Palmazul Hotel & Spa: where the sun is always a guarantee

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Palmazul Hotel & Spa: where the sun is always a guarantee

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Palmazul Hotel & Spa: enjoy the sunshine where the sun is always a guarantee.

Planned your holiday for months? Bought a new bikini, a beach kaftan and stocked up on sunscreen ready to work on your tan whilst relaxing in the sun? Let’s be honest, most holidaymakers heading to a beach resort are hoping for warm and sun-filled days. So what could dampen the happy holiday mood more during your long-anticipated vacation than clouds, or heaven forbid, rain?

However, for the lucky ones who have a holiday planned to Ecuador’s tropical paradise San Clemente, the “Gold Coast” of Pacific Latin America, don’t need to worry. So, grab your sunglasses before reading further…at the luxury Palmazul Hotel & Spa, (owned by one of Ecuador’s most inspiring entrepreneurs, Jessica Meza) located right on the beach, guests can always enjoy the sunshine. The popular hotel is, in fact, giving all their guests the advantage of enjoying a 100% sun-guaranteed holiday (!). Yes, you heard us right. Enjoy the sunshine at Palmazul Hotel & Spa, where the sun is always a guarantee.

Palmazul Hotel & Spa
Enjoy the sunshine at Palmazul Hotel & Spa, where the sun is always a guarantee.

How does the Palmazul Hotel & Spa’s 100% sun-guarantee work?

So, how can Palmazul Hotel & Spa offer their guests a holiday with a 100% sun guarantee we hear you ask. Well, the popular hotel might not be able to directly communicate with the weather Gods, however, they have come up with a very generous and clever solution to any unwanted non-sunny days.

If you end up missing the sun for any number of days during your stay at Palmazul Hotel & Spa, simply pick up a voucher for the days you ended up missing the sun. The voucher entitles the guests to free accommodation (yes totally free) equivalent to the same number of nights reserved by the guest and can be used within the next six months *. And the best part, the sun guarantee applies to every day of the year**.

Ecuador beach hotel

Enjoy the sunrise from your private balcony at Palmazul Hotel & Spa

Make the most of your holiday in the sun by waking up singing tropical birds and let the gentle morning sun kiss your face whilst savouring a healthy breakfast of fresh fruit, bread, coffee and juices on your private balcony overlooking the ocean. What better way than getting an early morning Vitamin-D injection from the sun-drenched balcony to set you up for the rest of your sunny day. 

Luxury hotel in Ecuador
The hotel’s Arena Spa is the only spa in the country located a few steps from the ocean where guests can enjoy treatments in the sun

Enjoy a spa treatment in the sun at Arena Spa

No holiday is complete without a spa visit and at Palmazul Hotel & Spa you can make the most of the warming afternoon sun by having a spa treatment by the beach. The hotel’s Arena Spa, is, in fact, the only spa in the country located only a few steps from the ocean which allows guests to immerse themselves in natural and exotic treatments. Relax both body and mind whilst soaking up the benefits and healing effects of the wide selection of spa treatments, massages, and therapies delivered by the highly trained therapists, all designed to harmonise and revitalise. Guests also have the option to make the most of the beautiful surroundings of the hotel by having a massage in the lush green garden, right under the sun, for total bliss.

Palmazul Hotel & Spa

Enjoy the stunning sunset at Cocomar Restaurant

Ecuador has one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets and at the hotel’s Cocomar Restaurant guests have a front-row seat. Located on Palmazur’s private beach the popular restaurant benefits from a premium beach location and has a relaxed yet captivating vibe. On the menu, you’ll find a delicious fusion cuisine with local Ecuadorian dishes mixed with Italian dishes. Try the velvety ceviches, spicy soups and delicious grilled fish or the Pasta al Pesto and Tiramisu paired with a cold local beer or a wine. End your sun-soaked day at Palmazur Hotel & Spa with a tropical cocktail whilst watching the magnificent sunset.

What are you waiting for? Book your 100% sun-guaranteed holiday at Palmazul Hotel & Spa today and prepare for a sunny holiday. And, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

Palmazul Hotel & Spa

Av Quito S / N and secondary,500 meters from the main street via Punta Bikini, 

San Clemente Manabí, Ecuador

Rates start from $149/ night

For bookings:

Palmazul Hotel & Spa

Read more about Palmazul Hotel & Spa and our interview with Jessica Meze, one of Ecuador’s most inspiring female entrepreneurs and the founder of Palmazul Hotel & Spa.

*) Voucher valid for 6 months from the date of issue, does not include cost for food and drinks,  it is not valid for use on national holidays, it is not transferable, and it is subject to availability

Valid for accommodation only
It does not include costs for food and drinks
Not applicable in the event contract

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