SUITCASE SERIES: Gabrielle Requena Founder of Wrinkles Schminkles

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Suitcase Series: Gabrielle Requena, Founder of Wrinkles Schminkles

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Suitcase Series: Gabrielle Requena, Founder of Wrinkles Schminkles

This week we caught up with Gabrielle Requena, the woman behind Wrinkles Schimnkles, to find out what she never travels without, her packing tips, and what her most memorable trip has been so far…

Gabrielle Requena, former Management Consultant turned beauty entrepreneur, created Wrinkles Schminkles out of necessity and when inspiration struck when it was least expected; for Gabrielle that inspiration came from her own decolletage. Before she noticed any fine lines or wrinkles anywhere on her face, Gabrielle noticed she was developing signs of aging on her décolletage caused by a combination of side sleeping, the harsh Australian sun, and genetics. Learning that over 70% of women above 35 deal with chest wrinkles, Gabrielle knew there was a gap in the skincare market to fill.

Despite not having a background in skincare, Requena understood the customer: herself. After all, she, along with friends and sisters similar in age, are skincare customers who couldn’t find at-home solutions that worked. She wanted a product that was non-invasive, effective, and most important, appealed to her personal preference of aging gracefully.

Seeing an opportunity to fill a gap in the market, Requena sought the advice of skincare experts who led her to medical-grade silicone. Medical Grade Silicone has been scientifically proven to heal and correct scarring and is highly endorsed by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and skincare experts. After many prototypes and formulations, Gabrielle launched the now infamous Tik Tok-viral Wrinkle Smoothing Patch range for the Eyes, Forehead, Chest, Mouth, Hands, and Neck. Since the launch of Wrinkles Schminkles in 2014, Gabrielle has continued to read the market and expand the brand to become the perfect go-to brand for wrinkle correction and healthy aging solutions including peel-based exfoliators, biodegradable and premium sheet masks, Microneedle Patches and booster products. 

Wrinkles Schminkles is now available in over 21 countries and stocked in retailers internationally, has appeared in top media outlets globally and has been featured on shows such as The Real Housewives, Shark Tank, and Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge TV Show as well as numerous global TV Shopping shows.

In this week’s Suitcase Series, equipped with Wrinkles Schiminkles Eye Wrinkle Path $22.50 we take a sneak peek into Gabrielle’s travel psyche…

What’s been your most memorable trip, and why?

El Fenn in Marrakesh
El Fenn in Marrakesh is Gabrielle’s favourite hotel

Haggerstone Island in the farthest northern tip of Queensland was a very memorable trip. A perfect mix of rustic and luxe on a private Island in and amongst what feels like untouched waters and land. You spend your days jet boating across incredible reefs and water, fishing and spearfishing amongst so many fish, helicoptering into incredible waterfalls on the mainland, and nights eating and drinking amazing food and wine around a shared table before retiring to around only 6 luxe cabins on the island. 

What’s your favourite ever hotel?

El Fenn in Marrakesh – the restored and elevated joined riads with the rooftop pools and dining and exquisite interiors is just so special. Not to mention the resident tortoises roaming the halls!

Where or what is your escape?

Summer, in the crystal blue ocean at one of the Byron Bay beaches on my doorstep. I love traveling and equally love being at home. 

If you could go anywhere tomorrow, it would be…

Something is calling me to visit Austin. After a slow winter in Byron, I am craving the energy of a new city and Austin has piqued my interest as a city attracting a lot of forward-thinking business minds and all reports suggest cool hotels, great food, and a fun entertainment scene.

What’s your idea of a luxury wellness holiday?

Somewhere warm in nature with equal parts of: authentic and unique spiritual/wellness activities you wouldn’t normally access in your day-to-day life (not a boot camp!), luxury – lodging, food, and spa treatments, and interesting people to connect with, or quiet solo time immersed in the above!

Gabrielle Requena

My top bucket-list destination is…

I’d love to do a luxe ‘Yellowstone’ style adventure holiday with hot springs, cattle mustering, and wolf tracking out in that incredible part of the world. I also still have so many countries I’d love to go to Portugal, Majorca, Slovenia, and Puglia are current tops!

If you could sit next to anyone – dead or alive – on a long-haul flight, who would it be?

My perfect future partner would be nice 😉  

What is your jet-lag recovery tip?

Outside of the usuals – water, get on the time zone, exercise yada yada I think the best tip is not to stress about it. If you have jet lag and wake up or can’t sleep it’s normal and just roll with it. If I am struggling to get into the time zone and wake up, I just put on a podcast and let myself be awake until I adjust. Stressing about it makes it worse! 

What is your suitcase stalwart? 

I’ve recently invested in July luggage – the green large and small trunk and am loving them!

Wrinkles Schiminkles Eye Wrinkle Patch


Lux Nomade

What is your number one packing tip?

Pack your favourite pieces in your carry-on…lost and delayed luggage is a thing, especially at the moment!

I never travel without…

My Wrinkles Schminkles Eye Wrinkle Patches – they truly prevent the usual long haul under-eye baggage, puffiness, creping, etc so you arrive at your destination looking fresh. The clear patches are almost impossible to see on your skin during the flight. 

In my beauty/toiletry bag I always bring…

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