WELLNESS: Omm Yoga Studio Paris

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WELLNESS: Omm Yoga Studio Paris

Omm Yoga Studio in Paris provides both yoga and pilates, with an emphasis on being a place that is open to everyone regardless of ability.

There was a bustling hive of activity before the 6.45pm class at Omm Studios, which is snuggled within a cobblestoned gated complex close to the Place des Vosges in Paris’ Le Marais district. With a large yoga room inspired by the Scandinavian style with a wooden floor and expansive glass roof, this is a place where you can come to breathe, move and re-connect with yourself. 

The Studio’s Ethos:

Omm provides both yoga and pilates, with an emphasis on being a place that is open to everyone regardless of ability. You can leave the ego at the door, as at Omm the focus is on discovering and softly reconnecting with yourself without fixating on results or performance. 

Varied yoga styles are guided at Omm Studios including vinyasa, jivamukti, kundalini and yin. In addition, both reformer and mat-based pilates are offered. 

The Yoga Class

The yoga class was led by Benoit Piernot, a professional ballet dancer and certified yoga instructor who clearly has a regular tribe of yogi’s who enjoy his classes judging by the energy and number of people in the class. I can see why, for Benoit’s class was swift, explorative and juicy. 

Flowing through the vinyasa sequence set to classical music, the studio heated up through the collective movement, and there was a real sense of change happening both physically and mentally. Benoit’s energy and passion were magnetic; fuelling and guiding the class in a way that encouraged you to bring your very best self to the surface. 

An active teacher, providing hands-on assists where and when needed, demonstrating asanas and moving about the room. Benoit pays special attention to posture, he is interested in the Alexander Technique, so correct alignment is key as is the importance of pranayama (breathing.)

The class was conducted in both French and English, making it easier to follow the asanas and alignment cues if you are not a fluent French speaker. 


Omm Studios has great energy and vibe, and it is clearly a popular choice for locals. Benoit’s class leaves you with a euphoric post-yoga glow inside and out in a way that only a strong, well-led vinyasa flow can. 

For more information and bookings https://ommstudio.fr

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