre stage as we increasingly use our phones for a number of different things. We’ll see AI capable of analysing a wide range of health information, including an individual’s fitness levels, preferences and limitations to generate highly detailed nutrition and workout plans, unlocking a game-changing level of results, as well as more accessibility to a wider audience.

Top 3 Destinations: Rebalance & Energize at SHA Wellness Clinic, Neuro@Mayr at Park Igls, Leader’s Performance at SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico

Multi-Generational Trips

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw many changes take place across the world, it was a very real reminder for us all that we must not take the time we have with our loved ones for granted, and that creating lasting memories as a family should not be put on hold without good reason. Wellness holidays that cater to each generation of the family provide the perfect opportunity to share such moments. Create unforgettable memories in a beautiful setting, something that the whole family can cherish together. Lots more trips are being arranged and even paid for by grandparents to help make that bucket-list experience possible for their families.

Top 3 Destinations: Family TimeTogether at Porto Elounda, Family Getaway at COMO Maalifushi, Family Holiday at Paradis Plage

Athlete-Inspired Wellness Programmes

One of the more recent trends that Health and Fitness Travel has noticed is wellness holidays with the added element of training like an athlete. This might include taking ice baths or even using cryotherapy chambers, which produce powerful physical benefits by reducing things such as inflammation, thereby enhancing recovery. Even something as simple as cold therapy is known to stimulate the body’s hormone production, promoting dopamine, energy and sexual health, just to name a few.

The rapid growth that this style of wellness travel has seen may come as no surprise when one considers the vast health benefits that can be realised with it. The latest technologies in sports and science are now becoming increasingly accessible, available in wellness resorts across the globe and ready to be harnessed by anyone.

Top 3 Destinations: Comprehensive Optimal Fitness at Kamalaya, Fitness at Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel, Fitness Escape at Komune Resort & Beach Club

The Cultural Experience for Wellness Travellers

Recent advances in air travel and infrastructure have made it easier than ever for travellers to reach parts of the world they previously couldn’t, opening the doors for the exploration of cultures wildly different to what they’re accustomed to. There is a growing number of wellness enthusiasts looking to combine their love for wellbeing with their passion to discover different ways of life, fostering personal growth and enriching their worldly perspective.

Strikingly, it’s this adventure into something new that allows us to learn a great deal about ourselves, dispelling personal biases and developing a profound appreciation for the diversity that exists in the world. Health and Fitness Travel’s range of Discover Recover holidays offer the perfect opportunity to do just this, which includes a truly luxury discover and recovery experience that cares for both physical and mental well-being.

Top 3 Destinations: India Discover Recover, Italy Discover Recover, Costa Rica Discover Recover

A Rise in Retreats and Wellness Programmes for the Health-Focused Traveller

Given the abundance of new technologies that have recently emerged, there’s no better way to leverage them than by having the ideal, bespoke holiday tailored precisely to one’s preferences. A luxury travel concierge service can help – a dedicated team of experts with the right connections, ready to assist every step of the way, carefully hand-picking items for an itinerary and crafting a detailed, personalised plan to show its customers the very best wellness experience possible.

Not only does this mean access to 24/7 support should something unexpected happen, it will also likely result in additional perks and features being included with each package. The highest quality advice, accommodation, service, and overall experience are all so easy to achieve with the right team of professionals for the job.

Top 3 Destinations: Wellbeing Sabbatical at Kamalaya, Retreat Away in PortugalNew Life at Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel

Ageing Well

Health and Fitness Travel has observed a rising trend among travellers seeking high-end wellness holidays that focus on anti-ageing treatments. A programme with therapies specifically for mitigating both the internal and external effects of ageing offers a truly transformative experience that can greatly enhance quality of life.

From the get-go, guests are equipped with an optimised diet, luxury massage therapies, and treatments like laser therapy, all carefully selected to produce remarkable results in their appearance and overall well-being.  What follows could include anything from cranio sacral therapy to improve stress and emotional health, to pressotherapy for a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and to strengthen the immune system, or a vast array of other beauty and vitality treatments for a comprehensive and well-rounded anti-ageing experience.

Top 3 Destinations: Anti-Ageing at Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa, Anti-ageing at Santani Wellness Resort & Spa, Senior Wellness at Chiva Som International Health Resort

Immersive Activities to Connect with Nature

All of us need to disconnect occasionally, and with day-to-day life seemingly only getting busier and more fast-paced, this topic becomes increasingly relevant. Many people dream of escaping the city life to reconnect with nature. The mindful activities on these retreats set the stage for deep healing to occur, letting go of all the stress we so often accumulate and opting instead for an environment of peace and tranquillity.

From sound therapies crafted to support those suffering from anxiety and depression to forest bathing, originating from Japan, used to find a genuinely sensual and spiritual place in amongst luscious greenery, this type of wellness holiday provides an almost countless number of opportunities to explore and develop one’s mental health.

Top 3 Destinations: Mindful Triathlon at Santani Wellness Resort & Spa, Mindful Triathlon at Ananda in the Himalayas, Emotional Healing at The Retreat Costa Rica

Colder Wellness Trips

Exploring the remarkable benefits of cold therapy mentioned earlier, it becomes apparent from various perspectives, that the demand for colder wellness trips is not only evident but also sensible in the context of the climate change crisis. A growing number of British travellers find the heat on typical sunny getaways overwhelming, leading to an increased preference for refreshing wellness retreats closer to home, potentially within Great Britain, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.

Whether its traversing through the dramatic, breathtaking landscapes of the Scottish Highlands or venturing abroad to explore Austria or Iceland, there’s a plethora of stunning destinations for everyone to enjoy this exciting new wave of wellness travel.

Top 3 Destinations: Spa at Grantley Hall, Wellness Tours – Iceland, Health Check-up at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Active Nutrition

Whilst the body of the non-stop fitness enthusiast needs a diet that is heavier in calories, with more carbohydrates and protein, the mindful yoga practitioner will likely fare far better consuming less of such foods, and instead opting for different aliments. On a deeper physiological level – the seemingly healthy meal that works wonders for one person, may end up spiking gastrointestinal issues, inflammation or worse. Therefore, pinpointing exactly what works for an individual will be reflected greatly in their mood, energy, cognitive function and overall level of wellbeing.

Unveiling such information can indeed produce life-changing results. There are wellness destinations that can help to achieve exactly this, with expert teams of nutritionists and chefs working in unison to serve delicious, nutritious food, all the while, sharing invaluable information about one’s body.

Top 3 Destinations: Detox at The Farm at San Benito, Ayurveda Cleanse at Galo Resort, Detox & Cleanse at REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort

Lux Nomade is the wellness and travel publication where today’s modern woman goes to be inspired, learn and explore.


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