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Hotel Villa Favorita : the crown jewel of La Concha de San Sebastián

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Hotel Villa Favorita: the crown jewel of La Concha de .

Villa Favorita is a luxurious, chic and design-led 4-star adults-only boutique hotel located on the world-famous La Concha. Take in the stunning view and enjoy a Mich19th-century villa


San Sebastián Airport (16.2 km),  Biarritz Airport (41.1 km) and Pamplona Airport (66.8 km). Th

Hotel Villa Favorita
The Reception

Style & Decor

Located on the most expensive real estate strip in Spain, Villa Favorita has taken on the name of the original 19th-century villa which is the last of the historic buildings left on La Concha. The building with its beautiful white original French facade is a reminder of the grandeur of the time. The interiors have carefully been renovated and updated adding a modern feel whilst respecting the spirit of the early twentieth century.

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Hotel Villa Favorita
he interiors have carefully been renovated and updated adding a modern feel whilst respecting the spirit of the early twentieth century


ThAmong the facilities of this hot are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk and room service, along with fast free Wi-Fi throughout the property.

Hotel Villa Favorita
Terraza Bahía de La Concha


 18 of its 23 rooms having a panoramicTh

La Concha de San Sebastián
Clásica Bahía de la Concha

The Bar

The Bar is the central point of the hotel which offers both indoor and outdoor seating. With innovative cocktails and an impressive wine list, the bartenders are just as knowledgeable when it comes to coffee. In fact, the bar is so famous for its excellent coffee that this is where the world-famous Chef Martin Berasategui (13 Michelin stars under his belt) comes for his daily caffeine hit (!).

La Concha de San Sebastián
Hotel Villa Favorita, Bar

The Restaurant – Amelia

Guests seeking a gastronomic experience don’t need to venture far, with the Michelin star restaurant Amelia located in the hotel’s basement. The award-winning chef Paulo Airaudo, is in charge of designing the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and his background include experience in top tier restaurants such as Arzak in San Sebastián; The Fat Duck in Bray; and Magnolia in Rome. Amelia is his first solo restaurant and named for his daughter and the 22-seat restaurant is serving dishes from a tasting menu comprising ingredients sourced from small producers and local markets, while the wines are primarily organic or biodynamic.

A surprising detail is Airaudo’s passion not only for food but also for Star Wars which is reflected in the restaurants interior design with Darth Vader featured at the entrance.

Who is Villa Favorita for?

Villa Favorita has raised the bar for the hotel sector in San Sebastián with a clear aim for privacy, luxury, and excellent cuisine. As an adult-only hotel, couples of all ages will enjoy the tranquillity and grown-up yet fun, modern and playful vibe.

For a more traditional experience, Hotel de Londres, located only 100 meters from Villa Favorita (and also managed by the same team) is a historic, elegant and grand hotel offering scenic views and atmospheric dining experience.

Zubieta Kalea, 26, 20007 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain

The History of 

gained popularity when Queen Isabel II visited it in 1845. She was advised by her doctors to take saltwater baths to treat her skin condition. Her summer visits to the city served as a start of what would become a resort town. The Spanish aristocracy followed suit and this caused the city to flourish both socially and economically and its rich history is still present in the bay area’s architecture and grandeur. Also famous for having more Michelin star restaurants than any other region in the world, San Sebastien is a must-visit city in Spain.

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