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Candice Warner Shares Her Wellness Tips To Make 2023 Your Best Yet

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Candice Warner Shares Her Wellness Tips To Make 2023 Your Best Yet

The dawn of a new year is here, which often means so too are a flock of resolutions to help cultivate a little more wellness into your life. A time for renewal and recalibration; when it comes to embracing a little self-transformation, it turns out a little can go a long way.

According to Candice Warner, champion iron woman, busy mum, one-half of our nation’s most famous sporting couple and newly appointed ambassador for the premium, multifunctional body and beauty tonic, Wednesday Cleanse Day, instead of focusing on what you lack, you should use this time as an opportunity to take stock of the rituals that have supported you and consider how they can be integrated further to your life, leaving behind any habits that no longer serve you.

Here Candice shares her tips on how to take charge of your well-being for the year ahead and feel good doing it.

Establish a morning routine that you can stick to

Establish A Morning Routine That You Can Stick To
I’m a firm believer that how you start your day is a huge reflection of how you tend to live. Establishing a morning routine that works for your lifestyle not only sets you up for success but enables you to check-in and understand how you’re feeling in the body and mind. For me – with three little girls – my mornings can often get quite chaotic with getting everyone fed and ready for school, so I make the commitment to ensure I have my me-time in the morning and am out of bed an hour before the mum duties start. My morning solitude is to sit and plan my day, practice a little mindfulness and move my body.

Practice Asking For Help When You Need It
Asking for help can be one of the single most positive things you can do for your health and happiness. It’s a badge of strength, enabling you to get through the times when things feel overwhelming. There has been such a huge cultural shift over the past few years as we continue normalising the conversation around mental health, which is so important – as soon as you realise you’re struggling with managing the juggle of life – which happens to everyone – start talking about it!

Make A Commitment To Exercise
As a former athlete, I view exercise as an essential part of any healthy daily routine. Find an activity that you love and aim for at least 30 minutes each day. Whether it’s walking, running, taking a Pilates class or lifting weights – regular exercise helps manage your cortisol levels, boosts your mood, energy levels and confidence. My tip is to choose exercise that makes you feel good, mix it up and listen to your body – we aren’t machines, so what feels good on one day, might not feel great the next. Get creative and enjoy yourself!

Candice Warner

Incorporate Wellness Tonics Or Supplements
Life gets busy and sometimes it can be hard to make sure you’re getting in the right nutrients. Introducing the right wellness supplements or tonics to your day is an easy way to support your body from the inside out, which is why I love Wednesday Cleanse Day. The delicious single-serve tonics are packed with superfood ingredients like Prebiotics, Collagen Peptides, Siberian Ginseng, Green Tea, Aloe Vera and more – all I need to do is add it to water and go. Offering a spectrum of benefits for radiant skin, improved gut health and overall wellbeing – it’s a seamless way to empower me to make the most out of each day… and it tastes amazing!

Implement A Digital Detox Day
It’s no secret we’re living in a digital world with social media and the lines between work and home life becoming increasingly blurred. We’re all guilty of spending too much time on our devices at times, which is precisely why reclaiming a phone-life balance is something to consider. This doesn’t mean going cold turkey, it’s just about setting some boundaries and being mindful. Without proper downtime, it’s easy to feel constantly in overdrive. For me, a few days a week I have a digital sunset where my device is put down in the evening.

Understand Food More
There are countless buzzwords and crazy diets out there, but for me, the process of preparing meals and knowing how the food fuels my body (and my kid’s bodies), is not just about ensuring we’re eating right, but is a means of connectivity and spending time together. I believe that by making it a habit to cook more, you create intention, purpose, and something to look forward to. Plus, it makes dinner parties and entertaining more enjoyable.

Remember You Can’t Control Everything – So Breathe & Laugh
It’s a brutal truth in life, but we cannot control many things; it can get messy and hectic, and that is absolutely normal. For me, finding stress relievers – like meditation and breathwork – allows me to redirect energy and rebalance. Having a few healthy mantras up my sleeve is also something that helps me remain mentally strong – and if all else fails, find the humour in it and laugh.

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