The Best Diffusers for your Home-Office to lift the energy

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The Best Diffusers for your Home-Office

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The Best Diffusers for your Home-Office

I’m sure this is not the first time you’re hearing about home-diffusers, right? With the world taking an unexpected step on the whole working from home scenario since the mid-last year the raise on creating a WFH set up that is not the centre of stress and anxiety might seem a little bit out of the picture. 

That’s when home-diffusers take the stand and self-care is all around us, this “newbie” on the office will not only leave every corner smelling beautifully fresh but also will help your full-of-thoughts mind on keeping it simple and just be in peace with daily stressors. Work from home routine can be frustrating and disappointing, especially for several years in a row. However, If you consider working remotely with proficiency in Romanian, you can look for іsuch positions at job-searching websites as Jooble.

So, how do Diffusers work?

These wellness gadgets are a cure for any mood and need, I’ll get into that later on. But for now, let’s learn a little bit about essential oils and how to choose the best ones for you at a certain moment.

In case you didn’t know a diffuser, require only some water and a few drops of your favourite blend to turn your home or office into a stress-relieving oasis. Quoting Pat-Princi-Jones in her book A Scented Life, essential oils are pure, concentrated liquids extracted from flowers, herbs and plants. These aromatic gems are stored in different parts of certain plants. And because of the composition of each one of these no two essential oils are the same, boasting unique properties. Is crazy what essential oils can do for yourself, from strengthen the mind, heal the body or nourish the soul you just need to find the right for you at that very moment. 

You might be a scent connoisseur and know exactly what kinds of scent do you enjoy being around but in case you are not, with the help of a few trial and error essays you’ll soon find the perfect matches for you, in my case for example I love that woody note of sandalwood but also enjoy zesty and fresh fragrances with mandarin or lemon notes, not to mention my obsession with all things sweet aka vanilla. 

The Best Diffusers for your Home-Office
In essence Midnight Home Diffuser $59.95

Which one is the best diffuser for you?

First things first, there are different types of diffusers on the market so before you get nuts on the internet looking endlessly for the appropriate option for your home, let me categorise them for you.

These are the 4 most typical methods on the market: Nebulizing, Ultrasonic, Evaporative and Heat.


This type of diffusers doesn’t need either water or heat as it works by using pressurized air and oil, with a nebuliser gadget the diffusion will disperse the whole oil in tiny droplets without altering its condition in any form, therefore you’ll be getting the most out of your selected oils.


This is one of the most common types on the market, with the difference that they need the power of water and electronic frequencies to work with and will be then resulting in a mist that will flow through your whole room. As the oil will be diluted with water and therefore losing some of the essential oils effectiveness this type of diffuser is best to use in small rooms.


The third type of diffusers use airflow to spread the scent into your room with the help of an internal fan. Air is filtered and oils will get to you in fractions which might disrupt therapeutic qualities when mixing different oils, just be mindful that they might be louder than other types due to the fan itself.


As the name suggests, this type of diffusers work in the same way as the evaporative ones with the only difference that they use the energy of heating instead of a fan. The best ones in this category will be those that use lower levels of heat keeping things subtle as those using higher levels of heat might release a more intense scent but destroying the oil properties of its process.

Now that you know how a diffuser work it’s time to experiment and here’s a list with some easy-to-blend formulas with the approval of expert Pat-Princi-Jones.

The Best Diffusers for your Home-Office
In Essence Bergamot Pure Essential Oil $34.95

The Lux-Nomade Cheat Sheet To DIY The Perfect Essential Scent

As I mentioned before, there are so many good reasons to add essential oils into your home-office environment and here are some ideas for you to try at home and experiment on your own.


Basil is an instant awakening and mixed with peppermint, lemon and cypress can ease mental fatigue and improve concentration.


Ginger is a powerful energy booster that mixed with juniper berry, cypress and lemongrass will definitely support any burnout symptoms you might be feeling.


Pine will fuel you anytime you are in need of making a decision, and combined with eucalyptus, peppermint, cardamom and sweet orange will provide you with a great sense of purpose when getting on board with new projects. 


Try starting out your day with a sense of renewed energy and don’t let the effect of daily stressors come in your way, mixing bergamot, grapefruit, lime and peppermint.


When you are feeling like your stomach is in knots grab some bergamot and petitgrain to diffuse it will help ease your nervous system.

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Belen Arce 
Belen is Lux Nomade's Beauty Editor who weekly lists the best beauty buys to add to your shopping cart in the LUX LIST. She is aslo a freelance writer and social media guru that enjoys her detox drink in the morning and drinks matcha in the afternoon. When she’s not writing Belen loves to meditate, get some sun and check in with her family, oh don’t forget her social media craziness, that’s it, probably a unique digital early adopter.


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