INTERVIEW:Corey Bell Creative Director at MERE the 100% vegan skincare brand

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INTERVIEW: Corey Bell Creative Director at MERE the 100% vegan skincare brand

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We caught up with Corey Bell Creative Director of Australian skincare brand MERE which is both 100% vegan as well as cruelty-free to talk all things skincare…

Corey, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role as Creative Director for MERE

I come from a diverse background in creative – I’ve worked in design, art direction, film & TV, product design & digital. Creative for me is my absolute passion – an equal tie with my love of skincare! When I met the founder, Lianne Keymer, I was so excited about what was being formed. The collection of skills I’ve picked up and my passion for skincare saw me as a perfect fit to help her create a world-class Australian brand. I work alongside Lianne to not only bring the brand’s vision to life but also help develop the strategic direction for the brand and shape our product offering.

Can you tell us a bit more about MERE’s no-fuss, natural approach to beauty taking inspiration from the Australian way of life?

Our everyday lifestyle has become increasingly busy. Life has become all about multi-tasking and finding that balance between work and play. With the massive boom in skincare and beauty, we observed that new products and routines were becoming overly complex and time-consuming. This resulted in more time in front of the mirror going through the daily skin ritual. We felt there had to be an easier way and a way that reflected not only our laid-back Australian attitude but also our beautiful landscape. So we created multi-functional products using Australia’s most powerful natural ingredients that simplify skincare but don’t compromise on results.

What do you believe is the foundation of good skincare?

The foundation for good skin care comes from keeping it clean, hydrated and protected, as well as understanding it’s regenerative cycles. Keeping your skin hydrated is an absolute must and given the extreme conditions of the Australian climate, it’s also super important to keep it protected from the elements. Hydration, protection and regeneration are at the core of every formula we create. We believe that all skincare should do this as a mere minimum!

MERE products harness the power of some of Australia’s most supercharged native botanicals, which ones are you using in particular and why are they so powerful?

Kakadu Plum – Known as one of the richest sources of Vitamin C in the world – 50% higher than oranges. It benefits the skin by promoting collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and reducing hyperpigmentation. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory that soothes the skin. This native super-fruit naturally brightens skin, leaving you looking fresh and youthful.

Fucoidan – Extracted from wild-grown Undaria Pinnatifida seaweed in the pristine oceans of Tasmania, it protects seaweed against UV radiation and environmental contaminants. This transfers perfectly to our skin, where it provides natural protection against photo-ageing and pollution. It’s a powerful ingredient not only protects the skin but also inhibits certain enzymes that contribute to skin ageing.

Prickly Pear Oil – Prickly Pear Oil contains the most Vitamin E of any oil and the highest percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, making it incredibly powerful for skin health.  Containing the highest levels of Betalains of any known plant, Prickly Pear is packed with a burst of antioxidants that accelerate the skin’s cellular renewal and powerful rejuvenating processes.

Can you tell us a bit more about the 3-step beauty routine?

Our 3-step routine has been created to really simplify optimal skin health with powerful results. While a 10-step K-Beauty routine is fun to try, it’s not sustainable to do this on a daily basis. We’ve created this routine so you can take the best care of your skin as possible but in much less time – meaning you can get out and get on with life much quicker! 

It’s about making sure that skin is hydrated, protected and boosted to regenerate in sync with natural skin cycles – keeping you covered 24/7.

We take the fundamentals of good skin health and combined the functional benefits of multi-step routines into 3 simple steps.

Cleanse: Our Pore Refining Double Cleansing Jelly is a nourishing rich cleanser that not only dissolves makeup residue and pollution but also adds nourishment back into the skin with natural oils.

Daily Moisturiser: Our Priming Moisturiser is an uber hydrating cream that adds a protective barrier to the skin to help fight the damaging effects of pollution. It also doubles as a skin primer so you can moisturise and then get straight to putting on your makeup.

Night Mask: Our Recharge and Repair Night mask is like a power pack for your skin that gives it an energising boost, keeps you hydrated and regenerates skin cells during your skin’s most restorative period – while you sleep!

What’s so special with bio-shielded, Biophotonic glass the MERE products are packaged in?

Biophotonic glass has been created to keep protect and activate the formula.  Violet glass selectively filters damaging light rays and allows only 3 beneficial spectrums to enter. This prevents loss of potency and delivers each bio-active MERE formula at optimal efficacy to perform.

Sustainable and eco-friendly beauty products are on the rise, what do you do to help us honour our planet when it comes to the MERE products?

We have great respect for nature. Our Australian native actives are sustainably harvested and formulated to be 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free. We are on a constant journey to be as ethical, eco-conscious and environmentally friendly as possible.

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