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3 Healthy & Nutritious Lunch Recipes whilst working from home

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3 Healthy and Nutritious Lunch Recipes whilst working from home.

The never-fail food bowl is the only recipe you need for delicious and nutritious lunches whilst working at home.

A great benefit of working from home is the ability to make fresh and delicious lunches in the middle of our workdays. To maximise the goodness and minimise the effort the Food Bowl is a winner every time – giving you a nutritious and tasty lunch every single day, without sacrificing variety or precious mental energy.

Wellness Coach Katie Lowndes says “One of my favourite meals is a Food Bowl, once you’ve got the equation down pat you can be as creative as you like with the ingredients. You just know that you’ve got a bowlful of goodness that will satisfy your tastebuds and keep you going until dinnertime ”

The Food Bowl includes 7 main components; a grain base, a protein, dried herbs or spices, fresh herbs, veggies, “tastebud ticklers” and a dressing. Grains could include rice, couscous, freekeh or quinoa, your veggies can be roasted or steamed and then depending on what you prefer (or what’s in the fridge) you can season with your favourite herbs and flavours!

“We all know that food is so important to our health and by finding ways to make meal planning and grocery shopping as streamlined as possible we can make eating well easy and enjoyable without it being boring or difficult to maintain. Planning takes away stress, lowers costs, and increases health. That is a huge WIN in my books! ” says Katie. Katie’s favourite combos include:

Healthy Lunch Recipes
Image Credit: Prevention Australia

Greek Food Bowl

Grain: Brown Rice
Dry Herbs + Spices: Dry oregano, Coriander seeds
Fresh Herbs: Oregano
Veggies: Roasted Cauliflower, Broccoli, Zucchini, Eggplant
Tastebud Tickler: Black olives
Dressing: Tzatziki
Optional addition : Fetta, pomegranate

Healthy Lunch Recipes
Image Credit: Taste

Mexican Food Bowl

Grain: Freekah
Protein: Chopped, cooked prawns, black beans and Chorizo
Dried Herbs + Spices: Cajun Spice
Fresh Herbs: Coriander
Veggies: Grilled Corn on the Cob,
Tastebud Ticklers: Salsa – red onion, avocado, tomatoes, fresh lime and a dash of
Dressing: Sweet chilli and yoghurt
Optional addition: Corn on the cob topped with paprika and grated parmesan

Healthy Lunch Recipes
Image Credit: Jennifer Jenner

Italian Food Bowl

Grain: Couscous
Protein: Mozzarella
Dried Herbs + Spices: Basil and Oregano
Fresh Herbs: Basil
Veggies: Charred red peppers, halved fresh Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion
Tastebud Ticklers: Fresh chilli
Dressing: Garlic Oil
Optional addition: Grilled Sardines (or sustainable tinned)

About Katie Lowndes, Wellness Coach

Katie Lowndes is a Wellness Coach, Author and Founder of life and wellness resource Katie’s Beauty Kitchen. After working in the beauty and wellness industry for over 20 years, Katie has a Higher National Diploma in Beauty and Related Sciences and is a qualified teacher, DISC Trainer and Wellness Coach. With a huge passion for health, food and creating a happy space, it felt only natural for her to turn her focus to helping others become their best selves. 

Lux Nomade is the wellness and travel publication where today’s modern woman goes to be inspired, learn and explore.


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