SPA NEWS: Awaken your 'Misneach' at Adare Manor, Ireland

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Receive the ultimate pampering at La Mer Spa at Adare Manor, Ireland

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Enjoy the ‘Awaken Your Misneach’ treatment at the La Mer Spa at Adare Manor in Ireland.

Sitting within the heart of the Manor overlooking River Maigue, lies UK/Ireland’s first and only La Mer spa and one of only 11 in the world. The Spa at Adare Manor offers a bespoke treatment menu inspired by the sea to rejuvenate the mind, body and skin. Along with a selection of treatments, guests will discover La Mer’s most luxurious treatment, The Miracle Broth Facial. The spa philosophy is inspired by the ancient Celtic Wisdom and its Ogham alphabet. The Ogham, a sacred Druidic alphabet, contained many secrets and forms a seasonal calendar of tree magic. Each symbol corresponds to a tree and has a spiritual meaning, medicinal and magical powers. Trees held a profound position in Celtic mythology and folklore, and remain powerful symbols of our connection to the earth.

Adare Manor’s new signature ‘misneach’ treatment has been created around the principle and meaning of the number seven. Adare Manor has seven stone pillars of strength supporting and holding the structure of the building. In universal numbers, the number seven is a highly spiritual number. It represents intuition, mysticism, inner wisdom and even recognises that you are about to have a spiritual awakening that will lead you to your divine goal and purpose. There are also seven points that we target in this treatment as well as awakening and realigning the seven Chakras in the body.

‘Misneach’ Inner Strenght Massage (80 minutes) 140 EUR

Set time aside to awaken your misneach – the Irish word for your inner strength. With a highly specialised massage centred around various mindfulness, breathing and visualisation techniques, our skilled therapists will help align your body and soul, resulting in clarity of the mind. Drawing on the mystic grounds at Adare Manor, the massage uses mythical Celtic Ogham Stones – infused with energy from a multi-award-winning Irish intuitive specialist. In addition, the treatment employs Eastern Philosophies including Ayurvedic and Chakra reflex points to harmonise your body, revitalise energies, and promote ultimate vitality whilst igniting your strength from within this full body experience.

Eco-Psychology Forest Walk (20 minutes)

The second part of the treatment consists of the Eco-Psychology Forest Walk to be completed in guest’s own time.

For the second part of the Awaken you Misneach treatment, explore the beautiful and mystical grounds of Adare Manor’s fairy forest to invigorate the inner senses. This specially curated walk through the property is designed to absorb the healing and nurturing wonders of the Irish parkland. The trail allows the mind, body and soul to be cocooned by the enchanting forest which promotes physical and emotional healing and allows the mind to achieve clarity. The journey consists of seven points of reflection clearly marked that also represent the seven pillars of strength that are the core ethos of Adare Manor. Each stop along the way invites one to take time to connect with the pristine parkland of the Manor, absorbing natures medicinal and magical powers, creating a sense of harmony.

Adare Manor

Adare, Co. Limerick, V94 W8WR, Ireland
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