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SUITCASE SERIES: Dr. Naomi McCullum, Founder of Dr Naomi

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Suitcase Series: Dr. Naomi McCullum, Founder of Dr Naomi

This week we caught up with Dr. Naomi McCullum, the woman behind Dr. Naomi, to find out what she never travels without, her packing tips, and what her most memorable trip has been so far…

Dr. Naomi’s not your regular Cosmetic Physician: She’s a Meme Queen with a sharp wit and cosmetic industry credentials to match. Affectionately known as Dr. Naomi, Dr. Naomi McCullum is a Cosmetic Doctor and a pioneer in the field of non-surgical cosmetic medicine, with a career spanning two decades, she has distinguished herself as a leader in non-invasive treatments, with a strong focus on injectables and devices for skin improvement.

Known for her patient-centric attitude, Dr. Naomi and her clinics offer a modern, inclusive and tailored approach to every patient taking into account their personal goals in tandem with her 20 years of expertise. As a leader in this space, Dr. Naomi strives for improved transparency, safety, and aesthetic outcomes for patients.

Founding Dr. Naomi Skin in 2021 was the next step in her passionate crusade for everyone to have selfie-ready skin around the clock. With an intimate knowledge of what people want aesthetically – she knows exactly what goes on behind closed clinic doors, Dr. Naomi also knows there’s no quick fix and believes skin health starts at home and works hand-in-hand with in-clinic cosmetic treatments.

Speaking of selfie-ready skin, with a devoted following in real life and on social media, her Instagram @drnaomi1 is the most followed cosmetic medical industry account in Australia. Dr. Naomi’s aim is for social media to become a trusted and transparent information source to lead a new era of knowledge and honesty for patients and injectors.

In this week’s Suitcase Series, equipped with Little Gems: Dr. Naomi’s ABC ($169.00) we take a sneak peek into Dr. Naomi’s travel psyche…

What’s been your most memorable trip, and why?

Going to Ghana (west Africa) and meeting my husband’s beautiful family.

Hawaii is one of Dr. Naomi’s favourite destination

What’s your favourite ever hotel?

I can’t say I have one yet 🙂 Let me do lots more research LOL. I tend to choose hotels for the most efficient location for the purpose of my travel. My other preference is to stay in old and beautiful buildings. I can also be swayed to go back to a hotel if their room service is delicious and creates food memories that I long for again.

Where or what is your escape?

Hawaii. I spend a lot of time there. It’s about that peaceful/joyful vibe where everyone is their comfortable, best and fabulous selves. The people-watching in Waikiki is my favourite in the world.

If you could go anywhere tomorrow, it would be…

Well I’m leaving in a couple of weeks for a month in New York and Hawaii. That’s a perfect trip for me.

Dr. Naomi never travels without her LED it Glow mask

What’s your idea of a luxury wellness holiday?

The most important thing for me is to have nothing in the diary. Not one commitment. No dinners, no events. I’m scarred from being a diary slave for so long. I love seeing blank space in one now. In addition to that, a nice hotel with great service in any big city where I’m free to roam the streets and book some massages.

My top bucket-list destination is…

I have too many on my list. I’ve never been to New Orleans or Miami. Some of my bucket list places relate to my TV love. eg I want to go to Baltimore, as a pilgrimage to the home of The Wire and its writers. Also, a few Scandinavian crime TV shows have added destinations to my list.

I haven’t spent enough time in Paris and Japan and I’d like to stay in those places for an extended period. As a cosmetic doctor, I’m dying to go to Gangnam and experience the clinics and the vibe there.

I love cruising as well, so lots of cruises, especially an Antarctic one.

If you could sit next to anyone – dead or alive – on a long-haul flight, who would it be?

Tom Wolfe, Jane Austen, Tom Clancy, Joan Rivers, George RR Martin, Dr Brandt. Rupert Murdoch, Thackeray, Napoleon. Robert Greene. Harvey Levin from TMZ, Jesse Armstrong (the creator of Succession), Kurt Sutter (TV creator)

What is your jet-lag recovery tip?

Lots of water, healthy food, massage, having a bath, reading/podcast bingeing, and free time for a few days after arrival.

What is your suitcase stalwart? 

Airtags in a rarer and identifiable colour Rimowa. Peak functionality.

Dr. Naomi McCullum

Little Gems: Dr Naomi’s ABC

These ‘Little Gems’ Luxe Collections come in a Holographic Beauty Bag and feature luxury travel sizes of your skin essentials and include;  Vitamin Amen / Ultimate Anti-Ageing Serum to target fine lines & wrinkles,  Let it B / Hydrating Serum to rehydrate, plump & glow, Let’s C / Pro-Collagen Serum to firm, brighten & fight free radicals and Screen Time Daily Environmental Shield which helps to protect against the entire light spectrum including visible light, infrared & blue light from phones & devices.


Lux Nomade

What is your number one packing tip?

I aim to limit it to 2 pairs of shoes and 1 handbag max. Even for long trips. A defined colour palette for clothes for the trip. 100% knits. I wanna be comfy. Well, I do that one at home, too.

I never travel without…

My LED it Glow mask

In my beauty/toiletry bag I always bring…

For more information visit https://drnaomi.com

Lux Nomade is the wellness and travel publication where today’s modern woman goes to be inspired, learn and explore.


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