THE LUX LIST: Pantone Colour of the Year 2019

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THE LUX LIST: Pantone Colour of the Year 2019

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2019 has dawned and the colour of this year, by Pantone, is ‘Living Coral’.

This warm, coral colour is perfect for all kinds of items, from make-up to stationery, and here are just a few to start off your list. 

The Pantone mug

The Pantone mug and cushion with this year’s colour imprinted on them adds to the authenticity – enjoy a lovely cup of tea (or coffee or any other beverage to your liking) in the living coral mug, whilst snuggled up on a cosy sofa or bed, with the living coral cushion: a perfect match for the best evening in. 

Shop Pantone mug here

The Pantone Cushion

Shop cushion here

The Journal

Why not start off the new year with a new set of work goals? Working, or studying, is always brightened up by none other than pretty stationery. The prettiness of this notebook/journal is enhanced by the lovely living coral colour – it will definitely make you want to use it every day. 

Shop the journal here

NARS Sheer Lipstick

Coral and pink are two of the most popular colours for lipstick – so why not apply a combination of the two? Add vitality to your complexion with this vivid, yet not too eye-catching, coral lipstick. It will create a subtle pinkiness which speaks out: lovely. 

Shop lipstick here

Sally Hansen Manicure Polish

To brighten up the new year, brighten up your nails with this living coral nail polish. Your fingers will be on point! 

Shop nail varnish here

Coral Sweater

Chic and comfy, this cool sweater shouts out: spring. The perfect colour to go with the perfect spring is none other than living coral – the lovely, warming and heart-fluttering atmosphere of spring is encompassed perfectly in this colour. 

Shop sweater here

Kate Spade Coral Bag

A cute bag to match with a cute outfit can never go wrong – such as this one. This Kate Spade living coral bag is classy and stylish, a combination that just spells out “fashion”. The colour definitely adds to the style and, if your outfit is something less colourful, the bag is a wonderful point to your look. 

Shop the bag here

Myung Jin


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