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8 new Transformational Wellness Programmes at Preidlhof in South Tyrol, Italy

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8 new Transformational Wellness Programmes at Preidlhof in South Tyrol, Italy.

Preidlhof, the award-winning destination spa in South Tyrol, Italy, has reopened with new transformational wellness programmes designed to address the specific needs and challenges of this time. A world leader in integrated health and transformational wellness, Preidlhof’s programmes aim to instil energy and self-confidence in guests, helping them with their physical and emotional recovery.

Preidlhof’s Transformational Wellness Programmes

Eight new Transformational Wellness Programmes, developed by Preidlhof’s award-winning Spa Director Patrizia Bortolin, have been designed to integrate complementary, medical and preventative health guided by medical doctors and leading experts in their fields. Therapists will also support guests in dealing with any trauma resulting from months of lockdown and enforced enclosure. Pivotal to this is the Integrated Healing Programme and this includes sessions with Stefano Battaglia – a highly-acclaimed trauma therapist, holistic healer and mediation teacher.  The ‘Sleep Better’ Programme is recommended for guests reporting more issues with sleep disturbance and insomnia.

In addition to promoting optimum physical and mental wellbeing, Patrizia Bortolin has also developed a vast offering of knowledge paths, rituals and emotional experiences, aimed at building greater self-knowledge and awareness in guests to improve their lifestyle.

Preidlhof in South Tyrol, Italy
Preidlhof’s 5000 square metres of wellness space boasts 10 swimming pools and whirlpools

5000 square metres of wellness space

Preidlhof’s 5000 square metres of wellness space (there are 10 swimming pools and whirlpools), in addition to its generous opening hours (from 7.00 am to 11:00 pm) afford a natural distancing with many secluded outdoor spots.

On reopening, all areas and services will be available to guests, including the Preidl SPA, 6-floor Sauna Tower, fitness and yoga classes, and the rich programme of inclusive daily activities and excursions.

The Spa team will wear mask or visors during treatments and all restaurant staff will wear gloves. The rooms and surfaces of the common areas will be sanitized every day and sanitizing gel dispensers will be available in all areas. The temperature of every guest will be checked when they check-in, also when they present at classes, treatments and at the restaurant.

Fitness and yoga classes will take place in small groups to ensure that social distancing is respected.

Preidlhof is also set in the foothills of the Texel Group Nature Park, the largest Nature Park in South Tyrol (31,000 hectares). An endless array of hiking and biking trails, fitness and outdoor adventure possibilities stem from Preidlhof’s very doorstep.

Preidlhof in South Tyrol, Italy
Preidlhof is set in the foothills of the Texel Group Nature Park, the largest Nature Park in South Tyrol

Added support for guest from leading experts

Preidlhof is offering ALL guests a series of free weekly meetings with its pool of specialists to help treat anxieties and weaknesses that have emerged over recent months.  They include:

Stefano Battaglia will guide the guests towards recovery from shock and trauma in its various forms.

Therapist and TCM expert, Martin Kirchler, will address the theme “Our personality and the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine” to help guests to know themselves better, as well as both identify and strengthen their talents.

Patrizia Bortolin and Dr. Angerer will help to quickly reduce psychophysical stress through heart rate analysis, psycho-aromatherapy, laughter yoga and forest bathing. Preidlhof’s Spa team have all undergone intensified training with Patrizia Bortolin, in conjunction with a Professor of Psychology who is also a practising psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher.  Together, they have devised a training programme that has further enhanced the Spa team’s interactions with guests directly in relation to Covid-19.  This cross-disciplinary therapeutic approach to training has prepared Preidlhof’s therapists as to all the psycho-dynamics, attitudes, fears, and reactions of guests that may present.  The training has also further honed their listening skills in relation to picking up and interpreting both verbal and non-verbal communications.

Getting There

The nearest airports are Innsbruck in Austria and Verona in Italy. Both are just over two hours’ drive away from Preidlhof.   Complimentary transfers are provided from Naturns railway station.

Preidlhof’s new Transformational Wellness programmes can also be exclusively booked through specialist tour operator Healing Holidays.  Prices for Preidlhof’s 4-day Transformational Journey start from £1,649 per person based on two sharing and include flights, transfers and treatments. Reservations:; tel. 020 7843 3597).

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