PREIDLHOF offers new transformational wellness retreats in Italy

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PREIDLHOF offers new transformational wellness retreats in Italy

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PREIDLHOF offers new transformational wellness retreats in Italy with its ‘Dolce Vita’ approach to wellbeing.

PREIDLHOF, the award-winning destination Spa in South Tyro in Italy offers new transformational wellness retreats from  1st February 2020. With a new spa concept, Preidlhof blends its long-established ‘Dolce Vita’ approach to wellbeing with the dual ‘hedonic’ and ‘eudaimonic’ concepts completing the full definition of “wellbeing”

A multi-therapeutic approach

The new retreats are designed to address modern-day issues from improving sleep to helping let go and getting your life back on track. The Transformational Wellness Programmes have a multi-therapeutic approach and integrate Preidlhof’s expertise across all areas of complementary, medical and preventative health.  Guests participating in the new programmes enjoy Special Classes, for example, yoga Nidra, wild forest bathing, mindful eating, barefoot meditation, laughter yoga, dance therapy and dao yin yoga.  The special classes are offered in addition to Preidlhof’s already generous inclusive offering of luxurious accommodation, award-winning cuisine, Sauna Tower (16 relaxation experiences), outdoor sports and fitness classes.

A New Spa Concept

The new philosophy takes Preidlhof’s long-established ‘Dolce Vita’ approach to wellbeing and further defines this in embracing the dual ‘hedonic’ and ‘eudaimonic’ concepts that complete the full definition of “wellbeing”.  While the hedonic is experienced in terms of pleasure and enjoyment, the eudaimonic is defined more in terms of self-acceptance, self-development and finding purpose in life.  Patrizia further explains, “We have developed a truly integrated and multi-generational approach to wellbeing, healing, and emotional transformation.  I have applied my Glowing Flow method across the whole Preidlhof guest experience.  I wanted to achieve that essence of flow, to alchemically balance and fully integrate the hotel and the spa.”


New Transformational Wellness Retreats at Preidlhof

Integrated Healing – A Path to Resolution & Reconnection

5, 6 & 10-night retreats – Prices start from £1949 per person

For those periods in life when it is necessary, and sometimes essential, to withdraw, lighten, take stock of life and rediscover your true essence. This intuitive pathway is guided by a team of highly experienced and exceptional therapists, able to integrate and customise their therapies based on the history and needs of each guest.

Modern Relaxation – A Guide to Beat the ‘new’ Unhappiness

4-night retreat – Prices start from £1395 per person

When you need to disconnect, let go, calm, soothe and deeply relax the body. This programme offers a series of enchanting treatments that help you tune into the body’s constructive signals. This new understanding will improve your approach to life with new habits and daily rituals.

Three Pillars of Health – A Path to Better Sleep, Movement & Nutrition

7-night retreat – Prices start from £1849 per person

A programme to care and plan for improvement across the key pillars of our health: sleep, nutrition, movement and their interactions. Dr Angerer has state-of-the-art technology and years of experience in prevention, diagnostics and complementary medicine.  Combines a series of tests and evaluations to picture your health today and plan for the future.

Transformational Journey – A Path to Change & Joyfulness

4, 5, 6 & 10-night retreats – Prices start from £1325 per person

Developed for contemporary wellness seekers, experiential travellers and people open to change with a willingness to expand and flourish. Transformation can only arise from within but is facilitated by meeting with special people, experiencing intuitive, enlightened techniques whilst in a new place and discovering new things. Stimulating and moving, this journey engages and inspires all levels of awareness: physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual.

For more information and bookings: +39.0473.666.251; 

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