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JW Marriott Gold Coast: A Hotel Review

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JW Marriott Gold Coast delivers understated elegant glamour for the entire family to enjoy

The Gold Coast Glistens. A childhood favorite memory most adults lucky enough to have holidayed here can recall. Thrilling theme parks, warm salty air, and the sun so hot it brings you instant joy as you emerge from the freshest, world-famous surf. Returning to the golden beaches and glitzy highrises for a family getaway I was beyond excited to check into JW Marriott Gold Coast. 

I approach the JW Marriott now with my own children in tow. Even on this rainy day, there is an atmosphere that reminds us we are in Australia’s Glitzy Goldie and that holiday mode is activated. I am always chasing luxury, but for our family that also means endless activity which can sometimes feel like a tall order, some would even say an oxymoron.  

An understated elegant glamor takes my breath away as the concierge effortlessly takes the bags I’ve been wrangling and we cruise into a grand reception. The recent transformation of this beautiful Icon really must be seen to be believed.

A luxury drawing on floating elements and canopies to create a natural vibe gives me the calmest of feelings. I am welcomed into what feels like an artistic blend of the Gold Coast’s hinterland rainforest and coastal elements, with stone artwork, timbers and greenery perfectly placed about. 

Nothing stops my 7-year-old in his tracks, however, there is definitely a mindful connection bestowed upon us as we take it all in. 

Being greeted with a welcome lavender drink and a hot towel seals the deal for this seasoned traveler and “best hotel ever” comes out quickly out of his mouth, as he pretends to listen to the warm receptionist explaining the property’s outstanding features. With the promise of kids’ school holiday activities, an array of pools, water slides, waterfalls, basketball, and tennis courts hanging in the air, I am surprised I got the kids up the elevator to the room. 

King Ocean Room

Quite possibly the most graceful and tasteful modern hotel room I have seen in Australia. As we enter,  it is bathed in natural stormy light, spacious, and features a private balcony with ocean and truly majestic pool views. The deluxe bedding looks so ridiculously clean and enticing and the marble bathroom is opulent. Following natural suit from the reception, turquoise décor really oozes luxurious comfort and sophistication.

I legitimately fantasize about laying in this room for a whole week as even just being in it for a few minutes has done wonders for my nervous system. Snap back to reality and the kids and their puppy dog eyes, dressed in swimsuits and goggles pull me down the plush hotel hallways, back into the lift. 

I had heard rumors about the pool at the JW Marriott over the years, but nothing could have described it to me accurately. A paradise of waterfalls, dark caves, bright coral and fish, hot spas, cool cabanas, white sand, water slides, whirlpools, and the tastiest cocktails and yummy treats. For hours, the kids twirled and tumbled around with newfound friends while we adults sipped slowly and shared jokes about finally finding somewhere to keep them busy. I genuinely feel like I have stepped overseas and left my busy life behind without a grueling flight. 

Citrique Seafood Buffet

The dining options on the sprawling resort property do leave you spoilt for choice. There are 5 restaurants and bars including the Pool Pavillion, Citrique Seafood Buffet, Misono Japanese, Misono Sushi Bar, and Chapter & Verse Bar and Lounge. After working up an appetite, we are lucky enough to have a booking at Citrique seafood buffet, although before dinner we grab some uno cards and sit in the uber cool Chapter and Verse Bar and Lounge for some bubbles. What I adore the most about this resort is the seamless way they have blended family luxury with decadent vibes, I get a grown-up experience to enjoy with my children and it just feels right! 

Moving over into the restaurant, the room is enormous with intimate little pockets complete with soft little cloud-like furnishings to experience true family time and connection.  While the service throughout the resort must be commended, the restaurant really takes it up a notch! Nothing is too much trouble as one glance at the buffet reminds us this is no ordinary experience at the JW Marriott Gold Coast. Passionate chefs whip up local quality food with a variety featuring firm favorites and inventive options that will blow you and your little ones mind!  My only tip is to leave room for the smorgasbord of dessert! 

Back to the room and we really do retreat into a space of ultimate relaxation. With plenty of space for the 4 of us to unwind in luxurious glamor, we rotate our way through the warm rain showers, a deep bath with handmade bath bombs, the latest movies, and time on the balcony reading a book with that truly stunning view. The expansive view reminds you that the best of the Gold Coast is at your fingertips, but the world can wait while we truly enjoy this pleasurable time together as a family with everything is taken care of and our only real job is to truly enjoy. 

JW Marriott Gold Coast turned out to be a real hit with the entire family

After a peaceful sleep, it is time to hit the gym. It is massive! Plenty of machines and weights, with large windows surrounded by tropical plants. My apple watch is buzzing with photos of the kids who have found the basketball and tennis courts with views of the waterways and an oval-sized room to burn some energy. 

We regroup for a very impressive buffet breakfast and take the time to discuss what we really want to do for the day. With so many options on offer, the kids plead to stay at the resort and find other kids they met the day before at the pool! Normally we are a family that doesn’t stop, so this is saying a lot. Staying another whole day enjoying the resort facilities and room service turns out to be the best decision we have made in a while. Ahhhh JW Marriott you have left us better than you found us, kudos to you! 

For more information and bookings visit https://jwmarriott.com-goldcoast.com/en/

Sally Matheson


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