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Our picks for the prettiest summer destinations in the UK

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Our picks for the prettiest summer destinations in the UK

As we all start to gear up for the approaching summer months it’s the ideal time to work on planning your next getaway. But where in the UK might you head for your summer holidays?

Everyone has different criteria for choosing their holiday destination, whether it’s distance, amenities, local activities, or the scenery itself. But today we’re going to look at some of the prettiest potential destinations around the UK, from picture-perfect villages to awe-inspiring coastlines.

So, if you’ve still not decided where you’re going to go on your summer holidays in the UK, then read on for our picks of some of the prettiest options.

The Cotswolds

If you’re looking for somewhere that just screams classic English charm, then the Cotswolds are definitely for you. Sitting in the very heart of the country, this region is well-known for its idyllic villages, pretty cottages and rolling hillsides.

The summer is one of the best times to visit, with the landscape bursting to life with an array of vibrant wildflowers that make the perfect backdrop for some leisurely walks and countryside picnics.

The Scottish Highlands

For a much wilder kind of beauty, you need look no further than the Scottish Highlands. The remote and rugged region features stunning dramatic landscapes filled with towering mountains, ancient castles and mysterious lochs.

Those who want to add some extra mystery to their holiday should consider a trip to the famous Loch Ness in search of its iconic inhabitant. There’s also plenty of less reclusive wildlife to spot during the summer months, from majestic eagles to red deer. 

Or perhaps you could simply spend your time away exploring some of the historic castles dotted throughout the area. Beauty, history and tranquillity abound in the Highlands.


With so many beaches to choose from around its shores, it’s no surprise that Cornwall is such a beautiful place to visit. The contrast between golden sands, dark rocky shores, breaking waves, and rugged cliffs makes for gorgeous photo opportunities.

Away from its beaches, Cornwall has a wealth of pretty seaside towns and villages to choose from. The quintessential artist’s retreat of St Ives has wowed visitors for decades. Then you have the beautiful fishing village of Port Issac, made famous by the Fisherman’s Friends.

You’ll be spoilt for choice of pretty locations to visit or cosy cafes to while away an afternoon enjoying a Cornish cream tea in.

The Lake District

Moving back inland, the Lake District is a designated national park boasting some of the most breathtaking scenery in the UK. It’s a little less remote and windswept than the Highlands, but the area has impressive mountains and serene lakes of its own.

The greenery is in full force during the summer, bringing the lakeshores and towns to life. Whether you hike, amble or cycle through the landscapes, it’s a beautiful destination that makes spending time outdoors even more rewarding.

And if the temperatures start to feel a little too hot you can always take refuge by renting out a boat and paddling around one of the region’s titular lakes. 

The Isle of Wight

From its spot a few miles off the Hampshire coast, the Isle of Wight offers another bounty of seaside charm and rolling countryside landscapes. Between its pretty beaches and the vibrant chalk downs that make up much of the island’s interior, there’ll be no shortage of beautiful settings in which to spend your visit.

The town of Ventnor is a particular highlight, with the island’s microclimate helping an array of exotic plants to flourish in its botanical gardens. You can also find a lot of impressive Victorian architecture to admire, thanks to the isle’s historical popularity as a seaside retreat.

No matter where you go during the summer months in the UK, there is always plenty of natural beauty to be found. But when it comes to sheer prettiness, it’s hard to beat the picks we’ve listed here.



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