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Your Guide for the New and Full Moon Phases of December

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Your Guide for the New and Full Moon Phases of December

Welcome to the enchanting month of December, adorned with two lunar phases that weave a tapestry of manifestation, expansion, and heartfelt healing.

December is a month where the fiery, expansiveness of Sagittarius meets the practical and determined energy of Capricorn. An important note to mark in your calendar is Mercury going retrograde on the same day as the new moon in Sagittarius, which may muddy the energetic waters. But have no fear – there’s plenty of opportunity to set new intentions and rise above miscommunications.

Understanding the Lunar Phases

Delving into the rhythmic cadence of the lunar phases offers a structured guide through various stages of manifestation and transformation. Several years ago, I became fascinated with the ancient astrological teachings of the lunar phases, highlighting the immense opportunity for self-discovery and creation. Each phase (eight phases in total) within one lunar cycle has its purpose and magic, representing an aspect of fulfilling goals and exploring the depths of the self.

The new and full moon phases for December 2023 offer unique archetypal potential for initiating adventure and strengthening your intuition through connectedness with your heart.

New Moon in Sagittarius

December 12, 15:31 PST / December 13, 10:31 AU, 2023

The new moon in Sagittarius is when a portal to fresh beginnings swings open. This phase beckons us to set intentions, visualize our future, and welcome the unknown with open arms. Historically, the new moon has been a symbolic act when farmers sow their seeds, mirroring our own potential for growth and change.

In the spirited realm of Sagittarius, the archer’s sign, let your intentions take flight toward a future adorned with adventure, expansion, and profound experiences. Sagittarius seeks the truth and considers the broad approach to life with a keen interest in uncovering the answers to deep philosophical or spiritual aspects of life.

During the new moon, set time aside to cast new intentions into the Universe to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Where can you challenge yourself to venture out of your comfort zone, travel, experience something new, or expand your spiritual learning and practices?

Here are a few New Moon prompts to use for inspiration:

1. What areas of your life can gracefully expand without force? List your intentions that invite natural growth and refined evolution.

2.What clear, actionable steps align with your grandest dreams? Write intentions that bridge the visionary with the pragmatic.

3. What exciting milestones or experiences can you manifest for a life rich in exploration? Craft intentions that spark curiosity and daring.

4. What luminous relationships or collaborations align with your aspirations? Set intentions for forging bonds that light up your journey.

Steps for Super-Charging Your Intention Setting with the New Moon:

Visualization: Immerse yourself in a brief meditation to clear your mind and visualize your future reality. Allow your inner self to guide the way, connecting with the emotions and sensations of living within the future you are connected with.
Intention Setting: Write your intentions infused with the spirit of Sagittarius. How can you weave the traits of expansion, adventure, exploration, and higher learning into your manifestations? Consider the actionable and practical steps needed to bring your intentions to fruition.

Speak Your Intentions into the Universe: Vocalize your intentions by speaking them out loud. As your words transmute into frequency, you deepen your alignment with the cosmic energies, setting the stage for manifestation.

Clearing Ritual: Ignite the sacred smoke of sage or palo santo, purifying your space from the past and ushering in the energies of renewal. Express gratitude for the lessons learned, making space for the new to unfold.

Full Moon in Cancer

December 26, 16:32 PST / December 27, 11:32 AU, 2023

Cancer, the first water sign in the zodiac calendar, is renowned for its ability to connect from the heart, create a nurturing home and family space, and utilize its natural intuitive instincts. With the moon as Cancer’s ruling planet, emotions may flow more abundantly than usual. Emotional sensitivity, a vital component of our human nature, can also be intense and powerful.

Full moons, known for their intensity, unveil profound self-realization and healing by delving into the shadows. Given Cancer’s proximity to the heart area, healing may manifest in this space. You may notice spells of nostalgia as this full moon arrives immediately after Christmas day, infusing a special tone with family and loved ones. This will be the final full moon of 2023, a magical moment for a deep cleanse of the old, welcoming a new year and a new level of connectedness with all.

Full moons generally offer a time for release, observation, and transformation. During the full moon, create a sacred space to connect with your heart and feelings, turning inward to listen to your inner guidance. Whether emotions surface as joy or sorrow, recognize that they all serve a purpose throughout the journey of healing, self-awareness, and transformation.

Here are a few full moon prompts to use for inspiration:

1. Reflect on the significance of family bonds, especially in the post-Christmas season. Explore the emotions and memories stirred by these connections. What insights can you gather about the role of family in your life, and how might these reflections guide your path forward into the new year?

2. What emotions are rising to the surface, and how can you embrace them with compassion? Explore the interplay between joy and sorrow, recognizing the richness each emotion brings to your journey. Write about ways you can nurture emotional wholeness during this lunar phase.

3. In the transformative light of the Full Moon, contemplate what you are ready to release from the past year. What emotional baggage or outdated patterns are ready to be shed? Write intentions for letting go, making space for new beginnings as we step into a fresh year. Consider the symbolism of this release, especially in the context of the holiday season.

Steps for releasing and healing under the Full Moon:

Release: Write what you would like to release on paper and safely burn it, allowing the energy of your words to transmute into the ether.

Cleanse: Light a sage of palo santo to clear the energies of the past and run a salt bath (or a shower) to clean off the energy of the old.

Gratitude Meditation: Sit in stillness and quiet the mind. Create a tender connection with your heart and open yourself to unconditional love. Send beams of gratitude for the experiences that have gifted growth and understanding, allowing yourself to release from attachments to the past.

Join the Lunar Collective on Patreon for the new and full moon rituals to powerfully align with a new cycle for manifestation and nurturing support for healing and releasing. I wish you a heartfelt and transformative month of December. 

Tara Kabatoff
After reaching a crossroads between her corporate career and personal journey, Tara committed the past few years to profound introspection and delving into life's enigmas. Her explorations led to significant breakthroughs, enabling her to heal old wounds, grasp the profound interplay of our existence, and subsequently guide others through their paths of healing, alignment, and self-mastery. Tara now devotes her efforts to creating programs and spaces for individuals, such as the Inner Circle and Shadow Project, in the pursuit of seeking and searching for profound transformation and deeper alignment in their lives.


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