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13 Best Spring Fragrances for 2021

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Spring fragrances are this week’s LUX LIST Beauty theme; take a breath and smell the scents we’ll be spritzing all season long.

Spring fragrances and their floral ally is something that never gets old. Anyone thinking scents act most of the time as instant mood-lifters, much needed these days. For me, walking down the streets and delight my senses with endless flowers and trees blossoming is one of those small things that year after year light my spirit up. Not sure if it’s because of the pastel palette or the thoughts that summery days are just around the corner; anyway, florals are a spring mainstream when talking the scents language.

And, what better idea than treat yourself with a new fragrance for your collection? Or even better, to buy it for that particular person that soon enough you’ll be able to hug again. If you’re insecure about which spring fragrance will be the perfect match for you, we have rounded up some of our favourite spring fragrances, so you don’t have to worry if that one is too musky, too zesty or even too floral. 

With this in mind, these are the 13 spring fragrances most worthy of shopping. Do you already have a favourite?

Juliette has a gun spring fragrance

Juliette Has a Gun – Pear Inc 100ml

Pear Inc is a subtle fruity, musky fragrance built around a green pear, laying on a milky heart of musk and a twist of Ambroxan to lift the gourmand side. A perfect scent to evoke happiness and positivity in your days. 

RRP $199.00

Lux Nomade

Gucci Bloom spring fragrance

Gucci – Bloom 30ml

A scent designed to celebrate women’s authenticity, vitality, and diversity makes this classic great for all the women in your life. The fragrance has a beautiful blend of tuberose, jasmine, orris root, sandalwood, vanilla, and orange notes.

RRP $118.90

Lux Nomade

Bottega Veneta Ilusione

Bottega Veneta – Ilusione 50ml

Thinking of a European scape? Bring Italy to your home when spritzing this feminine, floral, herbal and woody scent with a reminiscence of Mediterranean feelings. The formula also encloses a touch of olive tree and tonka in a slightly balsamic drydown. 

RRP $155.00

Lux Nomade

Etro – White Magnolia 100ml

White Magnolia speaks to beauty and nature. Another one to travel to Mediterranean atmospheres with a subtle sparkle of citrusy, infused by the classy elegance of amber cedarwood. Still a floral scent as magnolias spreads their freshness with the beautiful creaminess of the musk warming up.

RRP $290.00

Lux Nomade

Glasshouse Fragrances – Forever Florence 100ml

If you’re a devotee of the Glasshouse candles as we are, the latest add-on to their family, luxurious Eau de parfums, are set to gain a space on your fragrance wardrobe. Forever Florence is an elegant scent that speaks pink and white peonies, lily and jasmine with a hint of musk.

RRP $139.00

Lux Nomade

ORB Oils – Lenny 30ml

ORB OILS is the ultimate fragrance house with a twist—oil blends to use either on the skin or your at-home diffuser. Lenny is for those who like deep, strong scents that last all day long while having a velvety feel. 

RRP $90.00

Lux Nomade

Recreation Beauty – This Love of Mine 50ml

Recreation Beauty creates natural, cruelty-free, chemical-free and sustainable options for those more sensitive to strong fragrances. This Love of Mine is a lovingly blend of gardenia, jasmine and tuberose, that literally smells like a garden full of jasmine trees and gardenias.

RRP $109.00

Lux Nomade

Goldfield & Banks – Bohemian Lime 100 ml

For those yarning a scape to the beautiful Byron Bay, Bohemian Lime will figuratively take you there while you breathe in the refreshing citrus aromas and bliss out beside a waterfall with soothing vetiver and patchouli.

RRP $229.00

Lux Nomade

Minenssey – Mine 10ml

This botanical blend of natural essential oils on a roll-on format helps calm both the mind and body without irritating sensitive skin. Mine is as floral as it can get, with a bouquet of Linden Blossom, Jasmine Sambac, and Rose paired with fresh Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin and Neroli. 

RRP $55.00

Lux Nomade

Flora Mortis – Allsaints 100ml

Flora Mortis is a woody floral scent for enigmatic, who search for indelible marks day today. With a pure floral heart, this All Saints scent’s top note is orchid. In contrast, the undeniable black pepper and amberwood set the tone to leave a sensual and contrasting trail every step of the way.

RRP $125.00

Lux Nomade

Who is Elijah – Muse 50ml

Muse is a scent for those memorable moments ahead. Sexy yet subtle, where musk, ambroxan, and earthy moss roll into one sweetly sophisticated yet incomparable concoction. As with each of the Whois Elijah scents, this is an addictive blend, easy to wear but hard to forget. 

RRP $115.00

Lux Nomade

Váhy – Bohème 50ml

Australian eco-luxe artisanal house Váhy is well-known for its scents base to be organic sugarcane alcohol. Bohème is an open call to early spring air, while it evokes the union of nature and mystics together. This scent is perfect for that sophisticated gypsy vibe coming to the stage along warmer days.

RRP $240.00

Lux Nomade

Spring Fragrances Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens – Fleurs D’Oranger 50ml

This uplifting scent dazzles the senses by combining orange blossom, white jasmine, tuberose, white rose and vegetal musk. Pure scented blossom blended with a touch of the bitter orange tree, augmented by a hint of civet.

Fleurs d’Oranger: It’s Undoubtedly Pure Happiness!

RRP $213

Lux Nomade

Belen Arce 
Belen is Lux Nomade's Beauty Editor who weekly lists the best beauty buys to add to your shopping cart in the LUX LIST. She is aslo a freelance writer and social media guru that enjoys her detox drink in the morning and drinks matcha in the afternoon. When she’s not writing Belen loves to meditate, get some sun and check in with her family, oh don’t forget her social media craziness, that’s it, probably a unique digital early adopter.


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