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How to Buy and Apply Men’s Cologne: A Detailed Guide to Fragrance Usage

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How to Buy and Apply Men’s Cologne: A Detailed Guide to Fragrance Usage

Most men are making mistakes when it comes to purchasing and using men’s cologne. They don’t put much effort into picking their personal fragrance. If thoughtfully purchased and used, a men’s cologne can be your personal style’s vital part. With the perfect perfume, you can feel more confident and attractive.

With that in mind, deeply understanding how to choose and apply a men’s cologne is an art form, which, when not done excellently, can result in frustrations, over-applications, or a fragrance that disappears almost instantly. You need to find and apply a men’s cologne that will match your personal needs and deliver the benefits you purchased it for.

This article ensures you become one of the guys who purchase the perfect men’s cologne from Dossier and apply it the right way. Eager to know everything about men’s perfume in terms of finding, purchasing, and applying? Read on.

How to Find and Purchase the Right Cologne

Your scent speaks much about you. It performs an invincible magic, telling people around you about your personality, taste, and mood. A well-selected perfume for men stirs the imagination of the individuals you meet and associate with, all, in most cases, holding the attention of passers-by in an all-enveloping cloud.

It isn’t an easy task to choose the perfect cologne for a season or occasion. Many fragrances exist in terms of categories and facets. As you research to find the perfect men’s cologne, you’ll encounter various facets or categories, including:






Most perfumes have a combination of these categories. For example, you’ll find a perfume with a blend of two to three facets, such as aromatic-spicy-woody or citrus-woody.

You’ve got the responsibility to determine which notes you like and deliver the benefits you need after some trials. If certain fragrances work perfectly for your skin, complement your personality, and provide everything you expect from it, then it’s a perfect match for you.

Numerous other factors exist that you need to consider, including the occasion, your mood, the environment, and the season. You need to know the fragrance to wear at the beach or work.

Understand Fragrance Notes

Many fragrances contain three notes. They include a base note, a medium note, and a top note. Once you spritz a men’s perfume, it goes through three evaporation stages. Top notes evaporate first, followed by medium notes, and then the base notes. That is why it is advisable to understand notes and take them into consideration when picking a scent.

-Base notes: As the boldest scents in the fragrance equation, they develop last. They can be detected across the day and are the last to evaporate. Base notes take anywhere between five and ten hours before evaporating.

-Top notes: Immediately after application, these notes linger on the skin. They are lighter, and depending on your fragrance type, these scents can take anywhere between fifteen minutes and two hours.

-Medium Notes: These are the primary elements of a men’s fragrance. They usually include heavier aromas such as florals and spices. Medium notes usually last between three and five hours.

Test Your Cologne

Before you purchase your cologne, test it. You’ll be able to know how it’ll react with your skin type or chemistry. Remember, you’ll not test more than a few colognes on your skin at once. So, there’re a few steps you need to take to make sure you sample a range of scents and pick one that is right for you. Let’s discover some tips to find the right men’s cologne.

-Research colognes online

-Use scent blotters or cologne testers to initially test perfumes

-Test the cologne on your skin

-Give the scent enough time to develop

Do you still love it? If yes, then purchase it. But make sure you enjoy wearing it after the thirty-minute development period. Chances are higher that you’ll enjoy owning and wearing your men’s cologne.

How to Apply Cologne

While purchasing the right cologne is an important step to wearing the perfect perfume, you can easily get the worst result when you apply it the wrong way. One key thing you need to be worried about when it comes to using fragrances is over-application. Chances are higher that you have encountered an individual who has worn too much cologne.

Do you want to avoid being “that guy?” Apply your cologne sparingly. Also, you should apply it strategically so that the perfume you wear lasts across the day. So, what are the proper ways to apply your favorite men’s cologne? Here are some tips for you.

-Apply onto dry skin directly and immediately after showering. A shower cleanses the body and opens your pores, allowing the scent to absorb.

-Hold your spray bottle between three and six inches from your body. Closer than three inches away risks over-applying. When you spray further than six inches, you are more likely to under-apply.

-Apply your cologne to heated body areas, including the chest, neck, inner elbows, forearms, and pulse points. It helps diffuse the fragrance across the day.

-Start with a light application. Once you pick your heated area, start with a single spray. Your scent fades quickly after a single spray? Pick another area and apply the cologne.

-Re-apply your cologne if needed. Depending on your cologne type, you may need to re-apply. When re-applying, just add a little amount to your pulse points.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Your Men’s Cologne

Men usually make some common mistakes when applying their colognes. Any of these mistakes can prevent them from maximizing their fragrances. Avoid these mistakes when applying your fragrance.

-Spraying the fragrance on your clothing: Some fragrances can be harmful to your fabrics.

-Splashing the fragrance on the skin. This is an easy way to over-apply.

-Spraying a fragrance cloud and walking through it. It renders the fragrance almost useless.

-Applying too much fragrance. Start light, and do not fear to ask a friend, wife, or girlfriend if they think you need less or more.

-Rubbing the cologne onto the skin. This makes the aroma fade faster since it breaks the molecular bond in your perfume.

You can now purchase the right cologne and use it correctly. This will ensure you enjoy its sweet aroma and health benefits and display your personality. With the right men’s cologne and the correct application, you’ll start to notice an improvement in confidence.

Feel free to try various fragrances in different families to craft a personal scent your couple, friends, and family members will appreciate and associate you with.



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