Benefits of Meditation

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WELLNESS: 5 Om-azing Benefits of Meditation

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With the many benefits of meditation, will 2019 be the year when you will give it a go?

Meditation is growing in popularity and there are several meditation retreats popping up. So, what are the benefits of mediation? Well, firstly to experience the benefits of meditation, regular practice is necessary. It takes only a few minutes every day. And here are just a few of the benefits:

1.Reduces Stress

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. We get shoved on the escalators. Honked on the road. And elbowed in the shops. We stress over the little things when should be focusing on the moment at hand. That’s how meditation can help. By learning to focus on just one thing – like our breathing for example – we can relax and make the most of now. 

2. Controls Anxiety

As well as reducing stress, meditation can also help us control our anxiety levels. By learning to filter our thoughts we can bin negativity and become more positive in our outlook. Instead of thinking about the potential pitfalls of the future – such as looming deadlines, tonight’s dinner or even an upcoming date – meditation helps us fully experience and enjoy the moment at hand. 

3. Enhances Self-Awareness

Ever listened to someone talking and realised you haven’t taken in a single word? Or sat and read a book without actually digesting anything at all? Well, you’re not alone. Apparently, according to meditation experts, it’s not because we’re bored, it’s because we’re not being ‘mindful’- we’re not self-aware. It’s why we speak without saying much and eat when we’re not hungry. Meditation boosts mindfulness. 

4. Develops Your Attention Span

In this crazy age of social media ‘likes’ and instant gratification, most of us have developed an attention span that resembles a ping pong ball – erratically bouncing here, there and everywhere. How often do we actually sit still, quietly, and contemplate the events of our day? Meditating is a bit like a strength exercise. The more we do it, the stronger our attention span becomes. 

5. Improves Sleep

Remember the scary monster who hid under our bed as a child? Unfortunately, grown-ups have a scary monster, too. It’s a big ugly thing called insomnia. A busy mind can keep us awake throughout the night. And that can affect the way we behave during the day – an irritable, sleepy head at work isn’t much fun or particularly useful to anyone. Meditating before bedtime can help us get some well-earned shut-eye after a long day.

You Can Meditate Anywhere!

One of the best things about most forms of mediation is that it doesn’t require any specialised equipment or loads of space. All we need is a bit of time. Perhaps put a few moments aside before cooking the evening meal? Or maybe you can meditate while you’re soaking up the bubbles in the bath? All you need to chill out is a quiet, relaxing spot. And if you’re struggling to find one, the great news is that LUX NOMADE know of some wonderful retreats specifically designed to help you meditate. 

You can check them out here

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Sophia Christodoulou


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