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The Best 9 Self Tanning Products for Every Skin Type

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Get A Perfect Bronzy Glow With These Self Tanners

This week on the Lux List Beauty we are sharing with you one glowy secret, the art of self tanning. It’s time to glow! And to be honest, is there something better than seeing yourself in the mirror with that gorgeous olive undertone and rock white dresses like a goddess? Yes, we didn’t think so… 

Now, we’re not suggesting that you lay out in the sun for hours and hours and toast back and front. No, no. What we are proposing is that you invest in a self-tanner. The art of self-tanning can indeed be one of the trickiest ones, but not if you are equipped with the right products and tools. Not to alarm you, but you need to choose a tan product that is adequate for your skin and needs. Otherwise, the result could be a catastrophe, and we have had enough this year, so the only thing you need is to follow our advice. You will have a safely glowing tan to welcome summer on your best behaviour.

These are the 9 best mouses, drops, and the list goes on to help you achieve the bronzed skin of your dreams. 

Best 9 Self Tanning Products for Every Skin Type

St Tropez Self Tan Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Face Serum 

RRP $34.99

Lux Nomade

A supercharged formula packed with Vitamin C to instantly brighten skin. Hyaluronic Acid for a hydrating glow and Vitamin D boosters to mimic the positive effects of sunshine without the harmful UV rays. It feels like sun bottled up, but 100% vegan and made of recyclable plastic, so you don’t sacrifice your glow for the sake of the planet.

Elle Effect The Self Tanning Mousse 

RRP $44.95

Lux Nomade

One of the most popular self-tanners these days, and not only because the founder is Elle Ferguson herself but also because of its rose scent. This lightweight, self-tanning mousse by Elle Effect is scented with natural rose oil. Some of its hero ingredients are Aloe leaf juice; A soothing agent that boosts moisture, and Coconut oil, which deeply nourishes your body. Glides onto skin, leaving behind a perfect golden glow and nothing else. 

Bondi Sands Pure Renew Self-Tanning Face Mist

RRP $22.95

Lux Nomade

Non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types, this super fine mist is lightweight, hydrating. It can be applied day or night for a healthy glow. Featuring an innovative zero metal spray head, the Renew Mist is 100% recyclable. It allows for controlled application, helping you to achieve a flawless glow. This one is a perfect choice for those getting started in the self-tanning world and worried about orangey results. 

Tan Luxe Super Gloss Drops

RRP $59.00

Lux Nomade

This skin-perfecting super serum streamlines your daily routine combining skincare, makeup and SPF 30 into one multi-tasking product. The illuminating bronzing drops will give your skin an instant sun-kissed glow with its universally flattering bronze tones. Formulated with squalene and hyaluronic Acid, Super Gloss will keep your skin hydrated, smooth and protected all day.

Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bronzing Face Drops

RRP $39.90

Lux Nomade

This gradual, natural and glowing face tanner is formulated uniquely with Bali Botanicals. And super hydrating hyaluronic acids to increase skin elasticity, suppleness and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While simultaneously leaving your skin looking sun-kissed for days. 

Shake and add 2-3 drops to your daily moisturiser in the palm of your hands. Apply evenly over the face, neck and blend with your hairline. It is recommended to use it at least once a week to maintain your golden glow.

Tanologist 360 Spray Tan Mister

RRP $24.99

Lux Nomade

The 360 Spray Tan Mister re-usable 360-spray nozzle provides a long, continuous, lightweight stream for the most streak-free and flawless application ever! To add to that, the ergonomic design means more glow in less time, as well as a fuss-free application. The continuous and ultra-fine mist works from all angles, ensuring even the most difficult places to tan are reached for a perfect all over, full-body glow.

Along with being more sustainable as a brand, Tanologist has introduced the Self-Tan Water Refills. That uses the same formulation as the Mister itself to simply fill and extend the product life span.

RAWW Tropical Glow Face Tan Elixir

RRP $29.99 

Lux Nomade

Raww’s NEW Tropical Glow Face Tan Elixir is an easy-to-apply tan elixir that feels like a summer holiday in a bottle and creates the ultimate natural glow. A proper fit for cool skin tones, in particular. Packed with tropical Pomegranate and Pink Dragon fruit extracts. That helps calm and revive skin offering a colourless formula and buildable face tan that can be deepened as you desire. And a super-fresh combo of Aloe Vera & Coconut Water to soothe and promote healthy-looking skin, so you glow from within. 

Vacay Body European Sun Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse

RRP $29.95

Lux Nomade

Are you internally dying to press next and move forward to the next Euro Summer? Well, even though we can’t make that happen, you can mimic an unmistakably gorgeous European tan with this Vacay body best-seller. Its unique formula is fragrance-free, so one will even know your tan comes from a bottle. With no orange tone in sight, European Sun is designed to fade evenly before being reapplied. Leaving that European glow all over your body while we patiently wait for our next Euro trip to happen.

Boracay Skin Hyaluronic Glow Serum

RRP $59.95

Lux Nomade

This summer-ready serum contains natural ingredients, such as coconut fruit powder paired with anti-ageing actives like Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide. To keep skin looking plump and glowing. The gradual tan is an added bonus as it means we can wear little to no makeup and still look like we have a bronzy glow. With only a couple of drops, you will be able to notice a more plumped and shimmery skin.

Belen Arce 
Belen is Lux Nomade's Beauty Editor who weekly lists the best beauty buys to add to your shopping cart in the LUX LIST. She is aslo a freelance writer and social media guru that enjoys her detox drink in the morning and drinks matcha in the afternoon. When she’s not writing Belen loves to meditate, get some sun and check in with her family, oh don’t forget her social media craziness, that’s it, probably a unique digital early adopter.


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