INTERVIEW: Ariane Steinbeck, Managing Director of RPW Design

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INTERVIEW: Ariane Steinbeck, Managing Director of RPW Design

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We caught up with Ariane Steinbeck Managing Director of RPW Design to talk about hotel and restaurant design trends.

Ariane Steinbeck is certainly an inspiring woman, with an award-winning career that has spanned throughout the United States, Asia and now Europe. As an active contributor to the hospitality and interior design industry Ariane is sharing her expertise when it comes to hotel and restaurant interior design.

L.N Ariane can you please tell us a bit more about yourself and your background?

[RPW Design AST] I’m a global nomad…born in Germany, raised in Spain, University in USA, a decade in Asia and now back to my roots in Europe…Brexit be damned! My passion for beautiful spaces, delectable food and drink, different cultures and people cemented my place in hospitality.  I have to admit I’m pretty lucky to have friends and family strewn throughout the globe and it brings me great joy to be able to connect with everyone through my work.

L.N You have an impressive portfolio of properties you have worked on, is every project and property different?

[RPW Design AST] they have to be different.  I think what links our work is the passion for quality and a certain timelessness.  We’re quite restrained in our approach to design and absolute believers in the fact that great service is the crucial ingredient that makes our work truly successful.

L.N How does designing for hotels and restaurants differ compared to residential properties?

[RPW Design AST] While both fields will usually have limitations as to the “spend”, working in a commercial space demands incredible knowledge of materials and products that are viable and maintainable for an environment that is not just there to provide joy and sanctuary to our guests but also generate a viable return on investment for the owner. It requires a rigorous evaluation of each selection and the pragmatism to decide what is appropriate or necessary. Only with plenty of experience can this be accomplished without compromising aesthetics.

L.N What are the design trends for hotels in 2019?

[RPW Design AST] We don’t follow or predict trends-or we would not have the longevity and reputation we enjoy in our field.  It has to be beautiful, affordable, and maintainable-those qualities are never going to be trendy.

L.N What are the design trends for restaurant and bars in 2019?

[RPW Design AST] I think simplicity and honesty in the foods on offer, sustainability and less fussy preparation is a general trend in the restaurant industry across the world.  Interiors will reflect that-and that doesn’t mean it can’t be glamorous!

L.N Some interior design trends seem to come and go, are there any designs that are timeless?

[RPW Design AST] I think a careful selection and mix of styles, periods, travel finds and personal touches is something that will never go out of fashion.

L.N According to you, what should a great hotel room have/and not have?

[RPW Design AST] A great bed, with wonderful linen is non-negotiable.  The room needs to be intuitive as to charging points, simple light controls and flexibility of how much daylight you want to let in.  I’m one of the few people that absolutely hate a black-out curtain…I always prefer daylight and sun. Less is more when it comes to furniture and I’d rather have more open space in a room than every corner filled up with furniture that does not have a real purpose.

RPW Design: The Capital Suite, Intercontinental London Park Lane

L.N Do you have any exciting projects you will be working on this year?

[RPW Design AST] we are working on an important commission of a country hotel outside London, a new concept for a multi-generational event space in the Kingdom of Bahrain, ongoing renovations at the Intercontinental Hotel on Park Lane here in London and projects under construction as far spread out as Malta, Georgia, Bulgaria and Saudi Arabia.

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