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Aussie Health Legends Predict Wellness Trends for 2021

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Aussie Health Legends Predict Wellness Trends for 2021.

Every year, the health and wellness world surprises us with new food and beauty trends. Some are weird and wonderful, some disappear as quickly as they come (looking at you, camel milk) and then there’s those that stand the test of time and prove to us over and over again that they are more than just another ‘fad’ and are, in fact, here to say.

In line with their newly launched, limited edition ‘You Glow Girl’ Collaboration Box, we chat with two female entrepreneurs who are leading the way in the natural health, beauty and wellness space.

Together, Peta Shulman, founder of GoodnessMe and Irene Falcone, founder of Nourished Life share the wellness trends for 2021 that they predict will be sticking around next year and beyond!

1. Lymphatic health

“I’m a huge fan of Gua Sha,” shares Irene. “It’s great for lymphatic drainage, improving circulation and depuffing the face amongst other relaxation and beauty benefits.” Gua Sha means ‘scraping’ in Chinese and is a popular beauty tool typically made from jade or rose quartz which are carved into shapes designed to compliment contours of the face. For the ultimate self-care practice, Irene also suggests combining this practice with facial oils. 

Wellness Trends in 2021

2. Collagen

“As we age, our collagen stores begin to deplete,” shares Irene, “so it’s important to top these levels up!”. Collagen is the most abundant protein present in the human body, responsible for healthy hair, skin and nails. “I truly believe beauty starts from the inside out,” says Peta. “Some of my favourite ways to get my collagen fix is through ingestible collagen supplements, powders and nourishing bone broth which is also great for immunity and gut health.” 

You Glow Girl’ Collaboration Box

3. Adaptogens

Adaptogens in the form of medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs have been used for thousands of years,” shares Peta. “They are natural substances that may help the body adapt to environmental and psychological stresses and support major systems such as the adrenal glands.” Some of Peta’s favourites include; Lion’s Mane, Ashwagandha and Ginseng.

4. Sleep elixirs

Speaking of adaptogens, they are what you’ll find in many popular sleep elixirs which are designed to help calm your body, reduce anxiety and promote restful sleep. “They consist of a blend of herbs, spices and adaptogens and have become one of my go-to ways to wind down on an evening,” shares Peta. “They come in so many different varieties and you simply mix with hot water or your favourite nut-milk.”

5. Jackfruit

“Jackfruit has become an extremely popular meat alternative for vegans and vegetarians and I don’t see this slowing down any time soon,” shares Peta. Jackfruit is a tropical fruit which boasts a texture similar to that of “pulled pork” or “shredded chicken” which is what makes it a great substitute for your favourite dishes including tacos!  Definitely part of the wellness trends for 2021.

6. Toxic-free beauty products

More of a lifestyle change than a trend, Irene shares that she is thrilled to see that more and more people are moving into the direction of natural and cruelty-free beauty products. “I have a longstanding passion for toxic-free beauty products and I know I’m not the only one, says Irene. “We all want to know what we are putting in and on our bodies and nasty ingredients just aren’t cutting it anymore.”

7. ‘Everything’ spreads

Although peanut butter, tahini and chia jam have reigned supreme in the arena of spreads, we’re getting a lot more creative when it comes to what we’re putting on our toast (or eating by the spoonful!). “Watermelon seed spread was a big hit this year, so all I can say is… watch this space!”, shares Peta.

8. Oat milk

Oat milk translates to fewer emissions compared to cow’s milk and less water use compared to almond milk. “Consumers are becoming more conscious about how their purchasing behaviour is impacting the environment,” shares Peta. “In this way, oat milk is becoming a hugely popular milk alternative.” Plus, it tastes delicious!

You can shop the LIMITED EDITION ‘You Glow Girl Box’ here. With over $200 worth of value for just $59.95, in the box, you’ll find a range of highly sought-after beauty and lifestyle products, handpicked by GoodnessMe founder, Peta Shulman and Nourished Life founder, Irene Falcone who has co-curated this box with their all-time favourite finds.

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