Eyeshadow Palettes for a fresh colour splash

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Eyeshadow Palettes for a fresh colour splash

The right eyeshadow can make any eye colour pop. Why not embrace these colourful palettes for that wow-factor.

Spring is approaching and a change in seasons calls for a change in style – there are many bright colours to choose for spring, such as pinks, light greens, browns (to add dimension) and bright reds. However, a beautiful concoction of these colours will create a lovely look for any occasion, whether it is for a day out with friends, a lovely evening date, or a fun night out. Here are just a few eyeshadow palettes fit for spring, that you’ll never grow tired of. 

Morphe – 15T Your True Selfie Artistry Palette 

A lovely range of green and brassy hues will add to the spring look – with most of the spring colours in this palette from olive green to poppy red – not to mention the combination of shimmers and mattes. All of the colours are wearable for daytime and richly pigmented, meaning everyone will be captivated and there’s no worry for the colours melting away during the day. Otherwise, the shades are also really blend-able, so there’s no need to worry about any harsh lines, if a completely subtle look is something to settle for. Aside from the actual colours, the palette itself is extremely practical with a big mirror so application from the palette to the eyes is simple and easy. 

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Anastasia Beverly Hills – Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette

The everyday nudes – such as ‘rustic’ and ‘dusty rose’ – and the touch of pink hues – such as ‘rose pink’ and ‘tempera’ – add to the spring feel of this gorgeous palette. With light colours for the light spring atmosphere, dark colours for a three-dimensional feeling to add sophistication to the make-up look, mattes for blending and shimmers for a point: all of these shades are entailed perfectly in this palette. All the colours are super combinable and will produce a lovely look, no matter which shades are used! The creamy texture means that the shades are easy to blend, and the mirror and dual-ended brush means that application is simple and easy. The colour combinations in this palette can produce a relatively neutral look, but also a smoky eye for an evening night out – the perfect palette for a perfect day or night in spring. 

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Chanel – Les 9 Ombres

At the more high-end of the spectrum, Chanel’s palette of nine beautiful and somewhat sentimental, calm yet popping, colours come to mind. The ombre colours of green, turquoise, pinks, gold, browns and greys are the epitome of spring colours and any combination can be used to accentuate the softness and brightness of spring or be used for deep and sophisticated look on a night out. The size of the palette itself is quite small, meaning that it can handily be carried around in a pouch or handbag and there is a small double-ended applicator for convenience. (P.S. there are now two editions of this palette – the 2018 S/S Collection and the 2019 S/S Collection – both of which are very colourful, and each shade is a vivid spring colour.)

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BH Cosmetics – Sylvia Gani 22 Colour Shadow Palette

Spring colours of light and dark purples, rose, sky blue, light and military green, chocolate brown, yellows and tomato reds can all be found in this single palette! Not only these spring colours, but there are plenty more gorgeous shades in this generous palette, with a total of 22 colours – all with interesting names. The plethora of colours, in combination with the mixture of shimmers and mattes in this palette, shows that both a sophisticated or funky look can be achieved, depending on one’s spring mood – go for a funky look with a bright point colour of yellow or gold or the bright pinks, or a romantic and glamorous look with a concoction of the mattes and darks, with somewhat more neutral shades for the depth and shaping of the eye. Each one is amply pigmented – there is just about everything to take away from this gorgeous palette. 

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Too Faced – Life’s a Festival Eyeshadow Palette

Bright colours and funky names – this cool, bold eyeshadow palette is perfect for spring. With its duo-chromatic shadows (a shift in colour) of pearls and shimmers, mattes and a highlighter, this shadow is perfect for a vivid look at a spring festival in late spring. Not only are the names mystical, but also the shades themselves, with each combination adding to an enchanting, dreamy vibe – very relevant to a delicate spring day. Also, this palette pre-eminently includes rose quartz for ‘added love energy’ – according to Too Faced – and even a scent of citrus: exciting, promising and just simply amazing. Each colour is true to Too Faced’s unique, pretty style and the pigmentation of the shadows means that there is great colour dénouement.  

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