Here Is A List Of The Travel Sized Mini Skincare You Need

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Thinking of A Summer Holiday? Here Is A List Of The Travel Sized Mini Skincare You Need

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Thinking of A Summer Holiday? Here Is A List Of The Travel Sized Mini Skincare You Need

Thankfully, we are edging closer and closer to spring and summer. Soon you will be unpacking your warm weather clothes, your swimsuits, and maybe even, if you’re lucky, planning a vacation somewhere exciting. Packing for a holiday when you want to bring your entire wardrobe with you, can be difficult, and so you need to know all the tricks available to get as much into your suitcase as possible. Taking all your beauty and skincare products with you will definitely cause luggage issues, so choose from these travel minions to make the packing process a little bit simpler.

Mini Skincare Must-Haves

PIXI Glow Mud Cleanser 

Price: $6

Size: 0.5 fl. oz

Why It’s A Holiday Must: Purify stressed-out skin on the go.

Deep cleansing regularly is essential, but especially when you’re travelling because sweat, changing weather conditions and recycled air may cause your skin to become congested. This PIXI mud cleanser restores a glow to your skin with a combination of nourishing botanicals and glycolic acid. The tube packaging makes it easy to get every last drop out of the bottle so that your skin can remain glowing and refined for your entire trip.

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Radiance Renewal Night Cream

Price: $18

Size: 1.6 fl. oz

Why It’s A Holiday Must: For refreshed, de-fatigued skin when tired.

It’s essential to have an excellent face cream with you wherever you go, but one that works on your skin while you sleep is even better! This anti-ageing night cream from Fresh works on your skin while you’re fast asleep to help alleviate the effects of external stressors, smooth fine lines, refine texture, minimize pores, and leave your face looking radiant. We also love that the glass jar is reusable for any tiny travel trinkets you may have.

travel skincare

E.l.f. Untouchable Whoa Glow SPF 30 Mini

Price: £5

Size: 0.34 fl. oz

Why It’s A Holiday Must: Protected, glowy skin wherever you travel.

This fragrance-free SPF doubles as a primer and is suitable for all skin types, even super-sensitive skin. Using a sun protection factor of 30 on your skin daily is essential for preventing holiday sunburns or dark marks. Using this little powerhouse as a primer keeps you protected and glowy — and what a bonus that it helps your makeup stay put all day!

Charlotte Tilbury Glow Toner Mini

Price: £5

Size: 0.34 fl. oz

Why It’s A Holiday Must: Minimized pores and plumped skin.

This acid-free toning solution helps bring balance to skin that may need some help. Swipe this across your face after cleansing, and you’ll see tightened pores (without any tight skin feeling) and a resurfaced, brightened complexion that’s just begging to be immortalized in holiday snapshots.

Kitsch Mini Spa Rollers 2pc Set

Price: $20

Size: Mini

Why It’s A Holiday Must: Bright, de-puffed eye area no matter the time of day or night.

This tiny travel roller set is the perfect tool to keep your face contoured and keep that blood circulating to promote a smooth complexion. The grooves in the silicone roller massage your skin and relieve any tension headaches you may get from rushing to the airport. The smooth metal roller soothes and awakens. The cute velvet storage pouch is a plus!

travel skincare

Tips for Packing Your Skincare Products

1.Wrap any glass bottles in bubble wrap or between clothing for protection. While glass packaging is the right choice for the environment, it’s essential that you pack it properly so as not to waste any product when glass shatters or chips en route to your holiday location.

2. Keep all liquid products upright and in a ziplock bag in case of tipping and leakage. You don’t want to waste product or cause a mess in your toiletry bag!

3. Get a hard-shell toiletry and cosmetic case. Our grandmothers all had them; they looked so chic whenever they embarked on a trip. A hardshell bag means that your products are protected from rough handling and strapped in to travel upright — plus, it looks super cute as part of your carry-on!

4. Use clear cosmetic bags inside your main cosmetic and toiletry bag to separate beauty and skincare products when you pack. This makes things easier to find and minimizes the chance of damage.

5. Bring decantable tubs and bottles — extra tiny ones — to decant products for your daily bag. Body spray,  your SPF, and things like that should be with you at all times. Leave the main mini bottles at your accommodation for safekeeping.

Time To Travel

If you’re packing your bags for a trip somewhere exciting, these travel-sized skincare products are a space-saving, skin-saving way to pack. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize with the same quality products you would use at home and live your best skincare life while exploring somewhere new and exciting.

Robin White


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