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Nobu Santorini teams up with House of Wisdom for Autumn Equinox Energy Attunement

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Nobu Hotel Santorini Launches First Wellness Pop-Up with House of Wisdom For Autumn Equinox Energy Attunement with Bella Ava Georgiou

Nobu Hotel Santorini, the new boutique hideaway by luxury lifestyle brand, Nobu Hotels, reveals its first pop-up wellness concept in partnership with London mind and body studio, House of Wisdom, and energy healer, Bella Ava Georgiou: The Autumn Equinox Energy Attunement (23rd -26th September).

Starting on the day of the autumn equinox – when day and night are of equal length and a newfound balance between light and dark provokes a strong energetic charge on earth – the four-day wellness retreat promises to release, shift and transmute energy through a comprehensive set of holistic techniques ranging from breathwork and crystal sound healing to chakra clearing.

The season of the harvest, autumn is the most powerful time of the year to acknowledge growth and expansion of the being, as well as store the old in preparation for re-birth. The Autumn Equinox Energy Attunment retreat is a deeply nurturing and empowering weekend of self-care that comprises of two daily group sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, open to hotel guests and external visitors alike. Guided by House of Wisdom’s expert teacher, Bella Ava Georgiou, guests can attend potent and intimate healing ceremonies taking place in the whimsical setting of Nobu Hotel Santorini’s outdoor pool deck and firepit area.

Beautifully perched on the highest point of the rustic village of Imerovigli, along the famed Oia-Fira hiking trail, Nobu Hotel Santorini has been designed with privacy and serenity in mind. A true sanctuary for those looking to escape the island’s busiest spots, the hotel houses 25 individually appointed suites and poolside villas, a double-level infinity pool whose perimeter is dotted with plush sunbeds and a signature Nobu restaurant for al fresco dining and star gazing.

Nobu Santorini

Autumn Equinox Energy Attunement with Bella Ava Georgiou – Schedule

Friday 23 September

Morning – Opening Ceremony

In the opening ceremony, guests are invited to take part in a sharing circle, a collective practice where each participant listens to other’s intentions, needs, and desires for the season ahead. Bella will then conduct a grounding group meditation to open the space to new energies. Through a combination of embodied movement (practices like dancing and yoga, that use the body as a vehicle for increased self-awareness and mindfulness), reiki and sound healing, Bella will prepare the guests to release their energy and induce deep relaxation.

Afternoon – Cacao Ceremony

In the afternoon, guests will connect to their hearts through the Cacao Ceremony, a celebratory ritual that dates back to the Maya and Aztec civilizations. This practice opens the heart through the medical use of cacao, with vitamins and minerals proven to increase blood flow to the brain and strengthen focus while giving the immune system a boost. The healing process continues with a gentle Yin Yoga practice and energy work supported by the sound of crystal singing bowls, crystalline singing pyramids, chimes and the planetary gong to nurture any incoming new energy into the body and mind.

Nobu Santorini

Saturday 23 September

Morning – Grounding Yin Yoga

Guests are invited to embrace the new day with a grounding Yin Yoga practice, a type of slow-paced yoga where poses are held for longer to deeply work the body and open the fascia (a thin casing of connective tissue that holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place). The practice – which doesn’t require any yoga experience – will end in Savasana (‘corpse’) pose, followed by a sound healing session where vibrations from the gong, bowls and chimes will attune with the body’s own frequencies to allow harmony and calm.

Afternoon – Chakra Cleanse and Activation

The chakras form when lines of energy running through the body overlap or cross. Humans tend to store the feelings associated with trauma and stress in the chakras, and for this reason they require regular cleansing. Bella will guide the participants through the cleansing of the chakras with effective breathwork, embodied movement and sound therapy to release stagnant energy and allow the body and mind to welcome new energy.

Sunday 25 September

Morning – Sound Healing

After a session of gentle Yin Yoga, Bella will guide participants into deep relaxation and purification through sound healing, a practice that became popular in ancient Greece, when music was commonly used to enhance mental wellbeing. Bella will use crystal singing bowls, which produce powerful tones that resonate within the body and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, to induce an oneiric state where physical sensations dissipate, and state of consciousness is heightened.

Afternoon – Connecting with Spirit Guides

Based on the belief that everyone has a team of spiritual guides – whether they’re departed loved ones, animals or ancestors – Bella’s Spirit Guide Meditation will help participants connect with their team through sound therapy and reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing where the new energy is transferred from the practitioner’s palms. An immersive experience connecting you back to your own natural energetic rhythm through sound, the sound bathing with high healing frequency that will follow the meditation is perceived at a cellular level, using solfeggio sounds, crystal bowls and gong.

Monday 26 September

Morning – Manifesting with the New Moon

The new moon phase, when the moon and the sun align, is the perfect time of the month to manifest our desires and intentions. Bella will help participants identify what areas of their lives need a burst of energy and inspiration before proceeding with a sound healing session to match the vibration of the reality they would like to live in with their own bodily vibration and frequency.

Afternoon – Closing Ceremony

The final ceremony of this retreat revolves around a combination of reiki healing energy, Yin Yoga and grounding sound healing practices. The combination of these techniques will help participants store everything they harvested and be thankful for the whole experience. The final ceremony will help guests embrace the power of change, acknowledge growth and reconnect with themselves with newly found energy.

Hotel guests and external visitors are welcome to join classes at a price of €65 or the whole programme for €450. For further information or to book, please contact Nobu Santorini

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