Claire Wright & Olivia Soleto-Teasdale founders of Circle Haus

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INTERVIEW: Claire Wright & Olivia Soleto-Teasdale founders of Circle Haus

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We caught up with Claire Wright and Olivia Soleto-Teasdale founders of Circle Haus a new concept offering ‘Invitation only’ tailor-made luxury retreats around the globe.

With over 20 years’ experience within the wellness & hospitality industries and advocates of mental health and positive well-being, founders of Circle Haus, Claire Wright and Olivia Soleto-Teasdale are passionate about building awareness around mental health and promoting positive, body image attitude.

L.N When did you set up Circle Haus and what inspired you to do so? 

Circle Haus was founded in December 2018. Olivia and I are best friends from childhood and throughout our careers, we have suffered from career burnout and stress (which is not unusual for a lot of entrepreneurs and leaders). We both longed for a retreat that would allow us to escape, develop and be inspired. After much research, we could not find a suitable retreat that suited what we were looking for therefore we decided to set up our own luxury retreat business. 

There has always been pressure with being a leader and often we embrace it, but in work culture today there is even more pressure to be on your absolute ‘A game’. Leaders have a responsibility to their team to uphold the standards and often have to be a beacon of peak performance. 

In order to be a good leader, you need to work on mindset, personal and professional development, inspiration, industry and cultural education. To do this Olivia and I realized that this can be achieved by disconnecting in an inspiring place, with enriching content, surrounded by nature amongst like-minded people. 

‘We need to put so much into self-care and development these days in order to thrive, Circle Haus provides a haven where you can rejuvenate, recharge and recover to enable you to be at your best ’ Claire Wright and Olivia Soleto Circle Haus Co Founder’s 

L.N Where did the name Circle Haus originate from? 

Life is represented as a circle because it is constant and you get out what you put in. Circle Haus provides a space where you can enrich your life professionally and personally. 

L.N How do you get invited to a CH luxury retreat? 

You can contact us directly through the website to apply. Or we accept Circle Haus member and partnership referrals. 

L.N How many retreats will Circle Haus hold in 2019? 

We aim to hold at least 3 luxury retreats this year in Ibiza, Costa Rica and Mustique. 

L.N What are the benefits of attending a CH luxury retreat? 

Circle Haus offers a space where you can ‘disconnect to reconnect’. Throughout the retreat, every moment is curated to inspire and achieve personal growth. In addition to this guests will experience; re-alignment, focus and how to achieve peak performance. CH offers a unique opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and become part of the CH global community. 

L.N How will guests feel after leaving a CH luxury retreat? 

Relaxed, revitalized and inspired. 

L.N What can CH community members expect once signed up? 

Each guest will receive an easy to complete online preference questionnaire so we can personalise their Circle Haus hospitality experience. A phone questionnaire is available on request. 

L.N What are you looking for when choosing a location for a luxury CH retreat? 

First and foremost, Olivia and I look for luxury accommodation that is close to nature with ample amounts of space to allow guests their own privacy to disconnect. Being at one with nature has such a positive impact on our wellbeing and gives an almost instant calming effect. 

L.N How many guests can attend a CH luxury retreat? 

We can accommodate anywhere between 7 to 16 guests. This will depend on; the size of accommodation, activities and if we are curating a bespoke retreat for a corporate client or celebrity guests. 

L.N Can you name your celebrity client base? 

Circle Haus offers exclusive, invitation-only luxury retreats that are bespoke and private, we operate a strict privacy policy which applies to all CH retreat guests. 

L.N Can you describe a typical CH retreat itinerary? 

We do provide an itinerary for each retreat, an example is below, however, the itinerary is completely optional and guests are free to join or not join activities as long as they disconnect and relax in order to reconnect with their lives when they leave. 


6:30am Sound therapy sunrise yoga 

8:00am Breakfast cooked by Richard H Turner with Circle Haus network 

10:00am Hazel Gale – Presentation on the importance of peak importance of integrating wellness practices to enhance life and career 

11:00 Break 

11:30 NLP / Cognitive session workshop – Working with barriers to genius and creativity 

1:00pm Lunch with Richard H Turner with Circle Haus network 


2:30pm Island activities – Paddleboarding / Surfing / Horseback riding 

5pm Therapy and Practitioner 121’s options (Pre book) 

6:30pm Candlelight soundscape meditation 


8:30pm Dinner – Cooked by Richard H Turner with Circle Haus network 

Read more about Circle Haus here and for more information and bookings visit

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