INTERVIEW: Simone Macri from JAAN on Singapore’s maturing culinary landscape

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INTERVIEW: Simone Macri from JAAN on Singapore’s maturing culinary landscape

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Simone Macri, Restaurant Manager at  JAAN  the internationally celebrated restaurant talks about Singapore’s maturing culinary landscape.

JAAN is an internationally celebrated restaurant in Singapore that has established itself as a gastronomic platform with a reputation for handpicking and grooming exceptional culinary talents. The celebrated restaurant was ranked 32nd in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018, sponsored by S. Pellegrino and Acqua Panna and appointed Krug’s First Restaurant Ambassade in Singapore and was also awarded 1 Star by Singapore Michelin Guide 2018.

L.N Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

S.M I was born and raised in Italy and had over seven years of international experience in the luxury and hotel industry prior to becoming the Restaurant Manager of JAAN. I worked in prestigious fine dining restaurants and hotels including Armani/Ristorante in the iconic Ginza Tower and the ultra-luxurious Aman Tokyo. My family worked in the hotel industry and I was always inspired to follow in their footsteps. After spending two years in London learning English, I decided to pursue a professional career in the hotel and hospitality industry. As a certified sommelier, I completed my training in Associazione Italiana Sommelier, one of the oldest and largest sommelier associations in the world. As the Restaurant Manager of JAAN, I look after daily operations, working closely with Executive Chef Kirk Westaway and his team to inspire and maintain the Michelin standards of JAAN.

L.N Fine dining has evolved over the years, what is fine dining to you?

S.M Attention to detail, exquisite ingredients and exceptional service.

L.N How has the fine dining scene in Singapore evolved over the years?

S.M Many things have changed since the rise of social media. There is a higher emphasis on visual aesthetics. Diners love to share their dining experiences and reviews through social media platforms, taking pictures, videos and giving their two cents on the food. There is more competition in terms of creativity and presentation. We have to adapt to this and use it to our advantage.

L.N With the maturing culinary landscape in Singapore, what can we expect to see from it in 2019?

S.M We can expect to see a lot of chefs returning to their roots. Chef Kirk has always wanted to create dishes that stem from his childhood memories and he’s done this incredibly well with the launch of the Reinventing British menu philosophy.

L.N Are there any key ingredients we will see a lot of?

S.M We are lucky to be in Singapore where the dining scene is so dynamic, with chefs coming from all around the world bringing new exciting products as well as their styles and knowledge.

L.N Compared to other countries what do you think sets Singapore apart when it comes to fine dining?

S.M What sets Singapore apart is the focus on taste rather than status. If the food tastes good, it will always be appreciated.

L.N What are your tips for visitors wishing to explore the Singaporean fine dining scene?

S.M My tip would be to indulge in the many dining options we have here, from the delicious local food to the best of what western cuisine has to offer.



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