Ginza Onodera celebrates Sake in a series of exclusive five-course dinners

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Ginza Onodera celebrates Sake in a series of exclusive five-course dinners

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A  recent £2.5m makeover has seen Matsuri St James’s transform into Ginza Onodera. Located on Bury Street in a mesmerising basement this is where some of London’s best Japanese fine-dining dishes are being served. With 120 covers including three private rooms for sushi, Teppa-Yaki and robata grills, Ginza Onodera caters for both small and large groups.

The cooking style ‘Teppan-Yaki’ has an interesting history. After WWII Japan, who had traditionally been short of natural resources, was left with a large number of metal objects from the war. Geniously the Japanese started to use the spare scrap metal as ‘cooking metal sheets’ which would get up to 300 degrees. The new cooking trend quickly spread across Japanese street markets where meat, vegetables, fish and chicken were prepared on the new innovative cooking tops and the  ‘Teppan-Yaki’ style of cooking, as we know it today, was born.


Fast-forward 70 odd years and it’s not difficult to see why Teppan-Yaki has taken the Western world by storm. Not only is it mesmerising to watch the talented chefs flip, fry and prepare the delicious dishes in rocket speed. The best part is, of course, when you get to sink your teeth into the flavoursome food.

For those looking for an authentic Teppan-Yaki experience with all the trimmings, the recently refurbished Ginza Onodera, located on 15 Bury Street offers just that. Part of the world-renowned Onodera Group with restaurants in Tokyo’s Ginza district, Shanghai, Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York and Paris this London based fine-dining restaurant re-opened in March 2017.

Teppan-Yaki Masterclass

Part of Ginza Onodera’s new offerings is the Teppan-Yaki Masterclass. Taking place in one of the three private dining and cooking rooms (one is reserved for sushi-making) guests are able to fully immerse themselves in the Japanese cooking style.
The session starts off with a welcome drink followed by a seasonal zensai as a starter including black Kanpachi carpaccio, seared shime saba on a bed of boiled stem broccoli with ponzu jelly and scallop kobujime with wasabi dressing.

The talented chefs then start the cooking demonstration of Canadian lobster, egg fried rice and the world-famous Kobe beef. Whilst the seafood and meat sizzles on the 300 degree cooking top dinner guests can interact with the chefs who explains how each dish is prepared, which is down to the tiniest detail, nothing is left to chance!

For every dish, only the finest and freshest ingredients are being used. The Wasabi is grated from the Wasabi root by using a traditional grater made from shark skin and its mild and flavoursome taste is far from what you get from the supermarket.

The Kobe beef comes with its own identification number which traces the meat back to the specific farm where it has been produced. There is even a large Kobe beef statue on display in the middle of the restaurant demonstrating Ginza Onodera’s commitment to the quality of the meat served.

After enjoying the dishes it is the dinner guests turn to change into the cooking outfits and turn themselves into Teppan-Yaki chefs. With friendly guidance from both the Head Chef and Teppan Chef, the dishes are being recreated.

Fresh ingredients for the Teppan-Yaki master-class including shiitake mushrooms
Teppan Chef Marvin Gatus
Seasonal Zensai – three kinds
Lobster is being prepared Teppan-Yaki style
Canadian Lobster
Head Chef Ryosuke Kishi prepares wasabi
Kobe beef
Sparkling Sake
Sushi selection platter

The Masterclass finishes with a sushi selection platter (Tokyo style). This means very little soya sauce is being used. The sushi includes sea urchin, wagyu beef, red mullet and seaweed.

A refreshing sparkling Sake is served with the selection platter. Compared to traditional Sake the sparkling version is light, fresh and naturally sweet from the rice without any added sugar resembling a dry pear cider.

Sake Dinner Menu – 19th October 2017

On 19th October, Ginza Onodera will host the first in a series of exclusive five-course dinners in collaboration with World Sake Imports, perfectly pairing a curated range of signature dishes with a bold selection of rare premium sakes.

The dinner will celebrate the start of the traditional sake-making season, and allow diners to sample small batch sakes rarely seen in London. Premium sakes will include a selection of Tedorigawa sakes, made to the traditional Yamahai method, over a two weeks period in order to obtain a deep, premium flavour.

The dinner is priced at £120.00 per person, which includes five courses, four sakes and green tea to finish. Tickets are limited and available to book over the phone +44 020 7839 1101. The second dinner in the series will take place in February 2018.

Dinner includes:

Shochu cocktail


Salmon tataki with umemizore sauce, seasonal herbs and pickled myoga

Iki Na Onna, Daiginjo (100ml)


Rich marbled tuna with truffles marinated in nikiri soy sauce, scallops with myoga and truffle oil, yellowtail with tororo konbu, tuna with kinpun, prawn with caviar

Tedorigawa Yamahai Daiginjo (100ml)

Robata Grill

Black cod Saikyo yaki

Tsuyusansen Nama Sake Daiginjo (100ml)


Black Angus sirloin (150g)

Tedorigawa Yamahai Junmai, served warm and at room temperature (2 x 50ml)


Kinako blancmange

Green tea


Ginza Onodera London

15 Bury St, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6AL

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7839 1101




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