East Hotel Canberra: a family-friendly and stylish hotel

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East Hotel Canberra: a family-friendly and stylish hotel

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East Hotel Canberra: a family-friendly and stylish hotel.

East Hotel Canberra is a colourful and stylish boutique hotel which is family-owned, family-operated and family-focused.  

Are we there yet? To be fair the dash from Sydney to Canberra was a quick one, beating the afternoon traffic and arriving at 4 pm. It was a mostly straight green scenic drive. 

After gliding into the Carpark at East Hotel Canberra, the icy cool, minty lemon water, and bowls of sugared lollies were a delight to be greeted with. 

The reception area at East Hotel Canberra is calming yet classy. Trendy warm colours splash around the stylish lounges that sit in the middle. With an additional three distinct separate areas to effortlessly wander into, I look forward to discovering Agostinis Italian, Joe’s Bar and The Muse Canberra’s bookstore and cafe. 

My son has clocked the free push bikes near the entrance and the lady at reception has provided a seamless check-in, promising him she has a helmet his size. Heading up to the room, I notice the conference rooms. Keeping suit with the contemporary style, deep tones, and natural light flood the floor, what an inviting place for a conference!

Cracking the door open to our family suite, the kids run ahead to discover the bunk beds we’ve read about prior. Their shrieks of joy and screams of delight intrigue us as we scan our space quickly before joining them at their end of what feels like a huge apartment we have wandered into. Plush soft toys with comfy bean bags sprawl out on the floor across a kid’s paradise. I am talking Playstation, connect 4, dress-up costumes, books for every age, huge artwork paper and lego to mention a few. 

 East Hotel Canberra

Leaving them to revel, I breathe out a huge sigh of peace as I place my bags down. 

The Opulent room ticks all the boxes for me. Elegant mood lighting, a luxurious king bed, and as I wander through to the bathroom it’s a classic of crisp fresh whites and fine “apparels” toiletries.  It is not often a family room can feel decadent, but we have hit the jackpot here. The balcony space and open lounge room are huge. A full kitchen and laundry are discreetly tucked to the side and hosts the full minibar.

Venturing out on the bikes, it is a quick ride through the park and we’ve arrived at Lake Burley Griffin. The fresh air feels euphoric and although there are plenty of dining options at our feet, the smell of Agostinis Italian restaurant (and the line of people waiting) as we left the foyer of the hotel was too tempting. 

Whilst I normally like to wine and dine on my break, the kids want to stay in the room, so I explore the autumn seasonal room service menu. I am treated to a truly decadent, traditional Italian spread with a fresh twist. With the perfect Reisling to accompany my meal and the kids busy in their room, I had the best of worlds.

After a restful sleep, a moody morning is a perfect backdrop to enjoy the Muse Canberra. A spread of books wait to be devoured whilst we step up into the cafe. The fresh menu makes the decision hard, but the baked souffle was the right choice! I could happily purchase a book and sit for hours.  We are in Canberra though, and we have science museums, sports fields, zoos, and parks to explore!

69 Canberra Avenue, Kingston ACT 2604

For more information and bookings: http://www.easthotel.com.au

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