Natasha Martsekis swapped banking for a luxury villa rental company

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Natasha Martsekis swapped banking for a luxury villa rental company in Greece

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Natasha Martsekis, an ex-banker, is now the Founder and CEO of Bright Blue Villas.

Natasha Martsekis launched, after close to two decades in the banking industry, Bright Blue Villas. The exclusive luxury villa rental company offers luxury holiday accommodation in Greece for the independent-minded, savvy traveller.

Martsekis founded Bright Blue Villas in 2014, following a career in banking. Spanning 19 years, Natasha’s financial career allowed her to travel the world and experience its extensive possibilities as a luxury traveller. Before founding Bright Blue Villas, Natasha had been Head of Institutional Equity Sales at Alpha Bank for 19 years and has worked for Lehman Brothers, Shell Oil and Citibank in various senior finance roles in NY, London and Zurich.

Bright Blue Villas
Villa Amaryllis, Serifos

L.N: ​Natasha, can you please tell us a bit about yourself and your background

N.M: As not to bore you, a Twitter-style bio here: Studied Finance as a scholar in the US, worked in investment banking and trading for almost 25 years in several cities around the world and then founded Bright Blue in 2013 in the heart of the Greek crisis. I am mum of two demanding teenagers, passionate traveller, an advocate of female empowerment and involvement of women in entrepreneurship and corporate governance.

L.N: After almost two decades in the banking industry, what inspired you to launch a luxury villa rental business?

N.M: I wanted to create a trusted branded villa product with the trophy assets of the Greek villa market, where the villas can not be found on the usual rental channels. Most of the villa in our portfolio belongs to the Greek elite, are rented on a very selective basis and 20% of our portfolio is only shown upon request to would-be guests only. 

Before being added to our portfolio, all the properties are thoroughly inspected and evaluated. The evaluation process of the villas is also enhanced by clients’ feedback which we always communicate to the owners.

L.N Can you tell us a bit about Bright Blue Villas

N.M: Bright Blue Villas is a luxury villa rental company in Greece delivering inspiring holiday experiences for the independent-minded, savvy traveller, who wishes to discover the authentic, intimate side of Greece from the privacy of a luxury villa. We invite travellers to gain a new perspective on Greece’s luxury villa renting experience, through a holiday ethos that evokes escape, relaxation and wellbeing.

Bright Blue Villas
Villa Athalia, Paros

L.N: From your experience, what do savvy and modern travellers look for when booking their villa accommodation?

N.M: I think above all they are looking for a villa company that they can trust, where the photos of the featured villas are in real life as good as they are in the photos!  They can be either seeking for dreamy beachfront villas or romantic villas for couples with a private pool or spacious villas for large groups; the offering that they are searching for needs to be synonymous with unique style and aesthetics that has  been carefully vetted to ensure an exceptional guest experience.

L.N: What are the unique experiences your guests can expect at Bright Blue Villas?

N.M: The dedicated Bright Blue Villas concierge teams provide our clients with insider travel tips and natural, unforced opportunities for experiential travel, encompassing everything from sports adventures to gastro-getaways and magical once-in-a-lifetime moments that money can’t easily buy. We have numerous ideas and suggestions on how to enjoy a multi-themed holiday experience that will focus on satisfying your quest for new horizons, for authentic learning and for socially conscious travel. 

My most favourite experiences are pottery classes in Sifnos, kitesurfing lessons in Paros and Antiparos, scuba diving in volcanic Santoniri or trekking in the walking paths of Tinos. 

Obviously we also offer the obvious ones: Babysitting services, children activities, kids parties and cakes for special occasions, beauty services, fitness instructors, chefs and cooks, housekeeping services, gastronomy and wine tastings, spouse itineraries, restaurant and nightlife recommendations.

L.N: Greece and the Greek Islands have been a popular holiday destination for many years, what makes Greece so special according to you?

N.M: Greece is a blessed country with an irresistible mix of natural beauty. The Greek islands and islets, approximately 6.000 in number scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas are considered a unique phenomenon in all of Europe. Every single one of them has its own distinct topology and character. Santorini has gained systematic recognition as World’s Best Island, whereas Mykonos is the ultimate jet setter destination. With a lacework of beaches and magical bays, bright blue waters, whitewashed cubist houses, impressive ancient towns and vibrant nightlife, the Greek islands offer guests lifetime opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

L.N: Lastly, what are your top travel tips?

N.M: Before booking a villa holiday always speak to the agents and ask them several questions about the location, the layout of the villa, its services and the property facilities. There are so many things you can understand by asking all these questions. Explore Greece in the months of May, June and September when the crowds are gone and the beaches are empty! 

About Bright Blue Villas

Bright Blue Villas is an exclusive luxury villa rental company in Greece, offering guests dedicated and magical moments that they will remember forever. With a portfolio of over 160 carefully selected villas, across 15 Greek destinations and an exceptional concierge service, Bright Blue Villas delivers inspiring holiday experiences for the savvy traveller who aspires to discover the authentic, intimate side of Greece.  

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