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Top Beauty Products our editors are loving right now: LUX LIST

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LUX LIST: Beauty Products our editors are loving right now.

LUX LIST is back! So, what’s good in the world of beauty this week? We’ll be bringing you a break down of the best new releases you should be getting your hands on before they sell out (which trust us, they probably will do soon).

Mother Earth Eye2Eye Collection, Trinny London

The new Mother Earth Eye2Eye Collection from Trinny London has finally launched. Inspired by fiery sunsets, soft sand dunes and sun-kissed mornings, Hope, Courage, Truth and Fortitude emulate the dynamic shades of nature. These intense, rich pigments are buildable and blendable to help make the eyes pop. Ranging from soft peaches to vibrant copper tones, they can be worn alone, together and with other Eye2Eye shades.

RRP $30

Lux Nomade

BB Cream SPF15, Skinstitut

If you’re foundation-phobic, this member of our mineral makeup family is for you. This mineral-based BB Cream SPF15 which is available in three shades delivers sheer-medium, buildable coverage with real skin benefits. Hydrating enough for normal-dry skins, it also boasts oil-controlling agents and a light mattifying effect which also makes it a great choice for oily, sensitive and acne-prone skins.

RRP $49

Lux Nomade

evo mane tame hair

evo mane tamer smoothing shampoo and conditioner 300 ml

If you’ve ever felt or been close to breaking a brush on your tangled locks, this one’s for you.

evo’s mane tamer promises to tackle frizz and wrangle unruly hair, and it actually gets the job done.

A small application of the smoothing shampoo is enough to lather and clean the roots of your hair while arousing your sense of smell with its delicious chocolate-infused coconut aroma.

When it’s time to condition, I found using a generous shot of the smoothing conditioner worked through the knots quite easily, even taking out those wicked beads near the end of the hair.

Made up mostly of coconut-based product, the effective duo are a good choice for those following the curly girl method and those looking for natural-based products.

Seven day post-wash and my frizz is still at a minimum, my curls are tight and the roots are still looking clean.

Price: RRP AU$40

Lux Nomade

Biologi facial cleanser

Biologi Bc Refresh Cleanser 150ml

“Because it is so revolutionary, it will not act and feel the same way as traditional cleaners ” – and it really doesn’t.

The first thing that distinguishes Biologi’s new Bc Refresh Cleanser from its beauty peers is its ingredients. It only has one – Soapberry extract – making it the world’s first single-plant ingredient cleaner.

This point of difference leads to a range of other surprising variations, including its texture which comes out a lot slicker than expected. The shape of the bottle led me into thinking it would pump out like a thick mouse, instead it ran out a little wetter.

Two to three pumps into my damp hand, as recommended by box, and I rubbed it into my skin. Unlike most cleansers, it didn’t lather but rather seemed to disappear into my skin.

I let it “decolletage” for 30 seconds, as per directions, before rinsing it off. Despite its differences and after only one wash, my skin was already cleaner and fresher. Now seven days later, my face is following the same approach as the Refresh Cleaner and not acting or feeling the same way, it’s looking the best it has in years.

Price: RRP AU$74

Lux Nomade

Honey Health & Wellness Healing 3-Step Skincare

We’re taking it ‘back to basics’ with one of the world’s sweetest and purest ingredients – honey.

The Australian-made Honey Health & Wellness brand prides itself on its “straightforward and simple” skin care range made up of a Healing Cleanser (120ml), Exfoliator (120ml) and a Recovery Oil (30ml).

A fan of uncomplicated skincare routine and the entirely natural and organic ingredients, I set off on a three-day trial.

The Healing Cleanser worked its magic, clearing away the day’s dirt and the exfoliator rejuvenated the skin. Having replaced exfoliators with toners some time ago, I welcomed the feeling of the Jojoba Beans as they gently rolled in and out of my pores.

Once the wash was complete, it was time to apply the Recovery Oil, which I did cautiously. As the owner of naturally oily skin, I’ve always been quite reluctant to apply extra oil. Honey Health & Wellness’ Recovery Oil went on thick but a few minutes after rubbing it in, it absorbed into my skin. Now my face is feeling softer and looking a lot fresher.

RRP $77/$77/$110

Lux Nomade

Rose Daily Hydration Mist, Ella Bache

We are loving their Rose Daily Hydration Mist which had to go into this week’s Lux List. It’s a winter spritz infused with Rose Hydrosol that’s a perfect on-the-go moisture boost or makeup plumper, especially coming into colder months where skin can get a little dry throughout the day. It is a perfect little soother to the dull skin we are experiencing from being indoors from isolation. Also, this little beauty is definitely one to get ready for your travel bag when we start flying again!

On Counter Date: 22 June  2020

RRP: $39

Lux Nomade

NEW limited edition Love Filter lipsticks, Charlotte Tilbury

Our LUX LIST favourite! Discover First Dance, Mrs Kisses and Wedding Belles! These rosebud inspired shades oozes romance. Whether you are a bohemian, beachy beauty, a glamorous, sophisticated goddess or simply adore the classic, meadow-fresh, spring/summer beauty of a pink lip, these are for you.

RRP: $49

Lux Nomade

Founded by two close friends with a dream of starting their small business from home, Summer Skin was created and is now one of the best known Aussie skincare brands with raving reviews filling on Instagram of their Hydrating Cream. The Summer Skin Hydrating Body Cream is a luxurious all-over body moisturiser packed full of nourishing and healing ingredients suitable for all skin types.

RRP: $29.95

Lux Nomade

Plant-based protein powder blend, Rejuven8tion

The Lux team are loving the Rejuvin8tion wellness protein powder for 2020! Getting essential nutrients made easy! Packed with ingredients like shiitake mushroom, astragalus and coconut MCTs, to help with nervous and immune system support. This vegan-friendly (and soy-free) powder makes a creamy breakfast smoothie which pairs well with fresh banana and a handful of macadamias on a busy day. Designed by Nutritionist and Author Rick Hay, who has lectured internationally in Sustainable Weight Management.

RRP $79.99

Lux Nomade

Sea Salt Luxury Hand Sanitiser, Palm Beach Collection

Keeping our hands clean has never been so important. This rinse-free Australian-made luxury hand sanitiser (65% Alcohol) from Palm Beach Collection does the job by killing 99.9% of germs. The fast-drying formula with added Aloe Leaf and Cucumber extract is designed to cleanse and hydrate, while still smelling like your favourite candle which mad it to the Lux List.

RRP $24.95

Lux Nomade

NEW Feel Good Shower, Limited Edition, Weleda

Awaken your sense with the refreshing aroma of spicy ginger hues and zesty citronella. Plant-based surfactants cleanse without drying out the skin, while the lively summer fragrance makes for a great start to the day. The formula is 100% NATRUE certified natural, dermatologically tested and suitable for vegans. Like all Weleda products it is free from microbeads and microplastics, whilst the packaging contains post-consumer recycling content.

RRP $19.95

On Counter Date: 1st July 2020

Lux Nomade

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