INTERVIEW: Fashion influencer Margarita Nazarenko talks beauty

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INTERVIEW: Fashion influencer Margarita Nazarenko talks beauty

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We caught up with fashion and lifestyle influencer Margarita Nazarenko (@theblondeavenue) to talk about travel beauty tips.

Margarita is an influencer and actress who has appeared on several UK TV shows and movies over the years. The Russian born beauty was raised in London but now calls Sydney home after moving here for the love of her life.

As a frequent traveller, what are your top tips to stay fresh whilst on the road?

Ah staying fresh! It’s so very important. I used to fly wearing an outfit that (I am ashamed to say) would look cute when I arrive and for photos. But now I am more about feeling fresh and feeling comfortable.  I always bring something to wear on the flight with me if it’s a 24-hour flight say to London from Sydney which is the flight I take most often. I love a one colour tracksuit say in grey. It’s cosy and cool.  I bring slides to wear on the plane, because you know, the bathrooms!  Makeup wipes are a huge must. Then I put a mask on. Followed by oil to keep the skin hydrated. Also, water. So much water it’s not even funny. I’d love to say I don’t drink champagne. But I do. It’s part of the fun of flying.

What are your tips and tricks to combat jet lag?

Water and more water! I think of the time Zone of my destination and to sleep on the plane accordingly to match the night time there. My biggest tip if you can do it is to totally ignore the time in the place you arrived from. People like to check but it only allows your brain to remember that you should be tired. On the day you arrive take a walk. Stay up if you can. But if it really strikes you then book flights where you will arrive at night so you can get your zzz’s in and Start fresh the next day!

What are the beauty products for hair, face and body do you never traveller without?

I am most easy going with my hair. I can easily for with the hotel shampoo and conditioner. Or buy it in the pharmacy there. It’s really good for your locks to switch up the brands I hear. As for the face, I am not so easy going.

I love my oils. La Mer does a brilliant one but you can get a great rosehip on the pharmacy. That goes on my face on the plane and nightly when I am travelling. LA Prairie has the best foundation and concealer combo on the market which makes you look like a newborn honestly. I am obsessed. For the body, I love Bio Oil. Oil is clearly a thing for me!  I bring a pretty sizable makeup case too. I love to embrace the moment and look the best I can when travelling that’s for sure.

Long-haul flights can be a nightmare, how do you make them more comfortable?

I fly to Europe and the states A LOT. Comfortable is an ambitious word to use seeing as 23 hours is never going to be easy. But I think it all starts In the mind. I love to read, any Robert Greene book is a huge favourite of mine. I am very into biohacking and expanding my learning so I really use the plane time to switch off from social media and people who need me for this or that and read, watch movies and have me-time with a champagne in hand. I find that things are what you make them so I try to frame this time in a positive way for myself. Besides I am travelling to work which I love or see family which I love even more so that helps me a lot. Oh, and oil, water and cosy tracksuit help too!

There is a tonne of travel gadgets out there do you have any favourite ones you use when travelling?

You know I would love to give you an extensive list but I am not that kinda gal. I would say get a great carry on which is easily accessible. They might cost you but they are worth it. Think easy to reach pockets. And the second gadget that everyone knows is podcasts! Download a few and bobs your uncle you’re set for the flight.

Lastly, do you have any exciting destinations you are planning travelling this year you would like to share with us?

You know what. I’ve had offers for the states, China and Thailand to name a few but nothing booked yet. Last year was the biggest year of travel for me. I didn’t spend one whole month in one place so I am making an effort to chill.

My husband and I have named 2019 the year of development! Think home Reno, business building etc but of course I will fit travel in! It’s me after all!!

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