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Spinal Energetics – my profound healing session with Dr Sarah Jane

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Spinal Energetics – my profound healing session with Dr Sarah Jane

Sally Matheson shares her recent experience receiving a Spinal Energetics healing session from Dr Sarah Jane, how it worked, and how it had an unexpected profound healing effect. 

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart – Helen Keller. 

I have always been a huge fan of this quote. It perfectly illustrates the power that our intangible experiences have on our lives – the emotions, the feelings, and the experiences – constantly guiding and shaping who we are internally, understood yet inexplicable at the same time. 

Our heart not only feels the beautiful things of the world but it also feels the sorrow and the heartbreak of our darkest days. An invisible straight jacket, they can hold our physical body captive, begging for freedom, unable to find that trigger for release. For years I wore that jacket, I carried it everywhere with me, invisible to all those around yet suffocatingly weighing me down every step I took. For the first time in years, I feel the weight of it being lifted. Discovering a release trigger, I have found Dr Sarah Jane and spinal energetics.

When it comes to scientific medicine and spiritual healing, I sit in what I believe is the healthy middle of the spectrum. Energy healing has been around for thousands of years, with roots in ancient, eastern civilizations and I have been fortunate enough to benefit from well-known treatments such as Reiki. I also have the utmost respect for the Western medical industry, having to rely on them to keep me alive in a spontaneous near-death experience, where my blood decided to clot, en route to my brain, without any explainable reason. Exploring different healing techniques from this experience has taught me over time, it is a delicate dance between the mind and the body. 

It is with respect for both modalities that had me incredibly drawn to learning more about Dr Sarah Jane and her embodiment of the healing modality of spinal energetics. My first exposure to her work was the images and videos she shares of her patients on Instagram experiencing her healing in action. They are intriguing yet also confronting. To witness such raw and emotive physical reactions to the light touches of Dr Sarah Jane, makes one initially question the authenticity of the work and if it is all staged. Myself included.

A leading figure in Australia’s wellness scene, what her Instagram doesn’t portray is that her technique is backed by 15 years of dedicated educational pursuits. A qualified Chiropractor, Psychologist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counselor, Energy Facilitator, and Esoteric acupuncturist, she also furthered her studies in philosophy, humanistic Buddhism and Chinese medicine. 

Her unique approach integrates both Eastern and Western techniques to engage with an individual’s spine, nervous system, and energetic field, tapping into their own inherent wisdom for self-healing. It is clear that Dr Sarah has been on an unwavering mission of learning how to heal peoples’ bodies and minds for decades, and together with an unquenchable thirst for educational research has created this unique and life-changing experience for her patients. Currently, Dr Sarah Jane is one of 400 carefully selected practitioners certified in Spinal Energetics worldwide. And not only is she a dedicated practitioner, but she is passionate about training and upskilling others in her profession to continue to make this powerful experience more accessible.

Walking up the stairs to my first spinal energetics session, I am not really sure what to expect. Having purposefully limited my research I am able to keep an open mind. My doubts of authenticity were quickly squashed when Dr Sarah immediately and instinctively was drawn to exploring the history of my neck pain. She was well educated about the extremely rare condition I lived with, and unlike most other practitioners I had previously sought help from, was confident in her ability to treat me. It was welcomed news. 

We talked about trapped emotions in the body, and about innate intelligence and about how the protective intelligence that causes tension in the body, is the same tension she seeks to release in her practice. Root causation. Internally, I quietly remember when my Dad died and how my heart was in physical pain for weeks. And the tightening feeling in the chest I get when my children are in emotional pain, making it hard for me to breathe. 

We spoke about her personal journey, and we shared a laugh about how when people see what she is doing on social media and comment on how it looks like she is performing an exorcism. I am impressed by her truthfulness and self-awareness. We spoke openly about how she discovered this practice and her passion for believing in it so much. She was, is and always will be prepared to put herself out there for the healing of people. 

She told me what she is doing is reading the body, it isn’t anything ‘woo woo’, She is simply studying every tiny movement and response the body makes with a dutiful attention to detail that is at the core of this practice. 

We are ready to commence the physical part of my appointment. 

This healing modality is deep. I cannot stress that enough.

While I lay on the table, face up, Dr Sarah very lightly touched me, exploring different energy fields and openly discussing her findings, both physically and emotionally. It is a bit of a shock to experience her describing how she sees the origins of your pain from historical events simply by reading your body.

Next, it is time to turn over and relax while listening to music and some deep breathing while she does the healing. 

Physically, my body would respond on its own, without any feeling of touch, it was mostly ques to breathe deeply and slight whooshing sounds from her. While it wasn’t a huge amount, it was specific to certain areas and acute. The best way I could describe it is having an immediate, innate urge to scratch (stretch) a certain area on your body. The stretch would then provide a deep reach and movement into that area, unexplainably elicited from only the lightest of touches.

For me, the emotional healing felt immediate, I felt instantly lighter, incredibly alive and aware. Physically my body took much longer to catch up. I spent the next few weeks extremely sore, acutely aware of the pain deep into parts of my back. The age of the pain was strangely observable. Very old pain was peaking in my body, forcing me to rest. 

Eventually, the deep exhaustion and pain lifted and the lightness from the cracks appeared and integrated with the emotional healing I had already felt during my session. The result is life-changing, undoing years and sometimes decades of suppressed pain. I am now much lighter and more optimistic and I can make sense of the swirling thoughts and feelings that had previously been silently weighing me down. It was pain I knew was holding me prisoner, my spine in a straight jacket. However, I was walking around, tolerating it and pretending it didn’t exist to appease the people around me. Dr Sarah and I discussed how people who feel so deeply and have experienced so much loss can often walk a fine line between letting go and dissociating.  

One thousand words later and still feel like I haven’t found the words to explain to you my experience, it really does need to be felt for one to truly understand.

Connect with Dr Sarah: https://www.instagram.com/drsarahjanechiro/

Spinal Energetics: https://spinalenergetics.com/drsarahjane

Sally Matheson


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