Pomona’s Restaurant & Bar welcomes Chef Ruth Hansom

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Pomona’s Restaurant & Bar welcomes Chef Ruth Hansom: Why you should visit.

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Why Pomona’s Restaurant & Bar in Notting Hill with new Head Chef, a lush outdoor garden and a mouthwatering new menu, is the perfect summer hangout.

Atmosphere & Venue

If you’re looking for something to do this summer (commonly translated as somewhere to eat and/or drink), look no further than Pomona’s Restaurant and bar based in Notting Hill. With a new British menu by Chef Ruth Hansom and décor that screams summer time, you are sure to be in for a treat.  

The restaurant has a delightfully soothing atmosphere, with perfectly dimmed lighting and plenty of space that makes it perfect for a summer evening. Upon walking into the venue, you will feel at ease and in the mood to relax. The outstanding service provided by the waiting staff acts the perfect accompaniment to this relaxing atmosphere. Expect smiling faces and staff that are more than willing to be of service to you.  

The outdoor garden area is also perfect for the summertime, with turquoise blue cushions to sink into and a pergola overtop adorned with leaves and fairy lights. The lushness that exudes from the garden is no surprise seeing that “Pomona” is the Roman goddess of fruit trees, gardens and orchards. This outdoor area, open from 9 am throughout the week, is one of the restaurant’s standout features and makes for the perfect location for that after-work drinks catch-up session or that well-deserved weekend get-together. It serves as a beautiful retreat from the hubbub of the city. 

Smith’s Smokery Eel

Food & Drinks

If you’re looking for quality wine and exemplary cocktails, Pomona’s restaurant and bar should be at the top of your list. The bar menu is curated by award-winning bartenders whose expertise is revealed in the extensive list of wines and spirits. The cocktail bar is sleek and elegant and definitely the place to sit down, relax, and enjoy a drink on a warm summer’s afternoon or evening. 

With the arrival of Ruth Hansom (previous winner of Young National Chef of the Year) as Pomona’s head chef, comes a menu which prides itself on serving both locally sourced and ethically produced cuisine.  Hansom’s pursuit of culinary ambitions began at the age of 16. She has since worked at the Ritz London and has been featured on the BBC Two’s Million Pound Menu. Ruth is undoubtedly talented and ambitious. This ambition is crystal clear in her menu, which offers extremely rich and diverse dishes that are inspired by the earth, the land and the sea.  Take for example the following dishes from the land: the ham hock and pig head terrine and the “Swaledale lamb rump with spring onions, wild garlic, English pea and morel”. The menu “from the sea” features dishes such as “Smiths smokery eel, Isle of Wight tomato, aubergine and tarragon”. The dishes are not only delicious but light and healthy, described by Hansom as being designed to inject “a twist into the traditional menus”.  

Last but not least, is the desert menu with offerings such as “Rosemary pannacotta, peach, almond and raspberry”- a delightfully creamy and sweet conclusion to a meal or “The Selection of British cheese, semi-dried grapes, fig chutney, celery and crackers” whose title does all the talking for it. 

Hansom’s menu launched on the 1st of May and will be provided all-day. 

Head Chef Ruth Hansom


Visit Pomona’s this summer if you want to experience an enriching and relaxing dining experience, where you not only get to enjoy great food, but all the atmosphere has to offer. Hansom’s menu is carefully crafted, and this shows not only in the quality of the food but with the things you don’t see the minute a dish is presented to you. Since its opening in 2016, Pomona’s has followed the ethos of sustainability when it comes to their produce.  Hansom continues along this path with her new menu which is locally sourced and ethically produced. 

You don’t want to miss out. 

Opening hours: Monday -Thursday: 9am-10pm  Friday-Saturday: 9am-10:30pm  Sunday: 9am-9pm

47 Hereford Road, London W2 5AH

Closest Station: Notting Hill Gate

For more information and bookings  https://www.pomonas.co.uk/ +44 20 7229 1503

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