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Raw Detox Programme: My 21-day challenge to combat low mood and anxiety

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Raw Detox Programme: My 21-day challenge to combat low mood and anxiety.

Most of my life, my weight just wasn’t something I talked about, worried about, or obsessed over. In my late twenties, I lost my father suddenly and within the year that followed, I gained 23 kilos.

While I did return to my normal weight over the next ten years, I gained weight in periods of emotional stress. This was always followed by a victorious bounce back, a few months later, falling in love with some kind of 30-day challenge.

This year, when the world found itself in isolation, I quickly found myself eating my chocolate flavoured feelings. The stress I experienced, (usual kid wrangling plus remote learning, job prospects and finances etc) seemed to take urgent precedence over my long term health goals. It was a slippery slope I had identified many times before.

Thankfully, I bumped into a Wellness Specialist on one of our family’s skateboarding adventures in the middle of the day.  Anthony was not a stranger, he was a Dad at our school and my son’s favourite soccer coach. The conversation we had at the park, briefly discussing how I was feeling, of course, while social distancing, was one I am so glad I had.

Raw Detox Programme
A day on a plate in the 21-day meal delivery program

21-day meal delivery program

I learned about a raw detox,  a 21-day meal delivery program that a few of his previous clients had some really amazing results with. I became enthusiastic about the thought of actually rewarding my body with a natural fresh combination of raw plant-based produce.

The detox meal plan aimed to assist and restore health, re-energise, reboot, and lose weight. Along with anything that was processed, it involved eliminating meat, alcohol, and caffeine. Arriving every couple of days, all meals were colourful, fresh bunches of nutrients waiting to be devoured.

I definitely had initial cravings for coffee, chocolate (and a huge slab of bread with butter), though once I reached the halfway mark, those cravings disappeared. I was rewarded with a sense of achievement and personal power that I wasn’t expecting.

Raw Detox Programme Result

Whilst I did lose 6 kilos, the unexpected take away from this little experience for me, was how much clearer and happier I felt. I seemed to be able to tackle most things that came my way each day with a calm and steady frame of mind. I was drinking 3 cups of coffee per day prior, and whilst I admit I have gone back to drinking coffee, it is purely one cup a day rule for me now.

It has been about 4 weeks since I completed the 21-day challenge and whilst I am enjoying any foods I feel like now, there is a difference. There is a visceral need from my body to enjoy lots of fresh colourful produce. I crave and ensure my plate is full of vegetables and that I enjoy some fruit every day.

From my experience, I really feel that a diet high in phytonutrient-rich plant foods is good for me. I can feel a difference in my body from all the anti-inflammatory properties in the foods I eat a lot more of now. Whilst some people thought I was crazy for imposing a strict regime on myself during isolation, (and it did feel that way at times) I am so much better for doing it.

The wellness specialist who organised the detox for me is Anthony Harcher, from me and My wellness, you can find him http://meandmywellness.com.au

Sally Matheson


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