WELLNESS: Top hotels and retreats to celebrate a healthy New Year Eve

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WELLNESS: Top hotels and retreats to celebrate a healthy New Year’s Eve

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Want to say “goodbye and good riddance” to all the stresses and strains of 2018?

Then say “Namaste” to a more relaxing 2019 – with a range of excellent hotels and retreats that incorporate anti-stress regimes into your stay. LUX NOMADE has handpicked these wonderful destinations to help you chill out and unwind on your New Year’s Eve. In no time at all, you’ll feel like a new person more than ready to take on the New Year.  

Hatari Lodge, Tanzania

The Hatari Lodge aims to reconnect your body, mind and soul with nature. You’re probably half-way to achieving exactly that simply by gazing at the stunning views. Nestled amongst the tranquil beauty of Northern Tanzania, the lodge is surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the national park and the serenity of Mount Meru. Fresh, organic food will heal your body. Meditation classes – including walks and talks through the wilderness – will soothe your mind. And the opportunity to visit a spiritual healer means even your soul is left feeling totally replenished. So, spend New Year’s Eve developing your mind, soaking up all that nature has to offer, in pure and adventurous luxury.

For bookings visit www.hatarilodge.de

The Retreat, Costa Rica

The Retreat, in Costa Rica, takes a holistic approach to wellness – focusing on clean living and exercise. But, thankfully, it’s a lot more interesting than that description sounds. That’s because learning to cook incredible organic meals – and visiting fresh food markets – is at the core of this gorgeous getaway. The thinking is that if your body feels good, your mind will too. And we definitely buy into that. We also love all the daily activities on offer – including nature walks, yoga, meditation and wellness classes, bird watching and kite surfing. If your body feels good, your mind will too. The first step to a new life in the new year, with minimal stress, is to take control of your health. Visiting The Retreat is the perfect place to start. 

For bookings visit www.theretreatcostarica.com

Canyon Ranch, The USA

Discover the beauty – and the restorative power – of nature when you stay at the Canyon Ranch; a one-time working cattle ranch based in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert amongst the Santa Catalina Mountains. Today, it’s a world-leading spa destination where you can indulge in a variety of treatments, medical and alternative therapies, and a range of spiritual wellness programs. You’ll leave elevated and motivated, completely cleansed from the stresses of 2018.

For booking visit www.canyonranch.com

Euphoria, Greece

Well, the name says it all – the revival treatments of the Euphoria Hotel in Greece will leave you feeling quite euphoric. This hotel is the home of healing and revival, surrounded by beautiful Greek mountains and pine forests. Their regime has been inspired by traditional Greek and Chinese healing practices that focus primarily on the five elements – water, fire, wood, earth and metal. They carefully create treatments tailored specifically for your wellbeing. Enjoy the therapeutic effects of the sphere pools, radiant tepidariums, salt caves and Watsu water massages – whilst being surrounded by the beauty and aroma of Greece’s pine forests. 

For bookings visit www.euphoriaretreat.com/en

The Begnas Lake Resort + Villas, Nepal

If your New Year’s resolution includes weight loss (again!) and a fitter, healthier lifestyle then the Begnas Lake Resort, in Nepal’s Himalayas, could be the answer to your prayer (or meditation). The resort has an 8 to a 22-day program that combines two holistic approaches: the classical practices of Ayurveda (originating in South India) with organic medicinal herbs that can only be found in the Himalayas. You are assigned a resident doctor, a chef and a Yogacharya (Yoga teacher) to help you achieve rejuvenation. It’s just a shame you can’t bring them all back home with you.

For bookings visit www.begnaslakeresort.com

Sophia Christodoulou


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