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SUITCASE SERIES: Jane Black Founder of Health Boss

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Suitcase Series: Jane Black Founder of Health Boss

This week we caught up with Jane Black, Founder of Health Boss a female-founded business providing health supplements, to find out what she never travels without, her packing tips, and what her most memorable trip has been so far…

With over two decades of high-level corporate sales and marketing experience, Jane Black embarked on an exciting role in the health and wellness industry at the beginning of 2020. Soon after the role began, the global pandemic hit, the role abruptly ended, and she felt like she was “the boss of nothing”.

Along came shutdowns, masks, remote learning, remote offices, active-wear as work-wear, and other changes to our “new normal”.  Jane regrouped, and then embarked on her passion project: launching Health Boss late 2020 and bringing to market the 1st product, BEAUTY BOSS Bovine Collagen in November 2021. Now with a number of products in the range, Jane is excited about ensuring that there is ample choice for customers, and products that address the heatlh concerns that come with ageing – both for men and women.

Health Boss is for everyone. Everyone who wants to take more control of their health and wellness. The Health Boss team are passionate about developing good value, high quality products to support and benefit everyday people every day.

In this week’s Suitcase Serieswe take a sneak peek into Jane’s travel psyche…

What’s been your most memorable trip, and why?

While I was living in London, on a working holiday visa, I had the opportunity to travel extensively – mainly as a backpacker. And I have travelled much since for work and adventure. But one of my most memorable trips was to Italy, many years ago. I went alone, fuelled by my youthful fearlessness (or maybe it was naivety). It was the year Brad Pitt was filming Troy in Malta, and I had decided that I was going to go there to meet him – by train from Rome.I got off the train at its final destination in Siracusa, Sicily. This change in my plan turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

As I disembarked the train (speaking no Italian), I met some fellow travellers who made my experience truly unforgettable. One of them even wrote a song about me, which was later released on a CD and can now be found on Spotify. We explored the wonders of Sicily, including a visit to the awe-inspiring ruins of Pompeii, and onto Naples (the origins of Pizza). Eventually, we went our separate ways, but our time together left a lasting impact on me.

The journey taught me valuable lessons about self-confidence and resilience. I was alone, in a country whose language I did not speak. It reinforced the idea that despite our diverse backgrounds, we all share a common love for travel and a desire to broaden our horizons.

Side note: I never did get to meet Brad Pitt.

Jane’s favourite hotel is the Sugar Beach Resort in Mauritius

What’s your favourite ever hotel?

I have travelled a lot for work, and stayed in some really lovely hotels. But my very favourite has to be Sugar Beach in Mauritius. The beach at Sugar Beach is breathtaking, with its pristine sands and stunning views. The dining experience was exceptional, and the architectural design of the buildings was the traditional style of the island, creating a feeling of luxury, yet at the same time being homely and special.

Where or what is your escape?

I like to escape my day-to-day in two quite different places. One is the beach, while the other is the hinterland. I live right near the beach on the Gold Coast, so it is easy for me to go there (almost daily), and gain some negative ions, grounding, and just walk to be with my family and our Poodle. While the mountains is a place to be silent, and be amongst the old giant trees and enjoy the cool air. 

If you could go anywhere tomorrow, it would be…

My daughter’s heritage on her father’s side is South American. So I would love to take her to Peru, and show her where her family comes from, and so that she could meet some of her Uncles and Aunties.

Jane lives right near the beach on the Gold Coast where she goes to gain some negative ions, to ground, and to walk to be with her family and their Poodle.

What’s your idea of a luxury wellness holiday?

My ideal Luxury wellness holiday would be one where there were massages, day spas, great food and relaxing – every moment of the day. Near to or on the water, with amazing views and my family with me. No stress. No pressure. No dramas.

My top bucket-list destination is…

The Northern Lights is something that I will experience in my lifetime. I have been to Oslo in Norway, which is in the South of the country. But there are amazing Northern Lights views in Tromso in Norway. I will see them. I will feel cold. (I will need a great coat!)

If you could sit next to anyone – dead or alive – on a long-haul flight, who would it be?

Oh wow. On a long-haul flight, I would love the seat next to me to be empty! But if someone had to be there, it has to be Robbie Williams. I am have been a fan for decades.

What is your jet lag recovery tip?

I won’t pretend to know what’s best here. I know what to do, but jet lag kicks me when I travel. So do your best, keep hydrated and minimise the alcohol if at all. Everyone has a path, and mine unfortunately seems to always include jet lag.

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What is your suitcase stalwart?

I have 2 matching bags that are a pretty unique, but nice colour. It is probably time to upgrade, but I have had these bags serve me well to date, and they are in pretty good nic.

What is your number one packing tip?

Know the weather of your destination, and have something relevant in your carry-on to suit. And always pack thongs – always useful.

I never travel without…

Something warm “just in case”. I am that person. The “just in case” person who needs to know that I won’t be cold either on my flight or when I arrive.

In my beauty/toiletry bag, I always bring…

I have to travel with Joint Boss and Immune Boss. Having had chronic neck pain for around 23 years, the Joint Boss is a non-negotiable. The Immune Boss – well…. Aeroplanes. Say no more.

Also, a great facial wash, so get rid of the travel dust at the end of the day!

For more information visit

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