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Top Trending Spa Treatments 2024

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Cold Plunge Therapy & Lymphatic Facials: New Report Reveals 2024’s Biggest Wellness Trends

Cold plunge therapy, lymphatic drainage facials and seaweed baths are set to be some of the most in-demand spa treatments for this year. Other more unusual treatments include beer bath hydrotherapy, touchless spa treatments, and waterless pedicures which are also set to be extremely popular in 2024.

From beer bath hydrotherapy to touchless spa treatments – spa booking site SpaSeekers.com has released its 2024 Spa Trends Report, which reveals the trending spa treatments which are set to dominate the industry in the year ahead.

By analysing their internal booking data as well as consumer search data below are the key treatments which are seeing the biggest increase in demand.

The Top 10 Trending Spa Treatments 2024

Topping the list of most popular spa treatments for 2024 is cold plunge therapy, which has seen a 126% increase in demand over the past year. Cold plunge therapy is a type of cryotherapy that involves immersing your body into cold water for a short duration of time. It’s recommended for beginners to start at 30 seconds, then build their tolerance up to be able to spend three minutes in the water. Cold plunge therapy is thought to help release any muscle tension by reducing inflammation and soreness as well as improve circulation, which can help improve your cardiovascular health and decrease stress.

Following cold plunge therapy is a lymphatic drainage face massage, which is a specialised massage technique designed to reduce inflammation and puffiness in the face. The massage trend has seen an 83% increase in searches. Kimberley Armstrong, Spa Manager at Oban Bay Hotel explains that this is a treatment that anyone can try: “It’s a fantastic way of helping the sluggish built-up toxins and waste drain away from the face. This type of massage can really help with reducing unwanted tension in the face caused by stress, working on computers and also driving. It can also change your appearance, as it can be used to contour the face and reduce puffiness – for example, it can help to redefine someone’s jaw line, or help to remove bags under the eyes.”

Rounding off the top three trending spa treatments is seaweed baths, which have seen a 53% increase in popularity over the last year. This treatment involves bathing in hot water infused with seaweed, and the treatment can help lower stress levels and improve skin appearance, thanks to seaweed being packed with nutrients which promote collagen production. In joint fourth spot, balneotherapy (bathing in mineral-rich water), beer bath hydrotherapy (bathing in beer in order to help cleanse the skin and improve blood flow), and touchless spa treatments all emerge as treatments set to be extremely popular with consumers over the next year.

Top Trending Spa Treatments 2024

1. Cold plunge therapy – 126%

2. Lymphatic drainage facials – 83%

3. Seaweed baths – 53%

4. Balneotherapy – 50%

5. Beer bath hydrotherapy – 50%

6. Touchless spa treatments – 50%

7. Colonic hydrotherapy – 49%

8. Thai massage – 48%

9. Gold massage – 48%

10. Waterless pedicures  – 48%

To read the full 2024 Spa Trends report visit: https://www.spaseekers.com/spa-insider/inspiration/spa-trends-2024/

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