Suitcase Series: Jana Baramilis, Founder of LIVANI

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Suitcase Series: Jana Baramilis, Founder of LIVANI

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Suitcase Series: Jana Baramilis, Founder of LIVANI

This week we caught up with Jana Baramilis, the woman behind the Australian natural haircare brand LIVANI to find out what she never travels without, her packing tips, and what her most memorable trip has been so far…

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, owning multiple hair salons in Sydney Jana Baramilis has worked with thousands of clients with a variety of hair issues. 

She founded LIVANI to help her clients switch to natural hair products, and the brand is all about natural haircare. With her haircare brand, Jana is demonstrating to her clients how when the right natural ingredients are combined, hair health and well-being can be restored.

Jana tried several natural products over the years and she was always left feeling frustrated that they did not work, leaving the hair and scalp feeling dry, stripped and ordinary.

And whilst all the LIVANI haircare products are natural, they are also luxurious which is an important component of the brand. When she decided to reimagine natural haircare she knew it was about more than just combining great ingredients. Jana believes in a luxury enriching experience using the finest natural active ingredients.

The result is LIVANI’s exciting product range of high-quality haircare formulations that are both gentle and weightless yet effective to your hair and scalp. The luxury collection of shampoo, conditioner and treatments are designed to cleanse and restore both balance and wellness to your hair and scalp leaving you nourished, rejuvenated and feeling that salon feel at home.

In this week’s Suitcase Series, we take a sneak peek into Jana Baramilis ‘s travel psyche…

What’s been your most memorable trip and why?

My most memorable trip was in 2014 when we got married in Istanbul! We were lucky enough to be joined by all our closest friends and family which was so special. Winter in Istanbul is so magical and the city is alive with everyone still out and about. Unforgettable!

Adronis in Santorini is one of Jana’s favourite hotels

What’s your favourite ever hotel?

Adronis in Santorini and Soho House New York. Fab locations and a great vibe!

Where or what is your escape?

My escape is when I go to Pilates for an hour every second day. I find it super relaxing, but also that it strengthens both my body and mind. That hour is just for me!

If you could go anywhere tomorrow it would be…

If I could go anywhere tomorrow, I would go to Greece. I have a Greek background and have a very strong connection to it- any chance to go, I’m there!

Jana Baramilis
Jana on holidays with her children

What’s your idea of a luxury wellness holiday?

Anywhere beautiful by the ocean where I could swim and go for beautiful walks.

If you could sit next to anyone – dead or alive – on a long-haul flight, who would it be?

Coco Chanel is an inspiration of mine. Her story and brand have inspired me since I was 16. I love that she had a dream and had a different vision and went with it. Strong woman!

What is your jet-lag recovery tip?

My tip for jet -lag recovery would be to get out in the sunlight to help your body naturally adjust to the different time zone and resist the urge to nap!

LIVANI Signature Duo Shampoo & Conditioner 375ml

Signature Duo is a must-have for those who wash their hair daily. This combination is gentle yet effective enough for everyday use, adding light hydration while enhancing manageability and shine. Key ingredients include Olive Fruit Oil, and Rice Protein Water. The fragrance is a ‘Luxury Blend’ of a spicy delicate floral combination of jasmine flower, geranium leaf, vetiver root, lavender, orange peel, patchouli, clove leaf, and cinnamon bark essential oils.

RRP: $89.00

Lux Nomade

What is your suitcase stalwart?

Rimowa. It has revolutionised the way I pack, I feel I can organise my suitcase better and I it keeps me from overpacking. The thing I love the most is everywhere I go I get a sticker of the place I have been and place it on the bag so I can have that memory forever- such a cute idea.

What is your number one packing tip?

Try not to overpack. Streamline your travel wardrobe with simple, staple items so you can mix and match and adapt for day and night.

Jana Baramilis
Jana together with her son

I never travel without:

My LIVANI! Given my hairdressing background, my hair is so important to me and I feel if my hair is right, everything is right! My Livani hair routine is a non-negotiable so my Livani comes everywhere I go. I love the premium all-natural formulas.

In my beauty/toiletry bag I always bring:

My blow-dryer and Irons. Livani definitely keeps my hair nourished, healthy and in control, but I love to style my hair and play with different styles.

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