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How To Grow Your Hair: Tips and products for a thicker and healthier mane

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How To Grow Your Hair: Tips and products for a thicker and healthier mane.

We all wish we could click our fingers and have the thick, voluminous hair we see on the big screen. While there is no magical formula (yet!) for instant hair growth, getting back to basics might be the answer and the addition of a secret yet powerful indigenous ingredient – the Kakadu Plum.

So how to grow your hair? According to Trung Vien, founder of Hair Folli, a hair growth serum made from the Kakadu Plum, diet and lifestyle play a big part in the health and growth of your hair. Simple diet and lifestyle changes could be the difference between your thinning, breakage-prone hair, and your hair goals. Embracing a well-balanced vitamin-rich diet, investing in botanical-based treatments, indulging in a scalp massage, and switching out your heated hair products and chemical-heavy hair dyes will be key.

Embrace a well-balanced diet

According to Vien, compared to other bodily functions, hair growth is a relatively low priority. This means if your body is under the stress of restrictive dieting, hair growth will halt quite quickly. “Restrictive dieting is a sure-fire-way to impair your hair growth and increase shredding. In fact, even after a period of many months of resuming to a healthy diet, hair shedding can continue to occur,” Vien said.

Check on your protein levels

“Did you know hair is almost entirely made of protein? Consuming adequate protein, in line with a well-balanced diet, is important for optimal hair growth,” Vien said. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend 46 grams of protein for women and 64 grams for men on average per day.

Boost your vitamin intake

How to grow your hair with vitamins? Vitamins play a key role in ensuring your body has enough energy needed for hair growth.

Vitamin A

“Not a lot of people know that your hair is actually the fastest growing tissue in the human body! Vitamin A is needed in all cells of the human body for growth. To increase hair growth and promote a healthy scalp, incorporate the recommended levels of Vitamin A into your diet with products such as sweet potato, milk, eggs, spinach and carrot,” said Vien.


“B-Vitamins are a haircare must-have. Good sources of B-Vitamins include meat, whole grains, seafood and leafy greens, which help carry oxygen and nutrients to your scalp aiding in hair growth.”

Vitamin C

“Whether you’re looking to reduce wrinkles, improve skin dryness, strengthen your nails, or promote hair growth – collagen is the answer! Vitamin C is essential in the production of collagen and is proven to aid in preventing your hair from ageing,” Vien added. “The northern Australian Native Kakadu Plum is loaded with 100 times the Vitamin C found in oranges, and is the key ingredient in Hair Folli’s active hair growth serum.”

Indulge in a scalp massage

“Not only is a scalp massage extremely relaxing, but it is also linked to producing thicker, stronger hair that is less likely to get damaged. Studies show that a scalp massage helps to dilate the blood vessels below your scalp to rejuvenate existing hair follicles.“An easy step to add to your self-care routine!”

Ditch the heat

“If your morning routine includes curling irons, hairdryers and straighteners, chances are your hair is under a lot of stress. To avoid damage to your hair and breakage caused by heat, consider avoiding heat styling. If this is not an option, simply try limiting how often you use them, decreasing the temperature of your heated tools, and investing in a heat protectant product. Heat protectants help prevent moisture loss when using heated styling tools by forming a protective barrier,” said Vien.

Slow down on the colouring

According to Vien, similarly to heated styling tools, hair dye can put your hair under a lot of stress. Dyeing your hair less regularly will ease the stress and lead to less hair breakage and faster hair growth. “Hair is one of the most visible aspects of our appearance.  Diet, lifestyle and products can play an important role in helping us to grow healthy strong hair, reduce loss and breakage – and better support regrowth,” Vien said.

How to grow your hair, products to use:

How To Grow Your Hair

JSHealth, HAIR + ENERGY FORMULA (30 capsules)

This hair and nails supplement provides a healthy combination of iodine and zinc addresses hair loss, thinning, brittleness, and slow regrowth.

Price: $29.99

Lux Nomade

How To Grow Your Hair

Hair Folli Growth Spray

This serum aims to offset lifestyle stress which can lead to thinning hair by utilising a range of ingredients that either provide nutrients direct to the follicle, block internal factors which trigger hair loss or promote circulation.

Price: $53.60

Lux Nomade

Davines Naturaltech Energizing Shampoo

Naturaltech Energizing Shampoo gently cleanses as it stimulates and revitalises the hair and scalp. It stimulates scalp microcirculation which in turn stimulates new hair growth.

Price: $41.95

Lux Nomade

Davines Naturaltech Energizing Thickening Tonic

Naturaltech Energizing Thickening Tonic adds thickness & fullness to thin hair by increasing the diameter of the hair fibre expanding it from the very first application. In addition, it leaves hair looking shiny and full-bodied, but not weighed down.

Price: $52.95

Lux Nomade

How To Grow Your Hair

Revitalash Thickening Shampoo

Revitalash’s thickening shampoo is ideal for those looking to add volume to thin, limp hair. Formulated with Loquat Leaf, Willow Bark, Ginseng and Flax Protein, it gently exfoliates the scalp to promote healthy growth while protecting against breakage and environmental stressors.

Price: $63.76

Lux Nomade

How To Grow Your Hair

R+Co Rodeo Star Thickening Style Foam

RODEO STAR Thickening Styling Foam instantly thickens your hair and adds density and lift. Natural-feeling, non-sticky formula. Apply to damp hair, section by section and then blow dry as you normally would. It gives dramatic volume to fine to medium hair of any length.

Price: $32.00

Lux Nomade

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