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8 Unique And Desirable Private Homes For Rent in the US

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Unique And Desirable Private US Holiday Rentals

US holiday rentals with a twist! Lux Nomade brings you some of the most desirable US homes, from an architectural masterpiece in Palm Springs to a mirrored desert home in Joshua Tree National park, a hillside jewel with Ocean Views in California, a unique Montana home and more.

With indications that travellers are thinking about booking for longer stays, and to bucket-list destinations, and with families and friends on both sides of the Atlantic separated for so long, what better than to plan to travel to The States again, and to stay in one of these astonishing and spacious private homes? This showcase of unique and desirable private homes for rent in the US could spark ideas for those considering starting a real estate business. Given the legalities involved, an online legal service could be beneficial. While LegalZoom is a popular choice, it’s advisable to explore legalzoom alternatives to ensure you find the perfect solution suited to your specific business needs.

Lux Nomade brings you a selection of  Stay One Degree’s (an exclusive community that allows discerning travellers to rent the finest holiday homes around the world directly from like-minded members) most desirable US holiday rentals, from an architectural masterpiece in Palm Springs to a mirrored desert home in Joshua Tree National park, a hillside jewel with Ocean Views in California, a unique Montana home and more. Here are some of the most unique US holiday rentals right now.

US Holiday Rentals
Dempster desert house in Palm Springs

California – Desert Cities, Palm Springs

Situated high in the hills of the historic and eclectic Mesa neighbourhood, this hilltop architectural masterpiece is an original 1959 Hugh Kaptur design, and has been often noted as one of the finest examples of modern hillside architecture in Palm Springs.

 Sleeps: 6 guests (3 Bedrooms) 

 Rates starting from: $1800 per night

US Holiday Rentals

California – Unique Mirrored Desert Home in Joshua Tree National Park

This utterly unique solar powered home sets new standards for desert living. The perfect retreat for spiritual getaways, intimate events, filming, photography and simply for something completely different, this amazing home impresses on every level. Its entire mirrored exterior cleverly blends into the landscape, leaving the house almost invisible to the eye. 

 Sleeps: 8 guests (4 Beds) 

 Rates starting from: $5600 a night

US Holiday Rentals

California – Hillside Jewel with Incredible Ocean Views

From its perch, the land sweeps down to a pristine sandy beach, with panoramic views over Tomales Bay, Bodega Bay, and Point Reyes. Take it all in from the patio, bathing in the sun on the loungers, relaxing beside the firepit, and soaking in the hot tub as the sun sets. Inside, white oak floors, vaulted ceilings, and modern furnishings make a stunning home, with floor-to-ceiling windows providing 270 degree views of the ocean. 

 Sleeps: 10 guests (5 Bedrooms)

 Rates starting from: $1650 a night

US Holiday Rentals

Montana – 5 Unique ‘Silo’ Homes  in  Acres of Farmland

Superbly situated in northwestern Montana and spanning five acres of stunning farmland, this one of a kind residence features five renovated grain silos tucked beneath the wild Montana sky, strategically placed for maximum privacy and exceptional panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The perfect getaway for groups of friends and families seeking to reset and rejuvenate, each silo is the ideal size for a couple and a child.

 Sleeps: 10 guests (5 Bedrooms) 

 Rates starting from: $1475 a night

Massachusetts – Martha’s Vineyard Mansion with Expansive Private Grounds

Just a stone’s throw away from the famous South Beach is where you will find this exquisite gated beach house, standing proudly at the heart of 1.6 acres of abundant greenery. Saltwater pool, hot tub, huge windows for maximum light and masses for families to do

 Sleeps: 7 guests (4 Bedrooms)

 Rates starting from: $1150 a night

Vermont – Mountain Home Set in 35 Acres

Set in 35 acres, you are assured peace and tranquillity as well as plenty to entertain both inside and outside with two ponds for fishing and swimming in the summer and the chance to sledge in winter – with a hot tub all year round. An ideal choice for outdoor sports lovers, skiing, cycling, hiking, canoeing, fishing and much more and a recently-renovated house that spans  4000 square feet. 

 Sleeps: 16 guests (5 Bedrooms)

 Rates starting from: $1800 a night

Arizona – Secluded Desert Retreat with Panoramic Views

Sedona’s famous red rock landscape is visible from throughout the home and the privacy here allows you to enjoy it undisturbed. Spend days hiking nearby trails and exploring the area, or even simply relaxing here, making the most of the large solar-heated pool that overlooks the mountains beyond. Relax in the hot tub, soak in the sun on the loungers, and make use of the BBQ for al fresco meals.

 Sleeps: 16 guests (5 Bedrooms)

 Rates starting from: $1200 a night

Vermont, Newfane – Exquisite Country Home in Southern Vermont

This exquisite country home, standing elegantly on a 25-acre estate, is the perfect escape for those seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With unparalleled panoramic views over southern Vermont thanks to its hillside location, get back to nature as you gaze across the horizon; for adventure seekers, discover the local stream, waterfall and hiking trails just a stone’s throw away. Or kick back in the hot tub, read a book or just watch the autumn colours change before your eyes. 

 Sleeps: 10 guests (4 Bedrooms)

 Rates starting from: $1750 a night

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