Serena Louth teaches how to unwind your body and mind

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SERENA LOUTH: How to unwind your body and mind and get a better sense of self

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Serena Louth, women’s wellness expert, teaches how to unwind your body and mind and get a better sense of self.

Serena Louth draws on her expertise as a qualified reflexologist, plant-based chef, a 500-hour yoga teacher and transformational coach when guiding clients to unwind their body and mind and have a better sense of self.

Having been a happy, confident and outgoing little girl, Serena Louth’s teenage years were a struggle as she battled with depression, low self-esteem, anxiety and body image issues. It was only in her early twenties when she began yoga, meditation, talking therapy and following a plant-based diet, that she discovered the tools she needed to heal energetically, emotionally and physically. Through Serena’s own experiences and learning she has developed a programme, unique in its offering, that can benefit women of all ages (10% discount on reflexology and counselling exclusively for Lux Nomade’s readers). As well as her therapy and healing she has a podcast called Kitchen Club where she is joined by friends and colleagues in the wellness and holistic spheres where they talk about food, yoga, wellness and women’s health.

Serena Louth

L.N: Serena can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background and what you do

S.L: I’m a London based holistic wellness guide who works 1-1 with women to help them slow down! City life is fast-paced and relentless, and people hold themselves to incredibly high expectations, which results in a lot of people being overworked, exhausted and totally disconnected. My aim is to support my clients as they restore a connection between mind and body, begin to prioritise themselves and replenish their energy.

L.N: You have an impressive list of qualifications in including being a qualified reflexologist, plant-based chef, a 500-hour yoga teacher and transformational coach. How do you utilise all your skills when it comes to healing?

S.L: Thank you! It’s been such a fun and varied last few years and I’m still learning so much. Each client comes with their own unique challenges so I tailor my practice to suit their individual needs, drawing on wisdom from each of my training to create a plan that will serve them best. It’s all about creating a safe space for people to dive deep into the challenges they are facing, then providing them with the tools to move forward and empower themselves.

L.N: What are the benefits of reflexology?

S.L: The most incredible benefit is the effect it has on stress levels. Stress is the cause of so many mental and physical problems, so if you can get to the root of what’s causing the stress you are going to do wonders for your health. The most common symptoms I see clients with are sleep-related issues, anxiety and overactive minds, digestion problems, poor circulation and stress-related aches and pains.

L.N: How would you describe your work as a transformational coach? And who would be suitable to give it a go?

S.L: Coaching can benefit absolutely anyone! I firmly believe that everyone already holds the secret to their happiness inside them, my job is to help them find it. So many of us are being guided by deep-rooted limiting beliefs which are preventing us from stepping into our power and living our best and most vibrant lives. With coaching people are supported to make positive changes, improve their mindset and tap into their true purpose.

L.N: From a dietary perspective, is a plant-based diet similar to a vegan diet or are there any differences?

S.L: For me, plant-based encourages plants to be the most abundant foods on your plate but allows for flexibility whereas veganism is stricter, more a lifestyle than a diet. Whilst I agree completely with the socio/environmental/ethical reasons for being vegan, for a lot of people restrictive diets can create an unhealthy relationship with food. For our food to nourish us emotionally and socially as well as physically I personally believe there needs to be flexibility and an ability to listen to your body as everyone’s needs are different. It goes without saying that quality is key over quantity should you choose to consume animal products.

L.N: What, according to you, are the health benefits when it comes to adopting a plant-based diet?

S.L: As I’m not a nutritionist it’s not for me to advise but I like Michael Pollen’s advice – Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

L.N: As a plant-based chef, what are your top tips for those who are interested in trying to eat plant-based? What are, for example, the key staple fruit/veg/ingredients to add to the shopping list?


– Take your time – just introducing one veggie meal a week is a brilliant step.

-People often think that plant-based diets are all salad and raw veg, so find some delicious recipes for really indulgent plant-based meals to show you how delicious it can be.

-Be kind to yourself if you slip up, no one is perfect and being too strict with yourself will make plant-based eating feel like a chore, not a joy.

-Aim for local, seasonal fruit and veg whenever possible, they’re full of flavour. use your spice rack and fresh herbs to take simple ingredients to the next level.

-Make delicious dips, sauces and dressings to spice up the simplest of dishes. A delicious pesto or hummus, for example, will totally transform a meal.

L.N: You also have a podcast ‘Kitchen Club’, what can listeners expect from tuning in? 

S.L: Kitchen Club is a weekly podcast interviewing experts in the world of wellness. My co-host Sarah and I cook a meal for our guests based on their three favourite ingredients before diving deep into their particular area of expertise. We also ask our guests ahead of recording to challenge us to their “Healthy Habit” – something they use daily to enhance their mental and physical wellbeing – and we give it a go so we can share with listeners how we got on.

More about Serena Louth’s sessions

Serena offers one on one sessions with clients who are looking to nurture both their mind and body and bring about a greater sense of calm and wellbeing. Combining physical and emotional in her holistic healing packages she helps clients unravel emotionally what is currently challenging them and pairs this with a complimentary reflexology session that targets the areas of stress they have discussed.

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