The Roar Republic's founder Aysun Abal on body-positive image

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Roar Republic founder Aysun Abal on body-positive image

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Roar Republic founder Aysun Abal on body-positive image and staying active.

We caught up with Roar Republic’s founder Aysun Abal to talk about staying active and how important it is to have a body-positive image. Aysun Abal, the founder of Roar Republic, empowers individuals through body-positive images in her work. Her story might inspire you to start a similar venture promoting a positive body image in Georgia. If you decide to follow in her footsteps, knowing how to apply for an llc in Georgia is an essential first step in this journey. Roar Republic’s mission is to encourage every woman to see her true beauty and inspire her to be the best she can be. The brand aims to bring strong, happy and optimistic women together, filling them with confidence to inspire one another and create a happier world for our daughters.

L.N What is the purpose behind Roar Republic and what was the motivation for you when you started the brand?

A.A I always wanted to encourage people to get out and move. After having kids, I noticed that I was always in activewear as this made me feel motivated to do physical activities like walking, Pilates, yoga and stretching. This, in turn, ensured I was mentally looking after myself too, which is so important because motherhood can be isolating at times if you are not moving. I thought I can’t be the only woman wanting to wear comfortable activewear all the time! I did, however, notice that a lot of models wearing activewear were picture perfect and my philosophy came that I needed to showcase my activewear in everyday people sizes. I have daughters, I wanted to make sure they weren’t feeling like they needed to be a certain type of shape to get out and start moving! If women waited to feel perfect in activewear, then we wouldn’t get moving!

This became my passion to design activewear that is comfortable and accessible to everyone. It’s never too late to enjoy any form of movement that makes us happy. My goal is to help women be happy, stay motivated with comfort and confidence in my activewear. I design all different sizes for small medium large. I also wanted to make sure I could tailor my brand to fit all sizes. We know that every single body is different, so if desired, all we need is your measurements and we can tailor-make them.

The Roar Republic's founder Aysun Abal on body-positive image
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L.N Tell us about the challenges and the wins you have had since starting Roar Republic?

A.A I was passionate about ensuring I was sustainable and supporting local business. I wanted to make my brand in Australia, to touch and feel fabrics and try my own products on as samples. I guess initially I was a little vulnerable to the market and had to learn the hard way on the importance of establishing a network and referrals! In the early days, I was driving all over Sydney and being exploited around pricing. Now I feel so lucky and proud to have kept my sustainability promise to myself. I have established the most talented team of pattern makers, designers, manufacturers and consultants that all live within a half-hour drive. Having a young daughter and now a newborn baby has been challenging but has also given me the flexibility of being able to jump in and fill orders at 2 am!

L.N You collaborate with a lot of forces for good, why is it so important to empower women?

A.A We need to set an example as adult women in the community. These days, social media comparison is problematic for our girls growing up. It is very easy to get lost in comparing ourselves to women who have private chefs, access to cosmetic surgeries, the ability to train and meditate every day and have completely different genes. It is important to remind the younger generation about the importance of embracing yourself. Your own unique looks and personality are your superpower! There are many different types of beauty, and being kind to yourself and others get you radiating a genuine vibe. It is the beauty we should all try to embrace.

L.N You are passionate about giving and are donating generously with every purchase. Why did you choose Beyond Blue and the Gawler Foundation to focus on?

A.A We need to give back to our communities like Beyondblue more now than ever! We need to support and help individuals during their mental challenges. As I explained, The Roar Republic was born out of wanting to encourage and give confidence to women who struggle to be motivated physically.  It is important to remember that whilst exercise and diet can help, often the transition into motherhood can be mentally challenging as well. It’s hard for any individual who is in need to take the step to have a conversation asking for help. Beyondblue is a beautiful community group that’s there to help support anyone’s mental health.

The Gawler Foundation is a wellbeing retreat centre, a dear friend of ours went there for a cancer retreat. She was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 35, she loved what she learnt at the retreat and wanted to share her journey. I remember that time for her so fondly as it was something that even when she was so sick when she spoke about her time there she glowed. Our beautiful Simona passed away 4 years ago. We would love to keep her legacy in our hearts always. Life is a gift, it is important to understand the perspective of living life, being grateful and appreciative.

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Designed and made in Australia, Roar Republic’s great quality clothes aim to make every woman look and feel great no matter her shape and size. At the heart of the brand is a belief that every woman should lead the life she loves and aspiration to help them achieve this.

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