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Food and Wine Pairing Guide with Klarissa Broadhead

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Food and Wine Pairing Guide. Klarissa Broadhead mixes wine cases to your taste.

With all the cooking going on right now in peoples’ kitchens, some of you might need a helping hand pairing the delicious dishes being served up with a suitable wine. We caught up with the inspiring and very motivational Klarissa Broadhead from Wines that Shine to learn more about wine pairing and how you can receive your own personalised wine case. 

L.N Wines That Shine is such an amazing concept, especially for people to expand their horizons when it comes to what they like. How did the idea come about?

K.B Wines that Shine was conceived from pregnancy, is that even possible? We always collected wine, but some forced periods of abstinence (and a couple of beautiful children) created a significantly expanded personal collection. As a result of that collection, friends would ask us to mix up a case….. “you know what we like” was all they said and the concept for Wines that Shine was born!

L.N We bet you have had some serious experiences in incredible vineyards, can you tell us about your favourite one? Or the ones that we have to try?

K.B Opus One in Napa, California was by far the best winery experience I have had. In June 2018 we were privileged to have a private tour of the winery (more like a modern castle) including a glass of 2014 Opus One Cabernet (a bottle is $855)! Locally my favourite is Brockenchack Vineyards in Eden Valley, SA.  Trevor Harch & his family have a beautiful vineyard and home, gorgeous tasting room and you can even stay the night in their luxury B&B!  My favourite wine of the moment is their Charli Jaye Chardonnay. Delicious!

Need a little help with your wine pairing? Klarissa Broadhead mixes wine cases to your taste

LN Can you tell us about the tailored experience you give at wines that shine that has made it so successful?

K.B When you sign up on the website we ask for your wine preferences eg. Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay etc and when you select those we match a case based on those requirements from our current range. Our mixed cases are $299 or you can select the number of white, rose’ or red in any combination.  More recently we have also put our current range on our website priced individually so you can select your own 6-pack or dozen.

L.N You juggle another successful family business, have run nearly all the world marathons and manage a small family. What is the mantra you try to live by to make it all happen?

K.B I have 3 mantras that I live by Strength, Endurance & Commitment!  They have served me well so far.

L.N Finally, can you share with us your ideal meal and how you would plan the wines that shine to match?

K.B My husband is into the sous vide method of cooking meat at present so I would have to say wagyu eye fillet steak with goats cheese salad and chat potatoes complimented by Rockcliffe Single Site Cabernet Sauvignon 2015.

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