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Istria: 3 Unique Wellness Experiences in Croatia’s lesser-known destination

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One-of-a-Kind Wellness Experiences in Istria

The trend for wellness travel is set to continue this year, as Virtuoso’s 2024 Luxe Report shows 94% of travellers are incorporating wellbeing and self-care into their travel plans. Similarly, travellers are increasingly on the search for unique hotel wellness experiences.

For wellness travellers looking for unique experiences, Istria is a fascinating and lesser-known destination in Croatia where travellers can experience one-of-a-kind wellness treatments in 2024.

From a restorative soak in craft beer to olive oil body treatments, Istrian locals take a unique approach to health and wellbeing, extending well beyond the typical massage or facial. Renowned for top-quality produce and its breath-taking landscapes, the peninsula in northern Croatia is fittingly incorporating nature’s bounty into the world of wellness.

We’ve rounded up the top three wellbeing experiences in Istiria, Croatia to add to the daring spa-seeker’s itinerary for 2024:

San Servolo Resort & Beer Spa

For those seeking a hotel stay with a twist, San Servolo Wellness Camping & Resort is home to Croatia’s first and only beer spa. Guests are invited to take a restorative soak in a beer-filled tub and help themselves to a pint from the in-room taps, while the massaging effect of natural foam and bubbles helps absorb vitamins and other essential components into the skin. Located amongst the olive groves and vineyards of the idyllic holm oak forest, San Servolo invites guests to truly relax and immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of nature. The resort also boasts a steakhouse which serves the best of Istrian cuisine, from truffles to, local ’boscarin’ beef, of course not forgetting the star ingredient beer, which is incorporated in many of the dishes.

Stay at San Servolo Wellness Camping & Resort, a collection of private villas and luxury camping facilities located in the picturesque Istrian hills. Rooms start from £140 a night based on two persons, including breakfast. Visit

Albaro Wellness & Spa, Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

Albaro Wellness & Spa at Grand Park Hotel Rovinj offers a unique concept inspired by the combination of the albaro, the strong mast of the traditional Rovinj batana fishing boat, and the secret medicinal herbs of Istrian Terra Magic. Its three signature massages begin unconventionally with a shot of local rakija brandy or Istrian herbal liqueurs traditionally used for medicinal purposes, intended to warm and relax the body. Guests can then choose from the Pelinkovac rakija ritual massage and sugar scrub, inspired by the iconic Istrian absinthe, a deeply relaxing olive oil massage and scrub, or the batana bodywork massage which uses rowing movements to stimulate trigger spots using a real batana oar. Spanning over 3800 sq. meters, the Albaro Wellness & Spa also offers a sanctuary of saunas, pools and a relaxing Mediterranean garden for guests to enjoy.

Stay at Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, situated on Istria’s eastern shore. The property offers remarkable vistas of its old town and a unique revitalising wellness & spa experience. Rooms start from £197 a night based on two persons, including breakfast. Visit

Carolea Spa, The Kempinski Hotel Adriatic

Set amongst olive groves and lush vineyards, The Kempinski Hotel Adriatic offers a unique spa menu which incorporates Istria’s nutrient-dense ‘liquid gold’ olive oil to the fullest. Treatments include a full-body massage using natural olive oil and rose extracts to restore smoothness to the skin, an intensive full-body scrub with locally sourced bath salts, and exfoliating body wrap made from eco olive pits, designed to detox and firm the skin barrier. Spread across 3,000 sq meters, the Kempinski Carolea Spa also invites guests to indulge in a menu of Turkish and Moroccan hammam rituals, an outdoor whirlpool overlooking the glistening Adriatic, and complementary yoga classes for ultimate relaxation.

Stay The Kempinski Hotel Adriatic, located in the idyllic countryside of northwestern Istria. The hotel is surrounded by picturesque olive groves and vineyards, and offers breath-taking views over the Adriatic Sea. Rooms start from £144 a night, based on two persons, including breakfast. Visit

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