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Health and Fitness Holidays: 7 Post-Lockdown Trips to Start Planning

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Health and Fitness Holidays: 7 Post-Lockdown Trips to Start Planning.

With the global pandemic highlighting the need to prioritise our mental and physical health, there has never been a better time to start planning post-lockdown health and fitness holidays. During our extended time at home, we’ve seen the importance of daily healthy routines, like regular exercise, a healthy balanced diet and frequent downtime and relaxation, to maintain good mental health. Health and Fitness Travel, wellness holiday specialists are now seeing an increase in new bookings for clients who are keen to get away to focus on improving and maintaining their health and fitness which is why health and fitness holidays are booming.

From building your immunity in sunny Spain to sailing the seas off Montenegro and discovering and deepening your physical and mental resilience on the beaches of Thailand, these health and fitness holidays have everything you need to rest and recharge after these difficult few months.

Samantha Lippiatt, Co-Founder of Health and Fitness Travel says: “Our clients are actively seeking ways to enhance their health and wellbeing. We have seen an increase in new guests’ bookings for travel into 2021. During the lockdown, the importance of diet, fitness and health practices has become clear and reflects the priorities of those booking, both return and first-time wellness travellers.”

Here are 10 of the best post-lockdown trips for the perfect health and fitness holidays to strengthen the immune system, clear the mind and increase overall wellbeing.

Health and Fitness Holidays

Get Back to Nature: Updated Program Revive & Thrive at Aro Ha Wellness Retreat, New Zealand

Get ready to nourish yourself in nature close to home, as soon as the Trans-Tasman bubble is open. The team at Aro Ha in New Zealand have optimised their multi-award-winning program for our new world. Deepen your breath, strengthen your immune system, calm the nervous system, and remember what it is like to delight in the rising sun. Days will harness the power of nature, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, functional movement, and other research-based best practices. All ages, moods, and fitness levels are welcome.

Health and Fitness Holidays

Go Deeper: NEW Program Immunity & Resilience Program at Kamalaya, Thailand

Throughout the pandemic, many of us experienced increasing levels of stress, anxiety, insecurity, and feelings of a lack of control. This new program at Kamalaya in Koh Samui is designed to help combat these feelings with not only robust physical health but also the resilience of heart and mind. Receive personalised testing and support to bolster your immune system while mindfulness training and personal meditation help you to establish deep inner equilibrium and develop the tools to face life with confidence and adaptability.

 Health and Fitness Holidays

Reboot and Revitalise: NEW Program at SHA Wellness Clinic Rebalance & Immunity, Spain

Continuing the focus on the inner self, this new program actively encourages you to disconnect from the outside world whilst promoting the restoration of general health. Incorporating the best of holistic and scientific medicine, this program targets the recovery and stimulation of the body’s natural defence system, ensuring you stay strong and healthy. You will leave feeling revitalised, with a restored immune system and the tools to continue these healthy habits upon your return home.

Health and Fitness Holidays

Boost Emotional Wellbeing: Escape Ritual Space Retreat, Bali

If lockdown has made you want to step outside of every day and discover the limitless possibilities of the universe, the Space Retreat at Escape Ritual can help you do just that. Explore your spiritual side through healing experiences, horoscope, palm, and tarot readings. Deepen your exploration of movement in space through yoga classes and guided meditation sessions, designed to help you uncover the space in and outside the body. Go in with an open mind and uncover the endless opportunities that await you!


Doctor: Longevity Health & Wellness, Portugal

With panoramic views of the sweeping golden beaches and towering mountains that surround, Longevity is the perfect place to rebalance and regenerate. Beginning with a unique holistic health check, you will be expertly guided through a range of medical and spa treatments designed to bring you back to optimum health. You will return home with a renewed sense of vitality, assured in the knowledge that you have been restored to full health after a stressful and anxious few months. 

Sleep on it: Santani Wellness Resort & Spa Sleep, Sri Lanka

If you’ve been struggling to maintain a regular sleeping pattern during the lockdown, then why not try Santani’s Sleep program, specifically designed to enhance your sleep quality. Set in the rolling green hills of Sri Lanka, there is no better place to find peace and tranquillity. Indulge in relaxation therapies, meditation and Hatha yoga that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Perfect for those who have felt the anxiety induced by lockdown, this program aims to relieve stresses, resulting in a better night’s sleep.

Get Fit in the Sun: The Fit Retreat, Fuerteventura

The perfect balance of glorious sunshine and intense workouts, The Fit Retreat in Fuerteventura caters to all your wellness holiday needs. With workouts, tasty nutrition, fun activities and relaxation, the retreat offers endless opportunities to make the most of your time on the island. With so much to do, one thing is for certain: you will never be bored! End your days watching the orange hue of the sunset over the volcano during strength and flexibility focused yoga class.

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