The Best Wellness Apps to download this year for a healthy new you

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The Best Wellness Apps worth downloading in 2021

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These are the best wellness apps we’ve been downloading this year so far and here’s why…

Apps play a huge role in our day to day lives. They have made life generally easier and more convenient for people. Besides gaming apps, the market for wellness apps is fully penetrated- making it hard to tell which ones are the real deal and which are flashes in the pan. The most vital factor that contributes to an app’s success in this day and age is how convenient and accessible it is. If an app is not easy to use and implement in our daily lives, it’s pretty much a dead end. Here are Lux Nomade’s must-have wellness apps this year.

wellness apps


Exhale is the first emotional wellbeing app for and by black, indigenous women of colour (BIPOC).

The app inspires self-care, mindfulness and rest through content curated by BIWOC – including meditations, coaching talks, affirmations, guided visualisations and breath work.

For more information visit


HealthyMinds Program App

HealthyMinds Program App

The HealthyMinds Program App teaches you how the mind can be trained to be more focused, calm, and resilient through meditation training. It’s available for anyone to use as a day-to-day tool navigating life in school, the workplace, or even relationships with friends, family or significant others. In the App, you can choose from traditional sitting meditations or active on-the-go meditations when you’re walking, taking the subway, or even driving – plus you can choose how much time you have, from 5 – 30 minutes.

For more information visit

The Best Wellness Apps to download this year


One of Australia’s newest fitness apps, Redux Definition has over 50 home workouts to choose from that are meticulously designed to encourage mindful movement and proper technique.  They are expertly instructed from leading UK trainer, Naz de Bono and no equipment is needed.  There are classes across boxing, kick, stretch, cardio and sculpt.  There is also the offer of nutrition support, lots of yummy recipes to choose from and you can connect directly with Naz and a community of likeminded people – all for FREE and all for an unlimited period.

REDUX has just today announced that all of their fitness programs will now be free for the foreseeable future – no one pays whilst in lockdown and the paywall has now been completely removed.  So everyone can access anything on the app, whenever they want to, to stay fit, healthy and happy during these challenging times.

For more information visit

The Best Wellness Apps


We can get food, workouts, movies, and music anytime at a click of a button, so why not therapy as well? BetterHelp makes getting the help you need easy and accessible. With just one download and a few clicks, you can be matched with a mental health provider that can work with you via text, phone call or video chat. You are typically matched with a provider within 24 hours of signing up. All of this is based on what is most convenient for you. Since session can be done remotely, this gives clients more options and provides a much wider reach. While this may seem too good to be true, the app is HIPPA compliant and all the providers are certified and have at least 3 years of hands-on experience in their respective fields. This app has changed the way people seek therapy. By making it simple, affordable and convenient, taking care of your mental health and wellbeing has never been easier.

Download from Google Play here and the Apple Store here. Typically $40-$70 per week, billed monthly via credit card or PayPal.

The Best Wellness Apps

Deliciously Ella by Eleanor Woodward

Deliciously Ella is a brand familiar to pretty much anyone who has an interest in food & health. Eleanor “Ella” Woodward’s healthy brand culminated first as a blog to share her culinary adventures after struggling with an array of health issues. What started as a personal diary soon blossomed into a go-to for nutritious and delicious plant-based meals. With increasing environmental awareness and growing demand for meat-free meals, the app is a godsend for hardcore and burgeoning foodies. The app is beautifully designed with both aesthetics and function in mind. Not only does it have step-by-step recipes but also has added extras like yoga videos and wellness podcasts. Whether you are 1) a long-time vegan looking for new recipes 2) health-conscious millennials looking to get a start on the plant-based lifestyle 3) just someone who wants to have yummy, healthy options once or twice a week, this app is well worth the download.

Download for Apple iPhone products here

1-week free trial then $0.99 per month with new content each week 

The Best Wellness Apps

MyFitnessPal by UnderArmour

MyFitnessPal can be thought of as the perfect sidekick to your go-to exercise app by making tracking your food intake simple and easy. The app allows you to track your micro and macro intake for your daily calorie count. This is oftentimes vital for people trying to lose weight or maintain their weight over time. In the app, you’re able to also set fitness goals and build a timeline for weight loss based on your current food and exercise intake. If you are you a person who enjoys eating out, there is also a feature where you can search restaurants up and see a calorie breakdown for the menu. No more going out to a nice restaurant and realising you can only eat the kale salad (still delicious though)! The app’s food database is also incredibly substantial, having more than 18 millions foods and meals logged to make food tracking as simple and accurate as possible. There is a premium subscription you can pay for that has additional tools and customisation for the user, but the standard free version is more than sufficient as well. While this app has been around for a minute, it’s consistent popularity and simple design makes it a must-have for 2019.

Download from Google Play here and the Apple store here. Price: Free

Premium: The premium service will cost $9.99 a month or $49.99 a year 

The Best Wellness Apps

Tone and Sculpt by Krissy Cela

Krissy Cela’s highly anticipated Tone and Sculpt app could have either been a hit or a miss in an already saturated market this year. UK-based, law-educated Krissy Cela has 1.7M followers on Instagram for a good reason. She’s built her brand off realistic and accessible workouts and real-life snippets- a breath of fresh air for the workout-community. The app has realistic and diverse workouts. With workouts tailored to quick at-home workouts or gym-weightlifting, the app is attractive to anyone from dedicated gym rats to busy students wanting to squeeze in a quick workout. Each workout also comes with a video demonstrating the proper form to complete the exercise safely- a major plus for beginners. In addition to the workouts, there are also meal plans and a progress photo section. The app’s rapid success speaks for itself- earning a definite spot on this list.

Download from Google Play here and the Apple Store here. Get a 7 day free trial for free. After that, pay monthly for

$17.75 and save money by committing to longer periods. 

Lux Nomade

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

With millions of users in more than 190 countries, Headspace has made meditation easy to do anytime and anywhere. Andy Puddicombe wanted to share his guided meditation techniques to a wide audience, first hosting medication events with the help of Rich Pierson. After the demand to take home Andy’s techniques soared, the Headspace app was born. The app offers guided meditation and other resources to help improve “health and happiness.” It is especially known for the distinct animation style of the videos and app. The app also has a beginner meditation course, making it simple to get started for newcomers. While the app is free, it does offer affordable rates, including an incredibly generous student plan at $9.99 a year. It also has a family plan at $19.99 a month, allowing you to have six accounts on the plan. With summer drawing to a close, school and work will be picking up-if not already- making this download a must-try.

Download from Google Play here and the Apple Store here.

$12.99 a month or $7.99 a month (annual payment)

Check out or top wellness books right now.

Elsa Hammarskiold
Current student at Kings College London studying a BSc in Political Economy with experience in business development, consultancy, event management and volunteering.


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