Styling tips for fine hair to add instant volume by Anthony Nader

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Lacking volume? Here are the top styling tips for fine hair by Anthony Nader

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Top insider styling tips for fine hair by celebrity hairdresser Anthony Nader

Many of us are struggling to get a bounce in our tired lockdown manes. We reached out to celebrity hairdresser Anthony Nader to get his insider tips on how to instantly add volume to our tresses. Here are his top styling tips for fine hair…

You need some grit! And Fine/thin hair strands need all the extra loving they can get. The cleaner and baby soft your hair is, the less volume you will achieve for your new heights.

Dry shampoo’s work a dream on this hair type due to the chalkiness it can allow to perform to add volume but also absorb your ‘mane’ enemy, which is the natural oils. I recommend the lightweight  R+Co Death Valley Shampoo.

Even adding a sprinkle of volumising powder works a treat if you just want to concentrate on a specific area (like the crown) for that extra height. The more invisible the powder, the better it will bleach in beautifully but still do its job. To give finer strands that extra oomph, I recommend Davroe’s Cloud Texture Powder. 

Aim one size smaller: Because this hair type has little elasticity compared to, say, wavy hair textures, if you want to add a wave or curl in your hair, go one size smaller. You need to show your hair who is boss; that way, the volume will last longer and won’t look like you’ve been caught in a downpour of rain. I would recommend the Hot Tools Black Gold 25mm Curling Iron.

Brush don’t comb: Invest in a boar bristle brush instead of using one that is plastic or synthetic. Boar is a good all-rounder that is (non-offensive) and also adds volume. If you like to tease (backcomb) your roots a little, this brush won’t cause hair breakage either, and the final result of your teasing appears more natural and not all knotted up at the root area.  My top recommendation would be the GHD natural bristle radial hairbrush.

Flip it: Forgo your contemporary dead centre part for now and start flipping your hair over to one side. Take note…the more exaggerated your side flip, the more volume you have.

styling tips for fine hair
Celebrity hairdresser Anthony Nader

Which are the best products to use to pump up the volume, and how to apply them?

Dry shampoo: Pop your head over and spray your root area and then massage in.

Powder: Pump what you need directly onto the area only. This targets or narrows in more than a spray and works beautifully if you have curtain bangs.

Mousse: A plumping mousse used on damp strands will always give you maximum lift compared to dry ones.

Sea salt spray: If you are a fan of beach hair but don’t want to take a quick dip, this spray is your absolute go-to.

Spritz all over and soak in that summer feeling.

What are the products to avoid?

Avoid greasy, shiny, or oily products, as these guys will only weigh your fine strands down.

When you’re investing in your haircare purchases, ask your hairdresser for their professional advice as well.

Can you share your insider tips on how to add instant volume on days when the hair just feels flat?

Add Colour – As strange as it may sound, adding lightness (with colour)will always give you more mileage for added volume. It plumps up each hair strand, so it feels thicker.

Cut in layers: And by this, I mean your hairdresser…not you!

If your hair is one length, you’ve lost the race already in gaining the volume you are after because it’s dragging. When you have a few seamless shorter layers introduced in the interior of your haircut, you will instantly gain more freshness and energy to your crown of glory.

Fix your bedtime routine: If you have hair long enough to braid before bed, apply your volumising product on 90% dry hair and then rake through evenly. Unravel in the morning, and you’ll have instant volume for those zoom meetings.

styling tips for fine hair

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Anthony Nader
Anthony Nader is a Sydney based hairdresser and editorial stylist. A true Renaissance man, Anthony has drawn upon his love of fashion, creativity and hairstyling to carve a niche as one of Australia’s most respected and in-demand hair stylists. His passion and love for his craft have earned him a long list of awards and accomplishments, the most recent being his work on New York Fashion Week’s most talked-about shows, including Marc Jacobs, featuring Fashions IT girl, Gigi Hadid, Coach and R-13. Anthony has cemented his position as an industry leader. With the luxurious RAW Flagship salon in Sydney’s Surry Hills, he is the most well respected editorial hairstylist.


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