London's bridges with the most romantic night view

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London’s bridges with the most romantic night view

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate the most romantic day of the year together with your special one by taking them to one of these beautiful bridges.

Tower Bridge 

Historical and grand, with beautiful lighting, this bridge not only allows you to take a romantic evening walk but also is the perfect bridge for a romantic evening drive. With a bit of smooth music and gaze out into the starry night from the bridge or looking towards the bridge from the pier below – the infamous photo spot – Tower Bridge will only enhance the romantic mood to spend a charming evening/night with a loved one. 

Waterloo Bridge

Romance is in the air when you walk along this bridge at sunset/early evening time – there is the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral on the one side, and the infamous London Eye on the other. Including these two great monuments, there is a scenic panorama, explicit to London, which you can see whilst taking a stroll along this bridge. Just taking a slow walk, hand-in-hand with a loved one, not only means that this is a romantic route, but it is also a route of healing – looking out onto the horizon of the Thames at this time of day brings a fresh, peaceful feeling, a feeling of healing to start the next day anew. 

Westminster Bridge

Being one of the most infamous tourist spots in London, Westminster bridge looks out onto, and paves a route for, the Houses of Parliament and “Big Ben”. Looking down onto the Embankment pier at night from this bridge just captures the romantic atmosphere, enhanced by the soft, evening breeze of Spring/Summer and the resplendent buildings nearby.  

Millennium Bridge 

Just outside St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern, this bridge – officially known as the London Millennium Footbridge – is fittingly quite modern; it is different to most other bridges in London, due to its contemporary design and architecture.  However, there is always room for romance in the air, due to the charming and eye-catching, multi-coloured lighting surrounding the bridge at night. 

Albert Bridge 

One of the most spectacular bridges, uniquely-designed and brightly lit at night, with the most beautiful view, Albert Bridge is picturesque. The lovely, atmospheric lighting creates just the perfect romantic mood for a scenic night out with a loved one, sitting in one of the nearby restaurants and gazing out into the wonderful night. 

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